Working Wednesday, July 28, 2020

I continue to suck as a blogger, so apologies for that. I really am going to get my act together. Soon. Probably.

What did you accomplish this week? (Let me live vicariously.)

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  1. As I mentioned on Happiness Sunday, I’ve been feeling very happy lately, for no obvious external reason (I did check, Mercury is in direct ;-)) It’s the kind of energetic, enjoying being busy happiness so I’m trying to find the balance between using it and not burning myself out. Yesterday i mopped the floors, cleaned the bathrooms, worked on laundry and practiced lots of Italian. I felt like I was in the “flow” state for almost all of it, so it was easy to keep going without a lot of internal nagging or bribing myself.
    One of the things I’ve been trying to make into a daily habit is for 5 minutes each morning, set a timer and pick up our living room/front room. It’s one of those things like drinking enough water or exercising that I know is good for me (I’ve hit good streaks before) but I have a hard time turning into a regular habit.
    I think for as long as we are in semi-lockdown, I have the exercise habit finally managed (it really helps we don’t have to hurry to get anywhere in the morning) so I’m working on that living room clean up being my next habit to manage. It’s one of those annoying things that if you get it right, you start to feel like you don’t need to do it every day (b/c it already looks fairly clean, but then if you skip a few days it can get very messy (small house with tornado childrend) and it’s hard to get back in the habit.

    1. I don’t even have tornado children, and mine gets messy in a heartbeat. I should probably try to do this. Thanks for the inspiration!

      1. I got that tip from How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana K. White, although I’m also a big fan of Unf*ck Your Habitat by Rachel Hoffman (needless to say, the 2nd one has a lot of swearing if that is a problem for someone).

        1. It totally counts. Very definitely counts. Mine are tornadoes, even though they are all currently sound asleep.

  2. Jenny, you are the Bestest Good Blogger, really. Truly.

    I have been somewhat productive – if doing something counts, regardless of whether it’s done well. Some of you may remember that last week I was having difficulty with settling on a topic my first essay for my course. Well, I got it done. No, it’s not the ‘touched by a scientist’ version, sorry. That definitely would have been more fun. But since someone asked, and you were all very helpful (see? best blog), it’s here. I think the link will work, for those who are interested (I expect that number to be vanishingly small).

    1. This was not what I was expecting, and yet it was so much more powerful because of that. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Wow, Allanah, I could see and hear and feel the scene. Thank you indeed for sharing this.

  3. I have finally started to feel more like myself after surgery. I worked full time (from home), and found time to sew in the evenings. I made up a bunch of lattice blocks that will soon become a quilt top.

    I also included a picture of Wendy helping me fold up the big quilt this morning. I was trying to get it into a box and shipped to my niece, but that hasn’t happened. Maybe tomorrow.

    1. Why on earth have I always thought that lattice blocks were dull??? Thank you for changing my mind.

      1. They are especially hypnotic with the varying tones of some of the colors. Really cool.

    2. I’ve always loved latice patterns; anything with a ‘weave’ feel to it, really.

  4. Hmmmm….. another ebook alert……if you like Anne Bishop’s Others series…..Wild Country is a Kindle Daily Deal for $1.99.

  5. It’s been so hot that I’ve struggled to read a book, much less accomplish something more hard core. Yesterday was I hope the worst day, being very hot and also very humid. I probably wouldn’t like a dry heat, either. Today is better. I have 3 days to figure out Oxygen HTML before the free subscription is over, but that may not happen.
    The garden responds to daily watering and looks great. I am psyched about the zinnias I grew from seed, they are exuberant as the lilies are at the end of their blooming.

  6. This week I’ve been puttering away at moving the flagstones from where they were stacked haphazardly against the fence, and bowing it outward, to other places around the yard. Next year we are thinking of putting in a cemented flagstone pathway in the front yard kind of like this:
    so we need to keep the stones, they just need to be stored better and since they were my idea (that path was an EPIC fail), I’m the one who has to deal with them.

    At the very end of the space between the garage and the fence are 3 very heavy concrete blocks. We need to get them out of there so I’m going to use the remaining flagstones to make a path so that all we have to do is shift them onto the hand cart and pull them out instead of carrying them.

    Today I’ve baked a loaf of sourdough bread, taken out the garbage, moved some of the other stuff that’s piled between the garage and the fence so I can walk in and move more stones without breaking an ankle, and done the dishes.

