90 thoughts on “Happiness is Accomplishing Anything

  1. I got most of a new coat made, except for the sleeves and buttons, and I beat one of the most problematic sequences of my fanfiction into submission… Although after ripping huge chunks of it out, I now somehow have a thousand more words of it than I started with.

    1. I was skimming and thought you’d ripped huge chunks from the coat…and then wondered how you got words out of it.

      1. The way I was swearing at the coat when it refused to cooperate, there were a lot of words.

  2. I had a socially distant happy hour with two friends in a backyard on Friday. It was really nice. It helped that it was a beautiful night without bugs and not hot. We hadn’t seen each other in person since March and I haven’t had an extended in person conversation with anybody but my family since then.

    Yesterday, I woke up in a bit of funk and out of sorts, so I made myself stay in the hammock for about 2 hours and just read and napped. It really, really helped. Even though I was reading about the Spanish flu epidemic (cheery, I know) and it *was* pretty hot and stuffy outside. Something about being outdoors and getting to be quiet and just absorb what’s around me always helps my crabby brain.

  3. I’ve been getting my ducks in a row in preparation for surgery tomorrow. I was happy to be able to find a notary in the neighborhood, and my friend and I walked down to the house to make a Health Care Power of Attorney official. I’m even happier that I passed the pre -op COVID test. Otherwise, I’d have been in limbo for another couple of weeks. Once you have your mind wrapped around the need for removing thyroid cancer, you kinda want to get it over with.

    Today I’m going to prep a couple of projects that I can do during the recovery period. The requirements are that I not exercise and be careful of going outside (because of the scar). I think I can handle that!

    The final hurdle will be getting to the hospital at 5 am tomorrow. While I’m not necessarily looking forward to this process, I’m definitely on board with being on the other side of it. I’ll appreciate all the good vibes you all will send.

    1. Lots of good vibes to you. It is nerve wracking but from the little I know from work about it, it should be a straightforward surgery. Hugs.

    2. It will be a relief when you are on the other side of it. The HCPOA is such a responsible thing to have. Adulting, Argh. The best part will be getting back home.

  4. I went swimming. It has rained all week, it was 10 degrees (c), and I had been standing outside in the drizzle for 3 hours watching my daughter play in a netball ‘fun day’ tournament (fun for who?) and when I said to the kids, let’s go swimming, I don’t know what possessed me. But they played, I swam, then I lazed in the spa until I was warm through. It was great.

    More, I hopped in the pool, swam 25m and had to stop. I then laboured through 4 more sets of 100m, then remembered how to swim and veeeery slowly kept going without stopping for the last 500m. So, feeling quite proud. I celebrating with apricot icecream and hot chocolate sauce.

    1. It’s been so long, I may have forgotten how to swim. I was spoiled: we had a pool when I was a kid. Now I have to use a gym or public pool to swim and that makes me crazy.

      1. It is. It was always one of the standard flavours available when I was a kid (vanilla, french vanilla, hokey pokey, chocolate, boysenberry, strawberry, orange choc chip, rum n raisin (ugh), goody goody gum drops, passionfruit, and apricot or neopolitan (why not just buy the chocolate and be done with it, I always wondered)).

        I never appreciated the apricot as a kid, now I feel like I missed out – all those years of gum-drops when it could have been apricot. Ha! Saying that, there are so many flavours now I can’t stick to just one all the time.

        1. Wow. That is a LOT of exotic flavor choices!

          When I was a kid, it was chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. (Neapolitan hadn’t been imported yet, at least not to Salt Lake City where I was a kid.)

  5. A fight. well, quiet discussion, during which long standing concerns were aired, not mine for once. We went from cranky, semi hostile, need our space away from each other Right Now, to playing a game together quite happily. Such a relief. really made me happy to hear root cause, rather than the momentary irritation springing from that unspoken root cause.

    I am grateful we can all stay home, but oh I miss being alone at home.

