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I just had a bizarre experience. I realized I didn’t have a digital copy of The Cinderella Deal, so I went to Amazon to get one. That sucker is $10.99. Who the hell is going to pay $10.99 for a book that’s twenty-four years old? It’s my book and I’m not going to pay that much. WTF, Bantam?

In other news, there’s a new post up on HWSWA, this one about relationships. Strangely enough, Bob didn’t want to talk about relationships. Character descriptions, sure; motivations, sure, but the topic of the week? Not so much. So the discussion is pretty much Bob introducing new topics and me trying valiantly to get everything back to writing relationships. He only does it to annoy because he knows it teases.

Then he made up a new kind of point of view and I thought he was joking and made fun of it. Until we did the PoV discussion (coming up next week) and it turned out he was serious, and AAAAAAAAAAAARGH.

I now remember why we stopped doing He Wrote She Wrote.

The new relationship post is HERE.

18 thoughts on “HWSWA: Relationships

  1. 2010 was the re-release of The Cinderella Deal. I was alone in Hawaii in a rented house on the north shore. Waited impatiently for the day I could finally buy the book. Drove back to the house and read that book from cover to cover into the wee hours with the pounding waves crashing in my ears. Loved that book. Linc, Daisy, the paintings, the great scene after everyone leaves the Christmas party, the dog whose name escapes me.

    Can’t Bantam get you a digital copy? You are the author.

    1. Sure, I just don’t want the hassle. But for $10.99, I should probably ask.

      I think the dog’s name was Jupiter, but I’m not sure.

  2. I don’t know what I paid for Cinderella Deal. If it was $10.99, I might have resented it but paid anyway because, you know, Jennifer Crusie. But I think I paid less on Fictionwise ebooks before Barnes and Noble bought them out. A few hundred titles in my eLibrary came from there, including my entire Reed Manning collection and most of my Pratchett.

  3. Is there a reason the hwswa links to original posts don’t work in “character” and don’t appear at all since then? Just asking.
    And my comments there to go moderation. And it wants me to log in to wordpress as of today, though it will grudgingly let me visit hwswa anyway.

    1. I think Bob posted that one.

      I need to get in there and clean up the links. The old site is really screwed up although if you search on it, you can find things.

      It’s on my list. SORRY.

  4. WordPress wants me to log in to the account I don’t have, and offers to let me log in with Apple or Google which will create an account I don’t want.
    Wordpress in a bad mood today?

    1. If you once, at any time in your life, set up a WordPress account with the e-mail you’re using now, it will ask you to sign in.

      Mollie said to try another e-mail that’s never been been used to start a WP account and it should work. if it doesn’t, let me know and I put Moll on it again.

  5. The links in the post didn’t work for me, but the link in LauraO’s comment did. From there, I got to the latest ‘relationship’ post. Thanks, LauraO.

  6. FWIW, I think I have two copies of Cinderella Deal. Whatever I paid, it was worth it for back-up, because it’s a big favorite. If I had to replace it, I’d still pay $10.99 for it.

  7. Concerning the cost of e-books. I’ve always felt that publishers didn’t understand how customers (or at least me) viewed the pricing of e-books. For new releases, I understand pricing them at close to hardback or paperback prices. However for back lists they are competing with the used book market. If I have access to a good used book store, patience and luck I can often pick up a back list title for a few dollars. As much as I like the convenience of an e-book I’m not paying a “new” book price for a back list title. And after pulling my place entirely apart to paint and put in new floors, my entire fictional book collection electronically is attractive.

  8. I just tried to order Crazy For You through Indigo Books (Canadian bookseller) and it’s not available. Then I realized most of your books are not available. The ones that are available (Agnes and the Hitman, Bet Me) are $32.50 and $35 respectively.

    Does your publisher hate you? How can all these books be out of print?

    1. Maybe this is a Canadian thing?
      I’m pretty sure all my books are available in the US and not for $32, and I know used booksellers must have them by the ton. I’d look into different booksellers because when they were new, I’m pretty sure the hardcovers were $26.00 (which may be $32 Canadian) and there have to be used ones out there.

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