Happiness is a New Computer Cord . . .

. . . which is supposed to arrive today. I’d say something about computer recharging cords are like umbilical cords to the world, but I won’t because it’s (a) pretentious, (b) labored, (c) inaccurate. Hey, metaphors are hard.

What connected you to happiness this weekend?

36 thoughts on “Happiness is a New Computer Cord . . .

  1. The fireworks made me very happy last night. Not really for myself (but I do enjoy them) but b/c they made me kids so happy in such a simple, uncomplicated way. They weren’t mad or disappointed it wasn’t a professional show (we’ve never gone to one). They weren’t sad there were no real parties or BBQs this year or spending that time being lonely for their friends and for summer camp. They were just happy to sit out in the yard and watch our neighbors all around us go all out on the festivities. We never participate (unless we buy a few sparklers), just watch.
    I don’t know if DC just doesn’t have a fireworks law or chooses not to enforce it, but every year it is wild. The the only thing I have seen that even comes close to a DC neighborhood on 4th of July is southern Italy in New Year’s. And yes, I know it’s a dangerous. And the noise is scary for some people and animals. But that was my simple happy this week.
    My brain is a very mushy, hard to focus state so my other happiness now is YouTube. ASMR videos (the ones where it says something like “Victorian library” or “medieval scriptorium), short stand up comedy clips, and compilations of Golden Girls zingers. Reading and writing are happening, but it all feels very sludgy and slow going.

  2. I’ve got the next week off from work. I’m not going anywhere (really, where would one go these days?) and the weather is crap, but that means that I can read and knit as much as I like for a week, with no email!!!!!

  3. Air conditioning.

    It’s hovering around 93 degrees F. in our area this weekend, with humidity that feels like about 103% or so. It’s like you’re moving in slow motion through a fog of steam, lubricated by all the salt water trickling down your face and neck. So for the first time this summer, we turned on the two bedroom AC machines, which dehumidify most of the house, cool it somewhat, but mostly (thank goodness!) in the bedrooms, but somehow overall make you feel more human.

    I have no idea how poor people in all the world’s tropical areas survive this all the time. They have all my sympathies.

    1. I’m proof-reading George Owell’s ‘Burmese Days’, based on his time there in the 1920s. The heat sounds appalling. (As does the racism.)

    2. We went to Sri Lanka last year, it was amazing, I can’t recommend it highly enough. But also, in parts of the country, hot like you describe. We went for a wee walk around Galle and my then 9 year old stopped still at one point, cried, and refused to take another step.

      We’ve also been in Seville in a hot July, a daily high hovering over 100f but so dry, that was so much easier. Also, siesta! And dinner dinner at 11pm.

  4. We are going to a horse show next week – the first since the pandemic hit. Temperatures will be close to or over 100 with 100% humidity. I feel pretty safe because a) everyone will be in their trailers in the AC every chance they get, b) it is outdoors, so less contact that even a quick grocery run, and c) I have warned everyone that everything is going to be sanitized repeatedly 😝. I have a gallon jug of sanitizer in prep. The restaurants in the area are abiding strictly to all the state guidelines but we will bring most of our food. Still, looking forward to seeing old friends that we have showed with for years, but this year have only seen on Facebook.

      1. We have to be very careful. They are not ridden hard, washed down a lot and there are fans on each stall. The arena has huge fans and that helps.

  5. I’ve spent most afternoons this week sitting under the gazebo DH installed on our back porch – it’s so lovely to be outside, listening to the birds and the neighbourhood children play, without being bothered by bugs or worrying about sunscreen. I finally got my hair cut by my regular stylist. She closed her own shop post-COVID, but is now working out of another salon. After 21 years, she knows my hair and my preferences and I have a sleek new style that shows off my natural colour (I’ve been colouring my hair for 30+ years so until the lock down, I wasn’t sure what my “natural” colour was any more). Two social distancing visits with friends and getting back on my bike added to my happy this week.

