So How Did You Get Published?

Moira asked about getting published and I’ve been out of the loop for a decade, so I thought I’d ask the published writers here–traditional, self, fan fiction, whoever’s putting story out there for public consumption,ption–when and how you got published.

I entered a novella contest in 1992 and won (along with Merline Lovelace) and that hooked me up with my first, excellent editor, and then a single title editor read one of books (I think it was Bradley) and wanted to publish me, but I knew I needed an agent to negotiate, so I went on author list I was on at the time, and asked for agent recommendations, and Anne Stuart and Susan Wiggs told me to try Meg Ruley, and Meg and I were clearly separated at birth, and she ran by career for the next twenty years. She’s a wonderful agent. My current agent, Jodi Reamer, is also a wonderful agent.

That’s how I got published.