Working Wednesday, June 8,2020

I cleaned my e-mail in box out this week. It sparkles now. I worked.

I also found a notary and got the doc shipped off to the bank. Then I came home and had a coughing fit (got something caught in my throat, NOT the virus) and threw up on myself. I looked down at my nice clean navy dress, now pretty disgusting, and thought, “This is a metaphor.”

Which is when I realized I was overthinking things and it was time to get over myself and get back to work. So I’m back to work. Bob and I did the third week post for HWSW and we’re agreeing on pretty much everything. I’m starting to think this isn’t a good idea. But at least it’s access to the old stuff. Krissie and I are doing a Zoom on collaborating for ARRA (Hello, Australia!). The recycling goes out today and the trash tomorrow. I ordered watercolors and supplies to start painting again. And tracing paper so I can do some of Lily’s drawings.

Nothing but good times ahead.

What did you work on this week?