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  1. I made a point of leaving a comment over there! This topic is very relevant to where I am right now (obsessively reading and writing fanfic to escape the real world).

    1. Me too (on leaving a comment to test the process). I don’t see your comment, and mine says it’s awaiting moderation. Which is fine (not much time has passed, so it could legit be in mod), but just a heads up to Jenny & Bob if they’re not seeing the moderation request from both of us.

  2. Liking the HWSWA posts. Since it seems there’s a whole Word Press thing involved (and I’m not on), haven’t tried commenting.

    Wondering, though. Ever plan to take chat topic suggestions to dissect from each point of view? Like the old SNL Coffee Talk segments, but you know, within writing craft?

    Today’s post with movie mentions (especially re antagonists) got me thinking because at my house we’re currently in the middle of a re-watch of Ghost. Got me wondering how you two would analyze Carl. Thinking would be fun over at HWSWA to be able to spontaneously throw topics at you once a month or something that you get to pull apart for the following week’s post. But you only get the week, not big advance scheduling.

    As for this week, as always fun to read discussion. Especially re the character arc re series MC:)

    1. Sure, we could try that. Not sure about Ghost, it’s been awhile, but we’re open to suggestion.

  3. I learn something from every one of these posts on HWSWA and, as a bonus, the Bob and Jenny comments at the end always make me laugh. Thank you. Both for the laughs and for inspiring me to start writing again.

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