  6. It didn’t rain on our newly-poured sidewalk, it held off 2 whole days. The dogs love it.

    Today I go for my MRI on my knee. This will be my longest solo drive since, well, I can’t remember when. I need to get my city-driving legs back. My route is mapped out though and the hospital is in an area I know well.

    I will also have to interact with people beyond saying that I’m paying with Visa. I have double checked that my teeth are brushed, I have deodorant on, and my socks match. I’m wearing a blouse instead of a t-shirt with holes in it. I feel fancy.

    1. I know that feeling.
      When was the last time I showered? Can I wear this blouse I found on the floor? Damn it, wheres my underwear?

    2. Hm, now how many day’s have I worn this tee shirt? Oh, am I out of underwear? I can go commando.

    3. Putting on outside-presentable clothes feels so different now! I also keep questioning the bra since I only wear it when we leave the house ha. We’re slowly going through things, and it’s tough not to just get rid of clothes I don’t wear bc the new normal has a rotation of five baggy t-shirts – some stained and with holes. I know logically this new normal won’t persist, and I will need to wear more clothes in future, but it just doesn’t feel like it, so I should ditch it. Little caution here is good lol

      1. I just wear crappy workout wear if I have to go outside since I live in an apartment, don’t want to go to a laundromat, and have to immediately do a scouring of the Shire shower after being outside anyway now. I used to be a fancy dresser, sigh.

      2. A few weeks after this started, I paid attention to the fact that I had only three short-sleeved t-shirts and two of them were dark colors. So I ordered a bunch of new tees from Life is Good. Color! Fun graphics! It made me happy. Now I have 9 tees, so I no longer need to wear the same one for a few days. 🙂

      3. You really have to watch it with the holes and baggy pants even if they are comfortable to work in. I said last week that I was tossing 3 pairs of work pants because they were marginally indecent and my husband said “thank god. Those pants really look awful on you”.

    4. I noticed that when I put in my pierced earrings they reaallllyyyy didn’t want to go in. I have had my ears pierced for over 50 years and in these short months they want to grow closed. Will need to at least wear earrings more than once a month!

      1. I stopped wearing rings back in January when I realized they were an major impediment to thorough hand-washing. I’m not giving up my earrings, too. I put a pair in every day. They make me happy.

      2. Ooh! Thanks for that reminder! I just popped some in. A few years ago I went 5 months without earrings in one of the holes to close it up so I could get it re-pierced. Five months without closed it entirely.

    5. Putting on a video-appropriate t-shirt (no words) with my boxer shorts inevitably leads me to quote Charlie Sheen in Major League: “I look like a banker in this.”

    6. I am so glad I’m not the only one. Also, it was a bra from about 6:30-5 and, as someone who has worked from home for years now, that is far too long.

      MRI and city driving all went well.

  7. This was my first week of retirement and after a slow start (so much free time), I accomplished a number of small tasks – weeding my vegetable garden, making gazpacho and making a decorative planter out of an old fence. Although he’s been downplaying finishing HS, DS asked for a ride to pick up a cap and willingly posed for photos. DH and I have spent the last few days at the cottage. I co-own it with my brothers and there are lots of emotional minefields, but we’ve had a quiet time with lots of dog walks and lovely sunsets.

    1. I would suggest that at the start of a retirement, a person really needs a vacation. At least 2 weeks of catching up on sleep, letting all the thoughts filter out (about work, did I tell them this?, plans for the future, did I…), and generally, noting and celebrating the change in life phases.

      So, … Congratulations on your retirement! May you enjoy it!

  8. Got some things done, but nothing I feel like waving a flag about. Still avoiding a few tasks I should just do and get out of the way. Re-reading the last Murderbot instead. I meant to hold out until next weekend, but really enjoying it, as I knew I would. Now just need to make a whitefish salad sandwich and Sunday will be perfect.

