HWSWA: Scenes, Sex and Violence, Snark

The new HWSWA post is up. . (Thank you, Jinx!)

Short recap:

• I put up my bit on scenes.

• He put up his bit on scenes plus sex and violence.

• I pointed out that sex and violence wasn’t until next week.

• He said it was on his schedule.

• I gave in and we talked about scenes (a little) and sex and violence (more) and then he used his dog Gus as an excuse to bail and leave me to talk about sex.

• I did some more discussion on action scenes (aka sex and violence).

• A week later he e-mailed me to say, “So it’s sex and violence this week, right? That’s what’s on my schedule.”

• I did not kill him. I was possibly rude, but he still lives.

Next week is Time. Prologues, epilogues, flashbacks, flashforwards. That’s when he dies.