The Horror, the Horror

I’ve been without a laptop since Sunday. I thought, “This will be good for me.” NO, NO IT WASN’T.

But now it’s September which is my favorite month because it feels like a new year (I’ve spent a lot of time in schools) and the weather is amazing and I have Big Plans. Among other things:

• I keep thinking I’m going to put Nita aside and then I think again. At the moment, my qualms are two: this is no time for a old white woman to write about immimgration and this is really no time for anybody to write about a cute cop who shoots people.

• I have to do something with Lily. I don’t know what, since I never had a plot, she’s all over the place, but I either have to pat her on the head and say, “You were fun, kid,” and send her off to the archives, or figure out something useful to do with her. Probably not a book because I have enough of them started.

• I need a new blog project. Bob and I are done with HWSWA at the end of Sept. and I have no idea if he wants to do anything after that and neither do I, but I know I like the idea of having to produce something to a schedule every week. Like do another series binge, maybe. Nah. Rats. I don’t know.

• I need to throw out most of what’s in this house. It’s the only way.

• I need to figure out what’s making me dizzy. It goes away at night but today I got a real shock when the dizzy turned to vertigo. It has to be labyrinthitis, but you’re not supposed to get that twice. Maybe I’m just Special.

I did manage to get most of the recycling out today, so there’s that. And my laptop is recharged again, thank god. But mostly I’m feeling untethered. I must do something productive. Any request? I’m open here.