  9. We planted cat tails in the part of the lawn that is always wet so now we have our own Walden puddle.

    My daughter broke up with her boyfriend of five years. For various reasons we were not happy with him but we kept our mouths shut. It’s lovely to see how happy she is now.

    My son and I got back to his leading me through conditioning exercises yesterday. We tend to laugh our way through….

    1. I’ve been doing that so long, it’s become my normal. Working four to midnight, home by half past, refusing to go to bed before three or four (or sometimes five or six.) “Bedtime revenge procrastination” is a way of life.

    2. Wow! I do that! I had no idea it was a thing! I feel better now, actually. Thank you.

      1. I have worked nights and evenings if for over 30 years, straight evenings for the last 20. My husband keeps waking up earlier and I keep going to bed later. Right now we are unconscious at the same time for an hour or two. The definition for early and late is completely different for us.

  10. While showing my husband the latest in my potholder series, I mentioned that I had run out of black loops. Now he has ordered four more individual colors and one more mixed bright color bags for me and I’m immensely cheered.

    Forty-five potholders done now, and there are good times ahead. 🙂

  11. My happy was Bread Salad. My husband and I were out on the deck earlier this week and I happened to mention it. It so happens I can no longer tolerate lettuces of any sort and given up on salad. He went into the house before me and I could hear him rummaging around in the kitchen. When I went into the house there on the counter was a pan of just toasted olive oil and herb seasoned croutons. Problem solved and just out of curiosity I googled it and Bread Salad also has a fancy shmantzy name – Panzanella.

    1. I love Panzanella with tuna & summer tomatoes. But not with the bread *in* it. The salad on top of the toasted bread slices. The bread still has some ‘bite’ to it. 🙂

  12. Weeded the little garden be the shed. Lost a few dahlias. My fault, didn’t get to it and the weeds choked most out. I will plant the rest of the plants I purchased last week. Bought more yesterday. No petunias. Didn’t take Royal with me. Haha, more petunias for sure. Found pots of sweet peas. So happy. Will plant against the shed.

    Deep cleaning the patio under the deck. It is looking much, much better. Makes me very happy.

  13. I assisted the dotter into a new windshield for her Routan so it will pass inspection. Naturally, she bought a minivan that VW discontinued in 2014. 🙂

    The grandkinder had to go along to the glasswerks, where we all piled into my Fiesta and retrieved lunch from Micky D’s on the way home. We reversed the process the next day. Threw up at McDonalds and went to get the Routan? No, got the lunch first, is all. We had to add a side trip to my bank because they don’t take credit cards, only cash.

    Lunch with grampa two days running – happy!

  14. Last night, I hung out with my two younger sisters, drinking margaritas and playing card games (Uno & Cards Against Humanity.) I laughed so hard my face hurt, and I didn’t think about the world is burning or how many responsibilities I have on my plate or how we have no money and I feel like a failure at life at 35 years old.

    I was just ME for a few amazing hours with the two women I love most in the world. I’m clinging to that happiness.

    1. That’s fantastic! Those are my two favorite card games and I haven’t played either in years. I hear you about the money and failure part — 59 and I wonder what the hell I’ve done with my life. Yay for having sisters and spending time with them! I miss my mom for that.

  15. I had my quarterly MRI and the cancer is still not growing. That makes 9months of no growth, which is very happy news.
    We also got to have dinner with 2 sets of friends and we went to Silver Springs FL, home of glass bottom boat tours and naturalized monkeys. We got to see a few of the monkeys.

  16. I finally womaned up and tinked back my WIP to the spot where I made a terrible mistake. I’m a fairly new knitter, so when I discovered the terrible error two rows back, I allowed myself to get horribly intimidated about the process of tinking, and just let the WIP sit there for two months. And then it was easy. There’s a lesson there someplace.

  17. I cleaned out a bunch of stuff I no longer need or want in my condo, and had Got Junk come and get it and take it all away! Goodbye, awkward sofa that we never used! Goodbye, broken recliner! Such a relief!