  6. Got to see 4 people I haven’t seen since February, so that was pleasant. Ate some fun things = always a highlight in my life. Re-reading the sinister brothers series, which is better than I remember it being, so thank you to whoever here recommended it originally. AND I have tomorrow off, so I have the lovely sensation of uncluttered time and space stretching out in front of me!

  7. My SIL and BIL visited, bringing food and good company. We kept our distance, but it was wonderful to see them. I’ve been showered with cards and flowers. The biggest thing is looking forward to having the drain removed from my chest tomorrow.

    Other than that, I’m happy to be apparently healing well.

  8. Some friends has a quite elaborate fireworks show last night, it was noisy and beautiful. Made potato salad, which I never make, and coleslaw and ribs.
    Made music with my friend the fantastic pianist, working through some Debussy songs. We meet at our empty church sanctuary, open the windows, and stand about 20 feet apart. In August we’ll have a recital at her house, we’ll be inside the studio by the sliding doors, and any listeners will be outside on the grass.

  9. I am rolling in happiness this week. In the June part of last week I worked really hard and made my financial goal for the pay period. I took Canada Day off but worked on July 2. Friday morning Paul and I were talking and we decided that I’d take a few days off and do a deep clean on the house (he works 7 on 7 off straight nights, is working right now, and has been working a pile of OT lately so he gets a cleaning pass, except for the things that 6’ 4” him can do easier than me like dust crown moulding and wash on top of the cupboards).

    That has since evolved into me taking off until the 15th and actually taking a few days to do fun, relaxing things. I actually have husband-orders to do fun, relaxing things before we go away next weekend. Not work, only things I want to do. I might actually read a book.

  10. Working on my self-support plan for writing fiction has made me happy; especially as I’ve started noticing things that could be sparks for my story.

    Had a couple of lovely emails from friends, and a phone call this afternoon from my niece.

    And Wales is reopening tomorrow, which means I can visit my favourite places. Hoping for days exploring in the hills for the rest of the summer. And I’ve booked to visit Powis Castle Gardens next Sunday, which is one of my special places – and should be looking great, since it peaks from July to October. I’m hoping the one-way system they’ve introduced will still let me take photographs. And will take sandwiches in the hope of sneaking behind some trees in the wilderness for a picnic, as I usually do.

    1. Powis Castle Gardens is National Trust so I’m sure the one-way system will be very well organised. My parents have been to a few NT places since lockdown and they said the one-way was very limited (if there at all) and it was rather pleasant to have less people than usual. Apparently the break has allowed them to get some gardening work done that they might not normally do (albeit with less gardeners than usual).

      1. Thanks, Romney. I’m guessing they’ll just make it one-way on the four terraces – which I usually leave until late in the day when they’re less crowded, anyway. Fingers crossed.

  11. Talked on the phone for an hour with a long-time friend who now lives several states away. Another friend provided a listening ear and sympathy over the quite unexpected resignation of my church’s priest.
    Got a haircut.
    Central air conditioning, remembering the 15 years I lived without it, in this valley sometimes referred to as the armpit of America for its muggy atmosphere.
    And this is wild–I’m on a committee, and was thanked for being a librarian who could find information and resources. That’s pretty rare, to be thanked for my work in a context other than my library job.

  12. Without reading any other responses, I must Thank You for your title, “Happiness is a New Computer Cord…” (which I read as “Card.”) The new Family Computer seems to lack speaker ports. The grandson listens via a USB Earphone. The problem is that the computer must be used for education courses which require both the GS and the Dotter to listen together.

    I just ordered a new computer card with input and output jacks.

    1. What platform is being used for the courses? Is it possible to log in via computer to get the video while you dial in via phone (with speaker) to listen to the audio? That’s how I handle work calls via Zoom or Skype or WebEx.

      1. I haven’t seen the owner’s manual yet, and I’m a believer in Read The Manual (RTFM). It might have bluetoofs, and I know they have bluetoof speakers. Buying a card was an impulse, but it will install options. Options are good.

