Admin Alert: My E-mail was hacked

If you get an e-mail from me, don’t open it. I have no idea what’s going on, but it’s not good.
They even hacked my Etsy account, which strikes me as insane, but then hackers, what are you gonna do?
In the meantime, I’m getting hundreds of “Thanks for signing up e-mails” from all over the world, making me look much more cosmopolitan than I am.

It’s just not my month. But then I don’t think it’s anybody’s month. Hope all of you are doing great, sorry to be such a lousy hostess. I’m SURE things will get better. Nothing but good times ahead . . . eventually.

11 thoughts on “Admin Alert: My E-mail was hacked

  1. So sorry to hear this. How frustrating for you!!! Just another thing you really didn’t need. Hang in there!

  2. Oh jeez. I had a friend ask me last night how long until Jan1, 2021. 139 days. Hang in there, you can make it!

    1. DO NOT wish for the next year to arrive swiftly, because then 2021 (twenty-twenty-won).

      Never mind. I’ll just let myself out.

    1. No, sometimes I buy on Etsy. And now somebody’s changed the name on my account, so I have no idea what’s happening there.
      One damn thing after another.

  3. Things always pile up, don’t they. Disasters, small and large, never have the decency to spread themselves out over a large period of time. They cluster. Sorry to hear about the hackers, and I very much hope this particular cluster disappears soon.

  4. In the words of the memorable Roseanne Roseannadanna – “It’s always something.”

    May all the evil those hackers did return to them twenty times over.

  5. That sucks. You need a happiness Sunday. It’s Sunday here already. We have covid back, but they’ve gone hard and early so it will be ok.

    My dancing school did a little internal competition yesterday. First time I’ve stood on stage to dance in nearly 30 years. New things are good. I was fucking terrified, and in the end, delighted.

    The sun is shining and the sky is that intense winter blue. Soon there will be daffodils.

    This list of words that capture the commonality of human emotion. E.g. occhiolism: the awareness of the smallness of your perspective.

    I got an A- for my essay.

    This Catullus 16 (Line 1) mug on RedBubble, with the statement: translates to ‘I love you’. Ha ha ha. Not good times ahead for the guy who buys today for his girlfriend for Valentine’s day! But for the rest of us… 🙂

    1. Well done on your essay! And that mug’s hilarious. I’m tempted to get one for my partner and see how long it takes him to google the translation.

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