This is a Good Book Thursday, September 24, 2020

I’ve been sampling romances still, but not buying many, mostly because the writing seems (a) awkward and (b) trite. They’re both hot, they think about sex a lot, can he protect her (get a taser, lady), how much info dump can we get in here. Yes, I’m getting jaded. So instead, I’ve gone back to watching TV, especially cop shows on MHz, which, since they’re all subtitled, is like reading. Only with moving pictures. Still annoyed I can’t get the last two seasons of The Art of Crime. Now watching Murder on the Lake. Bookmarking a lot of he-has-issues-she-has-issues-they-fight-crime stories. Yeah, I know, it’s like romance all over again, only with blood in some great scenic locales, mostly European and beautiful. Also pre-pandemic. Sigh.

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