A Word About the Old HWSW Blog Plus a Few Words About Revising Lavender’s Blue

The Old HWSW Blog:
The 2007 He Wrote She Wrote Blog has all the posts and comments. That’s good. They’re all on one page. That’s bad. It’s that way because it’s a rescue site: Mollie just captured the whole blog, put it on one page, and then hid the site from bots since it was essentially an archive. That was a great, efficient way to save the content, but it makes searching for anything a nightmare (whatever you’re looking for is on that one page). I am slowly trying to reconstruct the blog into posts. It’s gonna take awhile. Therefore, if you go to the old HWSW blog in the next weeks, some of it is going to be in posts, and some of it is still going to be in that mammoth page. Everything is there, I swear. I’m just trying to make it easier to access. Slowly.

Revising Lavender’s Blue
I’m also going back to Liz because having done all the Getting Started posts (three) for the new blog (second one will be posted Saturday), I went back and applied them to Lavender’s Blue. That was illuminating. The Getting Started posts are The One Sentence Idea, the Central Conflict, and Outlining, so I tried to put Liz into one sentence, isolate the conflict, and do an act outline. Surprise: It’s all over the place. Is it a romance? Is it a mystery? (This coming Saturday’s Central Conflict post on HWSWA has me talking about the same problem for Nita. This may be a recurring problem in my work (YA THINK?). Continue reading

Happiness is Comfort Food

You know what made me happy this week? Scalloped potatoes from the grocery fridge case. I’m not allowed anything grainy or crunchy or chewy, but I can have these suckers and if I scare up a protein I can fool myself I’m eating well. (I know, I need better veggies, but did you miss the part about no crunchy or grainy?). I don’t even have to make them, I just rip off the plastic, stick ’em in the microwave for four minutes and find a large spoon.

Oh, and my oldest grandchild turns twelve today. Remember when Callie was born and I put up her baby pictures? Yeah, that was twelve years ago. And she’s amazing.

So what made you happy this week?

He Wrote She Wrote. Again.

And we’re back.

This time, the blog is called He Wrote She Wrote Again, but it’s the same two writers (Bob Mayer and Jenny Crusie) and (mostly) the same topics (see below). We’re just older, and more experienced, and a lot more tired.

The plan is that Bob and I will meet once a week to talk about some writing topic from the past, each of us posting a short (ha) essay in the chat first and then talking about it. Then we’ll edit the transcript and on Saturdays, we’ll put it up as a post on the new blog with links to the old blog. I thought we’d be arguing again, but it turns out we’ve evolved toward each other, so in the first set of posts, we’re not that far apart. (All bets are off when we get to flashbacks and prologues, but that’s not until September.)

Below is our tentative eighteen-week plan: Continue reading

This is a Good Book Thursday, June 11, 2020

This week I read Maria Rivans’ Extraordinary Things To Cut Out and Collage.

There were a lot of pictures, which helped.

I also read all five Murderbots for the fifth time. I have no idea (well, I have a little idea) why I find that series so comforting, but it’s practically my digital teddy bear at this point.

And I read a new book that made me think about comfort reads in a different way. I’d tell you the title, but I think I’m going to write a post tomorrow criticizing it, so no on that.

What did you read this week?

Working Wednesday, June 8,2020

I cleaned my e-mail in box out this week. It sparkles now. I worked.

I also found a notary and got the doc shipped off to the bank. Then I came home and had a coughing fit (got something caught in my throat, NOT the virus) and threw up on myself. I looked down at my nice clean navy dress, now pretty disgusting, and thought, “This is a metaphor.”

Which is when I realized I was overthinking things and it was time to get over myself and get back to work. So I’m back to work. Bob and I did the third week post for HWSW and we’re agreeing on pretty much everything. I’m starting to think this isn’t a good idea. But at least it’s access to the old stuff. Krissie and I are doing a Zoom on collaborating for ARRA (Hello, Australia!). The recycling goes out today and the trash tomorrow. I ordered watercolors and supplies to start painting again. And tracing paper so I can do some of Lily’s drawings.

Nothing but good times ahead.

What did you work on this week?

This is a Good Book Cherry Saturday

I have no idea what holiday it is, I just know it’s the day after my-root-canal-turned-out-to-be-an-extraction-with-implant-and-bone-graft-and-I-need-stronger-pain-meds. So I will be MIA today, but I thought this would be a good time to put up the request for books by authors of color, movies by directors and writers of color, music by composers of color . . . you get the idea.

Also, just in passing, a couple of people have mentioned that they didn’t think the community here is diverse. Just wanted to say that I have no idea. We do not keep stats on any of you so we have no information on you short of the e-mail addresses you use to sign on, and we don’t keep those. We will never sell your information and we will never ask you for demographic or any other personal information. Because we don’t care, we know who you are from your comments and that’s all we need to know.

Now I’m going to go try to sleep sitting up while avoiding any pressure on the right side of my head. There’s a good chance I’m going to be bitchy for a stretch here; I’ve already warned Mollie, Krissie, and Bob, none of whom were surprised.

Knock yourselves out.

What Do You Want Argh To Do?

I’m having a hard time concentrating this week, even harder than usual, because my country appears to be imploding. Since I’m firmly on the side of the protesters, I’m thinking this is a good thing, the kind of thing that brings about change that’s much needed, but there’s so much bad to go with it, which means I should be doing something, saying something. Also I’m getting a root canal today. Added to all of that is the knowledge that the few times I’ve spoken up, I’ve gotten clobbered with “Oh, Jennifer, I’m so disappointed in you,” from readers who evidently thought that I must agree with them in thought, word, and deed or fall from grace, and my inclination is to step aside, not so much so that I won’t disappoint anybody (fuck them, my job is not to live up to their expectations) but because what I think and do are irrelevant. I think this is why I’m obsessively rereading the Murderbot stories: They’re about a powerful being with a strong central moral core who protects good people and defeats the bad, and it doesn’t hurt that when he needs to escape reality, he watches stories obsessively. Continue reading