HWSWA: Outlining. And Collage. And Spreadsheets. Oh, My.

The last post in the Heart of the Story unit is up on He Wrote She Wrote Again. It’s called “Outlining,” but it’s kind of a catchall for Stuff To Do During Discovery That Isn’t Writing. There’s a second post that has examples of collage (me) and a spreadsheet (Bob) so you can see what we were talking about.

Go here for “Outlining.”

And here for the collage/spreadsheet examples.

And here for an analysis of the beginning of the movie Venom based on the One Sentence Idea, the Central Conflict, and an outline analysis of why the first thirty-plus minutes are all wrong.

13 thoughts on “HWSWA: Outlining. And Collage. And Spreadsheets. Oh, My.

  1. Am I missing something? The new HWSW blogs seem to have comments enabled, but no one’s commenting. Which seems remarkably restrained of all of us.

    1. Hahahaha.
      In my case I’m too lazy/busy to sort out my WordPress login from 2012 or so. Back then they insisted we create profiles for access to the free blogs. I did.
      But I got busy and started tweeting more and I stopped reading a lot of blogs. I don’t know my login deets.

      1. I’m hoping that if you’re approved once, you’re in.

        I don’t think you have to sign into WordPress, though. Are they making everybody who comments sign in? I can see giving your e-mail the first time to get approved (filtering out bots and spam), but not to signing into the program.

        1. I haven’t tried to comment – I’ve just been copying and pasting the bits that look useful for me. I can’t see that anyone else has commented – that’s what I meant by am I missing something – are there comments on the new posts that I’m not seeing for some reason?

          1. Nope. We had comments on the first one and then silence. There are people reading, they’re just not talking. Which given our community is just odd.

    2. I’m not sure why. If I ask here, it sounds like whining, so thank you for noticing (g).

  2. Sorry. I’m not commenting because it would be variations of “Thank you! That was helpful” and right now I am too stressed to find different ways of saying the same thing. Not to mention it might dissolve into a meltdown and nobody needs to see that.

    But I look forward to it every week and it is very helpful. It is making me look at writing and storytelling in new ways and getting me closer to write again. It’s not that the world would be a poorer place but that I would be a poorer person without my writing. So thank you. Very much. This is a little bit of sanity for me to hang onto.

    1. Oh, don’t feel bad about not commenting. I just want to make sure people CAN comment.
      So glad the site is working for you.

  3. I’m right at the start of my first try at a novel in about 20 years, so I’m soaking it all up. While not applying any of it yet, because Discovery Draft 😀

  4. Now I keep imagining you and Bob speaking in a He Wrote She Wrote Again documentary when I read your posts. It would be great on video. I’m appreciating all of it.

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