Labyrinthitis, the Sequel

So I woke up this morning with labyrinthitis. Again. The good news is that (a) we’ve been here before so I didn’t panic and call 911 and (b) it’s a much milder case. But there was a point as I was throwing up that I thought, “What the fuck, universe, what did I ever do to you?” Because this has not been a good month. Well, except for Kamala Harris, that was good. And the weather has been beautiful. But Milton is still gone, which seems impossible, and my e-mail is still downloading about a hundred e-mails a day that I did not ask for (just got one from Woodsmith Magazine as I typed this) and now I’m dizzy and nauseated and supposed to stay away from screens. My life is screens. Come on, universe, cut me a break here.

On the other hand, there’s always a bright side. Continue reading