    Plus, I got my new wine cabinet, and happily stored away the 150+ bottles of wine I received from my late dad’s wine cellar. Now, I just have to look them all up, to figure out a) what they all are, and b) how soon I can/should drink them. Most of them I recognize, but there are some that I don’t know if they are white or red or rose. But I’ll figure it out.

    Oh, and the Census Bureau finally got in touch with me, and I’m going for Supervisor training this coming Wednesday. I decided to go through with this, even with Covid, because it is something I can do to help. (I mean, at my age and physical condition, I’m not going to march to protest, but I can help get an accurate census for my area.) They have assured me that they are taking every safety precaution, and because I’m in a supervisor role, I won’t be interviewing people, but instead checking the data received from the people counters for accuracy and forwarding the data.

    1. Good for you!
      As Tip O’Neill said, “All politics is local.” and the census has such a major local impact: money, money, money and representation on top of that.
      The work is a major contribution any way you look at it.

    2. Not only does the census have immediate importance, genealogists will use it forever (think Domesday Book). So you’re working for the ages.

  18. The annual ALA conference went virtual this year. I did not attend but the division I’m a part of had their happy hour on zoom and it was delightful to see my friends from across the country for an hour. We have scheduled a smaller happy hour for just four of us in two weeks. Truly I’m looking forward to that!

    I was also really happy when I completed week four, day one, of the couch to 5K app. It’s the first day when you run more than you walk. I was super happy that I was able to do that without compromise. I mean, sure I ran slowly, but I ran the full time I was supposed to! It’s an accomplishment! 😁

  19. I wrote. I cleaned out part of my room. I acknowledged my extreme agoraphobia (can’t let it get ahead of me and yet, I did). Next week perhaps I can manage to contact a mental health provider to talk about meds and some therapy (although, I really do understand it and know what to do; I just don’t).

  20. I had a friend round for the first time since mid March: we sat in the garden, two metres apart, as per the rules, and had a good chat.

    I’ve given some slivers of my allotment to my friend Pam, who’s only got a very tiny garden, and is waiting for a plot of her own. She loves it, the other plot-holders have welcomed her, and the weedy bits of the plot are looking a LOT better. Here’s a view of my part: https://www.instagram.com/p/CB-eaxzn5pm/

    I’ve had a satisfying weekend, despite the rain: I’ve cleaned the house and sorted out three of my six ring-binders of gardening info. Expecting some more proofs next week – George Orwell, so should be OK. While I’m waiting, I want to work out what to do next in my fiction writing.

    1. Oh, and this evening the first flower was opening on Rose Morning Mist, which I haven’t grown before. I was expecting dusky pink, but it’s flame orange! (It’s one of those roses that changes colour, but this was a surprise.)

        1. It’s 47 x 20ft – so just under a standard half plot size. (A standard full plot measures 90 x 30ft, but Oswestry doesn’t do standard plots for some reason.) You’re seeing a neighbouring plot in the background.

  21. Theater, still. Did a play reading Saturday and filmed another one Sunday. Sadly, my theater leader needs to take 2 weeks off to do other things (and we need to go find some more public domain plays), so I dunno what I will be doing now, wah.

    P.S. If anyone has suggestions for public domain plays that do not suck, aren’t squicky, and aren’t depressing. that aren’t Shakespeare or Earnest (already did ’em), let me know. So far nobody’s having luck with that. Unfortunately “do not suck” so far has not been findable.

    (And sadly, I don’t think our leader is into the idea of doing Pride and Prejudice, so not that one. We need to start doing things with smaller casts than Shakespeare anyway.)

    1. Arms and the Man? I remember liking the ?chocolate cream soldier. Can only think of Sheridan otherwise. Or that Goldsmith one – She Stoops to Conquer.

  22. Started a couple more projects. I am buying a new car (Toyota Corolla) and have replaced my computer monitor, (the original finally stopped working). I have admitted I really have to get a new system before anything else breaks. So that’s in the works. Nothing finished, though. Still, I’m happy about beginning the process.
    I’ll be donating my old car; any suggestions?