    On the other-people-working front, Jim the concrete guy started refinishing the front steps yesterday. We had a bunch of rain last night so I’m not sure if he’ll be able to work on them again this morning or if it will have to wait until tomorrow.

  7. I’ve just been trying to survive the heat. I don’t have air conditioning, but normally Portland gets less than 10 hundred degree days per summer. NORMALLY I have air conditioned work + air conditioned coffee shops, restaurants, etc. But with quarantine, the closest thing I have is a wading pool in my parents back yard. There’s been a lot of lounging and a general lack of productivity.

    1. In the last post, I mentioned closing the blinds and curtains on my man cave’s only window to keep out the heat. It’s working – the desk thermometer says 72F at 1 PM. The Weather Channel for my zip code, hourly, says 89F (feels like 97F), so closing off that one source of UV rays is working better than I expected. Good luck with your heat related problems.

  8. I don’t feel as if I’ve done anything this week. However, to borrow from Jenny’s last post, I have avoided trauma this week, and that seems like an accomplishment.

  9. I did a load of laundry. I will do another, maybe today. I keep putting off coloring my hair, which makes no sense because it takes about two hours total and I will feel much better looking in the mirror and seeing my nice bright red, rather than silver and muddy roots and faded red. I just don’t *do* anything.

    I’ve been doing a job a few hours a week for my house manager doing property site checks and maintenance requests for one of the properties she manages. Yesterday I told her I will not be continuing. (I guess she wants me to do so until she finds someone else? She didn’t respond.) I did my first report to the community board and … I remembered why I like being a writer/editor or doing admin stuff. I have no interest in placating and I am not a diplomat nor do I have any interest in navigating the minefield of a group of people who all have very strong and often differing opinions and expectations. Nope. Not me. Being a tech writer during the dot-coms was easier. My anxiety went through the roof and gave me a bad headache and upset stomach over even going to do the site visit today — so I bagged on that.

    I just need some nice, quiet editing work, maybe writing, that I can do mostly or entirely remotely. I’m very good at that. It would make me happy. I just haven’t had any luck at finding work or freelance yet. (I kinda suck at applying and interviewing.)

  10. Know how to generate suspense? I’ll tell you tomorrow!

    Just kidding. I own and wear suspenders. It started when I did the Atkins thing a few years back and lost 60 pounds (it’s almost all back, dangit). Rather than buy a whole new wardrobe, I bought suspenders. It’s such an “old man” thing, but I like them. In fact, I now own more than a dozen sets. Blue. Green. Orange. Red. Khaki. Grey. Black. Camouflage – two kinds. Blue flames. Yellow flames. Rainbow – I haven’t worked up the necessary courage to wear those, yet, but I will. Two different “formal” sets. Formal sets are 1″ wide instead of the usual 2″. One set that uses belt loops instead of clips. A few others.

    For hanging in the closet, I now own sets of “suspender suspenders,” hangers designed just for suspenders, like the various neck tie and belt racks you can buy.

    I’ve mentioned going crazy for collecting things – flashlights, key rings, measuring tapes, thumb drives, etc.. This is apparently the new craze.

    1. I wore a pair of rainbow suspenders when I was in 11th and 12th grade in the late 70s. I loved them. Back then, I didn’t care that I wasn’t like anyone else and wore my weirdness with pride. I loved those things.

      1. I’ll wear them anywhere but work. The dress code there forbids anything that can be interpreted as a political statement.

  11. I’m going to visit my sister for a week, I live in PA, she lives in NC.

    This is too much for me to drive in one day (Google tells me it would take 9 hours), so am taking it in two days.

    PA to Fredericksburg Va on this Saturday, then on Sunday onto Southport NC.

    I have audio books loaded to keep me entertained.

    1. I did 8 loads of laundry (I am obsessive about leaving my home clean and tidy before I travel).

      Now I just have to create packing lists – it’s very hot & humid (here & there) so cotton summer dresses.

      We are doing beach days, so swim suits, cover ups, sun block, beach hat, beach chair, beach towels……argh !!!

  12. I had the morning planned for errands but life had a different idea. So tomorrow it will be library, bank, town hall to pay taxes then on to pick up a prescription and a few groceries. I’m going to hold off vacuuming until I finish a puzzle, let the lint pile up. I don’t want to rummage through a container looking for a missing puzzle piece. Over the weekend I trimmed my husband’s hair. He was pretty pleased with the results, no bowls were used.

