He Wrote She Wrote Again: The Central Conflict

The second new HWSW post is up, and there’s another post after that since Bob and I went off subject to talk about Nita. We’re having a bit of trouble sticking to one topic–this Tuesday we were supposed to be doing character and I started in on Prologues and Bob was the Voice of Reason, and you can imagine how that went.

This week’s post is The Central Conflict.

Next week is Outlining. Yeah, we’re meeting in the middle on that one, too. Maturity. it’s not exciting.

8 thoughts on “He Wrote She Wrote Again: The Central Conflict

  1. I know this is not part of the he said/she said blog, but I just wanted to leave a note here to say thank you so much for your essay on “Writing the First Meet” scene when you were analyzing Arrow. That’s one of my favorite writing posts and I used some internet sleuthing to dig it up again this week 😉
    I felt like it really encapsulated what makes good chemistry between two characters (not just in the first meet scene but throughtout) and it’s something I think about often as both a writer and a reader/television watcher. I find romantic (or platonic!) chemistry between characters endlessly fascinating b/c it’s so obvious when it’s off and yet hard to pinpoint why it’s right when it’s right. This article takes the time to talk about the “why” and I like that.

    1. Where is that link to the Arrow post? Could you post it here? I just got YouTube videos when searching.

      Also, Jenny, the link didn’t work. WordPress.com is in there twice.

  2. I am really loving these new HWSW posts!! So much to dive into and think about. Thank you so much for these!!

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