    1. Is there a Kidney Foundation in your area? They take your car and give you a receipt for personal taxes.

  23. I packed 6 bags of donations into my car. Which for me is a very big deal. I save everything… I even retain water.

    (Thank you, Harry.)

  24. Also I found the inner part of a Bundt pan earlier today this week and couldn’t find the outside.

    Tonight I realized I had bought a cheesecake pan for which it was the alternate insert and that I hadn’t lost the other part. For such a small thing that made me ridiculously happy.

  25. Made a card for my husband, featuring a caricature of him that was okay. Then I showed him the first draft, where he basically looked like an ape – and we had the best laugh of the week. He’s saving both cards.

  26. I was lucky enough to reconnect with 2 friends I hadn’t spoken with in a very long time. First I got a call from my friend in Milwaukee who will not, for the second year in a row, be able to come to visit. She is just as delightful as she always was and I really enjoyed hearing from her. Actually, she mostly heard from me , because I barely let her get a word in edgewise. but it was good to hear that she is surviving all the extra work that the pandemic is bringing her.

    Next I got a call from the new mother of twins who I have been missing ever since she stopped working at the farmers’ market 2 years ago. Although I’ve been keeping up on the family news through her parents, it was very reassuring to hear that the amount of noise in the background was the same as it was when they had only 2 kids. I’d still love to see all of the kids, but I was most concerned with how the 2 parents were holding up. There is nothing like being able to hear the news directly from the affected person and it is always fun to hear from Becky.

    I also had a good talk with my Minnesota niece, who assured me that the Post Office did not eat her birthday present. I think that she liked her present, although it will, unfortunately, require alterations. I hope they won’t be too expensive, but I don’t see how I could have avoided that because Annie is very much a unique size. I hope she will let me pay for the alterations.

    1. But the Happiest part of the week was hearing that Emmy and Tom are moving back to Milwaukee. Em has been working remotely since March so she asked if she could do it from Milwaukee. Tom’s father has been terribly lonely since Tom’s mom died and they will be able to spend much more time with him if they are 30 miles away instead of over a thousand miles away. I don’t know how much work Tom will get in Milwaukee, but since he hasn’t had any in Pennsylvania for months, it shouldn’t be any harder than it has been all spring.

  27. In these negative times . . . I’ve just found out about the Berkeley Baby Book Project for ages 0-5. It’s been a long time since I was five, but I had a library card of my own when I was three, and I strongly favor children learning to love to read! The group is temporarily challenged on account of the virus shutdown, but . . . books. For kids.

    Also a good moment this week was a podcast episode: the History of Egypt podcast interviewed Aidan Dodson on the Amarna period. He’d reviewed the 2010 DNA experiment on Tutankhamun and (probable) relatives and happily covered some of the issues I had with the DNA testing done at the time. He also brought up the phrase “zombie fact,” a fact which seems reasonable when it first appears, but is later disproven . . . but cannot Die! He described ancient Egyptian history as a house of cards, since even facts which have been assumed for a hundred years can be disproven tomorrow with the discovery of a single potsherd or wine jar (wine jars generally labeled with the origin of the wine and its year, the year usually in the form of ‘the 68th year of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) — a number which can identify a longer reign than was previously assigned to a given monarch can recalculate a calendar for a few centuries.

  28. Spending time alone with hubby at a beautiful place outside of the city made me happy. Getting there in time was very stressful, but as soon as I was on my way, everything started to be fine. St. Ottilien west of Munich is a great place – monastery and high school situated in a stunning landscape. Visitors are welcome – and can enjoy the lovely atmosphere (and visit the shop and restaurant). Both of us got a bit sun burnt, but what a day!

  29. Did y’ll hear Allie Brosh (hyperbole and a half) has a new book coming out in September! So happy!

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