HWSWA: Setting

The HWSWA post on Setting is up.

So here’s a question, no here’s two questions:

1. Should we keep going in October or have we accomplished all we needed to by updating the old posts (which I still haven’t linked to because . . . dizzy.)
2. If we keep going, what the hell would we do?

Maybe I’ll just start doing questionable again. The real problem is that I think we’re all so exhausted by the insanity around us, the new normal that isn’t normal, plus those of us in the US have an insane moron telling us to vote twice and that people who die in battle are losers, so we’re a little worried about an election in eight weeks, that it’s hard to care about anything, certainly about whether or not a prologue is the sign of the apocalypse. Argh.

Also I just woke up which is not a good time for me to attempt coherent thought.

The HWSWA post is up! It’s on Setting! I haven’t read it since the chat but it did have good stuff in it!

Argh. Next week is about revising Theme and Unity.