  13. Hmmm. I laughed long and loud at the incorrect gif sent to a friend who’d had a baby. I laughed so hard, I nearly ran out of air.


    I also just found cats trying durian for the first time. I’m not linking to that one because I don’t want to get stuck in moderation.

    Happiness was cooking extra food yesterday to I didn’t have to cook today. Happiness was also a really good nap since I had a back/neck spasm.

    1. Oh god, that video and context! Thank you. I think my roommates think I’m a loon now for laughing.

  14. Happiness was having a picnic at my neighbor’s with just the 4 of us so we could maintain distancing. And for an appetizer I made sherried shrimp using my sous vide and they came out perfectly.

    This last week I have been cooking more with the sous vide because if we ever get summer temperatures above 75, I am going to need a way to cook where the heat doesn’t kill me. I am also trying to learn to use my Instant Pot for more than soup, stew, beans, chili or risotto. Today I did whole baked potatoes so I can make potato salad and I have to say, this may the way I do cooked potatoes from now on.

  15. A friend and I dropped into to the local movie theatre on Friday night so he could show me how awful their new decor is (it’s not that bad). They were showing the original Ghostbusters so we went to it. It was every bit as cheesy as I remembered but turned out that cheesy was exactly what we both needed.

    Then on Saturday I went for a walk and a decent catch-up with a friend I hadn’t seen for months.

    It was a good weekend.

  16. Watched most of CLOUDS OF WITNESS with my cousins this afternoon. We plan to work our way through all the Peter Wimsey shows. Then tomorrow it’s off to Computer Central to drop off the CPU that won’t boot.

    1. And, just now, I checked on the Pacer Monitor page for Commonwealth of Virginia v. Ferriero (the National Archivist). This is the case I’m following in which Virginia, Nevada, and Illinois want the National Archivist to enroll the Equal Rights Amendment as part of the Constitution, now that it has 38 state ratifications (some in dispute). At this point, various entities are asking to file amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs, and I am enjoying seeing who they are. If you’d like to check it out, here’s the link. FYI, the legal phrase “pro hac vice” means “this time only,” and refers to an out-of-area attorney asking a one-time permission to argue in a particular court. I’m told that if you submit too many pro hac vice requests, eventually the judge will suggest that you arrange to qualify to practice in that area (and pay the fees). Usually seen in, say, the DC/Virginia/Maryland area, where three jurisdictions occupy a small amount of physical space.


  17. I kept myself occupied this weekend, so yay. Did some fun workshops on my day off. Did a patriotic scavenger hunt and historical impersonator event, online fireworks. Didn’t have a play this weekend, but did do some play talk and some reading aloud of Shakespeare and had a rehearsal for a new show on Sunday. It was really nice to have three days off. I can’t take a vacation all year this year (there’s no point if I can’t go anywhere and I am already super drowning in workload and it only gets worse daily, so I can’t get even more behind when I am the only one left), so this is my summer vacation, hah. I am enjoying feeling sane and calm for these three days.

  18. Helped my niece move on Friday, which included a trip to IKEA. My first non-grocery shopping experience of the pandemic. They were tracking the numbers going in and out. The line was well-spaced and mostly wearing masks (really almost all, given that no one could enter the store without a mask). Because my niece is organized we skipped the display floors and went straight to the marketplace and warehouse. There weren’t many people in line to pay, so we got out pretty quickly. Honestly, for a weekend big-box trip, it wasn’t that bad. Now she’s all moved in and seems happy, which makes me happy!

    The rest of the weekend involved a little socializing, Hamilton, and Marvel movies. And some random cooking.

  19. Continued my index-card-a-day art project, which is definitely lifting my mood.

    Had a hilarious video call with our kids.

    DH and I installed our elderly window AC quickly and without injury (picture me standing in the driveway beneath the window, holding the unit up using my hands and head). Tomorrow we might even plug it in.

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