  13. I haven’t got any forrarder with marketing myself to new clients, but I’m getting my characters sorted, and plan another session for that on Friday when it looks like summer’s suddenly going to reappear – because it’s something I can do while sitting in the garden.

    Mainly, I’ve been doing my onscreen editing job. Which is pretty depressing (all about genocide and how evil and wicked the West is), so I’m going to stick to four-day weeks. This weekend I’m hoping to get on with attaching Vine eyes and wires to the house walls (I got myself all ready to start last Sunday, but the wind got up and I didn’t fancy being up a ladder with a power drill). Plus remove the trellis and scrape off the remnants of Virginia creeper from the shed, so it’s ready to be painted. Which I suspect is going to be what I do for a holiday this year.

    Oh, and I harvested the rest of the redcurrants (I asked my allotment neighbours to pick all they wanted) and made pectin stock, which I hope will be useful.

  14. As of this week, I’m working less–for pay, anyhow. The college cut reference librarian hours, because the state is cutting our budget. At the moment, I’m thinking of it as “Yay! I got 6 hours of my life back!” We’ll see when the first paycheck comes if I can sustain it. So today, my first college non-work Wednesday, I was terribly inefficient, driving around lost, taking too long to get to the farmers’ market. Picked up salad and potato chips, but grabbed the wrong bag–and the good part of that is, I’m not going to eat the whole bag tonight, because I wanted kettle chips and got original, ordinary chips. Earth-shattering.

  15. I graduated from two crutches to one, and it amazes me that two weeks after a joint replacement I can walk on it without pain. I also managed to set and light the wood heater by myself, after two weeks of relying on my friends and neighbours to do it. They are all wonderful people and very generous in their help, but oh my word I was getting sick of the constant stream of humans. So every step back to independence is a celebration.

  16. I got my hair cut! It’s off the back of my neck and that is wonderful.

    One more meeting this week, online, and I’m done with the scheduled stuff.

    My new computer and camera are working well. I’m still tweaking the lighting.

  17. I drew a hare. Well, most of a hare. I’ll finish it and post it on instagram next week.

    What this means is that I hesitated and hesitated and then decided to go back to drawing class this semester, even though I don’t have time. And I’m so glad I did. The first class was on Tuesday night and I really enjoyed it. Instead of it tiring me out more, I ended up feeling creative and invigorated.

  18. My washer has decided that 10 hours is a reasonable amount of time to finish a load so just doing the laundry is a major accomplishment.

    Been feeling a bit icky and sleeping a lot. Not much else!

  19. I am having a rough day. There was a discussion at work about who voted for Trump, are happy with his progress and will do so again, and I am in the minority. I don’t engage in politics at work, but it was disheartening to listen to. Honestly, I don’t understand. These are people that I like and respect and now I look at them and think, “You are not safe,” because my life partner is not white and I have lgbtq members of my family. And I don’t understand how these normal, good people can honestly feel this way. It’s depressing me. So I am working on loving my neighbor and loving my enemies. And hopefully working on not being judgemental.

    In other news, Tahlequah is pregnant again. She is a killer whale who lost her baby and kept it afloat beside her for 17 days. I hope all is well with this calf.

  20. Yes. I don’t understand it at all. Some of the Trump supporters I know are among the kindest, most genuinely caring people I know.

  21. I am supposed to be cleaning out the computer room. Instead, I have been reading letters — emails, actually — to Melbourne trees. The city fathers assigned every tree in Melbourne — 70,000 of them — an ID and an email address with the wish that the citizens would send a message if anything wrong was noticed. Turns out this program is not working QUITE as forecast, because the trees are getting . . . fan mail. Pen-pal mail. Love letters. Who knew?

    Dear 1517937,

    I am confessing something very dear to me. I have fallen in love with 1583182. I also feel guilty for cheating on 1023379 but yet I justified it on the fact that 1023379 is expected to die in under a year.

    I honestly feel really bad and I don’t know what to do, it would be really great if you could give me some advice. Should I wait for 1023379 to die or should I leave 1023379 for 1583182.

    Regards, A Tree Lover <3

    1. I will not Google “emails to Melbourne trees.” I will NOT Google “emails” oh what the heck. These are great!

      Meanwhile, I finished a month of index card art and jumped to a 9×12 mixed media pad. Time to play BIG as I stay home.

  22. I cut my husband’s hair today and it doesn’t look bad. It feels like a real accomplishment.

  23. Today’s work brings me a step closer to wombat proofing the vegetable patch (with any luck it’s also wallaby proof, but I have my doubts).

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