Cherry Saturday, May 2, 2020

It’s Naked Gardening Day. Again. I do think, even with social distancing, this isn’t going to work for most of us, but good luck to those of you brave enough to go for it.

Maybe I’ll put my basil plant in the shower. Multi-tasking.

32 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, May 2, 2020

  1. I enjoy being barefoot. If I never had to wear shoes, I’d be really happy. So I do often garden barefoot, and it sometimes means injuries. That’s as naked a gardener I shall be.

    Flip side – I have to be ruthless with foot care. I soak my feet in warm water and salts, scrub them, and moisturise with a rich cream.

  2. Um. no to naked gardening.

    I too enjoy being barefoot. My preferred shoe is my orthotic flip flops. But when it comes to doing yard work, I put on the heavy closed toe shoes. I don’t want anything biting or stinging me, nor do I want to step on something that causes an injury.

    Speaking of gardening, I started to prune back the azaleas when I found a tiny nest with three eggs. I carefully left a lot of foliage around it. I then kept watch from my dining room / office window for 24 hours to see if the parent birds would return. I was pretty worried until they showed up! Hopefully, they’ll get that brood raised before the house painters come in a month! Meanwhile, I need to get back out today and take care of the other three azalea bushes.

  3. Once walked through a clothing optional beach, I was impressed the mature ladies and gentlemen felt so secure in their bodies to wander round openly. I’m more the covered from the neck down type, if it’s hot I might wear a short sleeved t shirt

    1. A friend and I once walked into a nudist beach section, we had no idea that end was so designated. Rounded a curve and huh. She turned to me and said, “We seem to be overdressed.” And we turned and went back.

      It was so funny that there was no sign. People who lived there were in the know and visitors surprised.

      1. No signs either, it was just part of the beach everyone was walking through. Saw random naked person bathing in the sea and thought maybe he was feeling uninhibited today, then saw someone buying ice cream and realised this is where the really relaxed sun worshippers hung out.

  4. Yesterday I walked past the garden in just a sports bra and leggings while I was taking out the trash… I think that’s as close as my neighbors would want me to get to naked gardening! 😜

    It is supposed to be warm today, and I suspect 5yo and 2yo could be easily convinced to take up the challenge, but I don’t think I’ll inflict that on the neighbors or the garden if I can help it!

  5. Gardening day, yes, but fully covered including sports bra (otherwise I’m forever having to stuff myself back in with muddy hands) and thermal vest – it’s turned chilly. I’ve decided to take advantage of the lull in the day job and get the allotment sorted while the soil’s workable. I’m weeding – especially teasing out the dandelion, couch grass and bindweed roots – so I can make the permanent paths with landscaping fabric tucked into slit trenches down each side. I treated myself to a stainless steel spade in the hope the soil won’t stick to it as much, which would make the slit trenching a lot easier.

    Am also going to measure my carpet offcuts, with the idea of using them as underlay (the soil’s fairly stony).

    My neighbour at the cottage was a naturist. I thought it was quite brave, since they kept geese.

  6. Grown men are not supposed to giggle, and I put the groan in grown man. As the sole occupant of my dotter’s garage, I have been nekkid gardening (watering my indoor plants) every Sunday since the first time you made it the topic of an Argh post, which causes a great exhalation of tees and hees.

    There. I have chortled and snickered through quenching the thirst of my luck plant. I’ll save the other surviving plant until tomorrow, to satisfy the Sunday routine.

    There is a clothing optional facility down US 460, in Isle of Wight County. I’ve never been there, but a coworker is a volunteer fireman who has, in response to a fire. His only comments had to do with mixing suntan lotion with mosquito repellant.

  7. I made a no churn ice cream recipe.

    Jenny, the end result reminded me of that Bloomfield County Opus cartoon where he says something like, it wasn’t awful, but Lord, it wasn’t good.

    1. Churning incorporates air and helps prevent ice crystals, so unless you want to sacrifice texture, forget the no-churn recipes. I will spare your delicate sensibilities by not describing the time I tried one.

  8. I’m a nudist, and hello, international naturists or whoever picked this day, IT’S TOO COLD here!
    Besides, I wear gloves to pull weeds.

    1. I think if you’re nude except for gloves, you’re still nude.
      It’s nice here, in the 60s, but yes, not naked weather.

    2. It does seem like it would make more sense in late June or even July. But then again I’m in the northern part of the northern hemisphere.

  9. Ah, no. If I’m feeling up to it later I may go pull grass from my flower beds, but I’ll be fully clothed. And I tended the bees earlier – I’m not doing that naked!!!

  10. Even if it was warm enough here and I didn’t live in an apartment, I ‘m sure I don’t have enough sunscreen. Just, no.

  11. Oh I needed this. It’s been bleak lately and your comments have me cracking up.
    My favorite is @JaneB “I thought it was quite brave, since they kept geese.” Delicious.

  12. I’m thinking this date was not chosen by someone living in Canada. Early May tends to be bit early here for outdoor naked anything.

    But April showers did bring May flowers to my garden. Suddenly, like Mother Nature had them cued and waiting in her calendar app to “post” come May. Very pretty and a nice change of scenery out my window:)

    1. Or maybe someone who was trying to pick a balance between both hemispheres – it’s still just barely warm enough down here, on a good day.

      Being naked outside is terrifying and liberating – but 2 minutes just to say I did was enough for me!

  13. I had not planned on gardening but my husband sent me a surprise of “100 bulbs to make an English garden”. So to the yard I go. I will be dressed though. To many bugs.

    1. A wonderful surprise for you! Thirty-four years ago when we moved in we bought a “Monet’s Garden” seed kit made by his original seed purveyor. We strew liberally and without plan. Surprisingly – have seeds here ever done so since? – most flourished and we had ourselves a garden. Plants have retreated in ensuing years, and we are left today with remnants of daisies, nasturtium and that darn ubiquitous fleabane. I assure you the bulbs are, hopefully, years of guaranteed fun.

  14. Ixnay on the naked gardening, but I did point my naked face into the sun for some rays. Even though I take vitamin D on the regular the sun felt glorious.

  15. It is raining here so hard that the raindrops are bouncing There is not a chance I am going out in that.

  16. Our kids used to have passionate debates about whether you are naked under your clothes.

    That’s my kind of naked, and come to think of it, my type of “gardening”: debatable.

  17. Yeah, no. Gardening in my yard means climbing up and down rock walls (they have good foot/hand holds), hills, battling thorns, and that isn’t counting the bee colony discovered living under the wisteria or any of the weeds that trigger contact allergies. I will wear all the clothes AND the heavy gloves and boots, thanks!

    1. Sounds terrifying, maybe take along a mobile phone, climbing gear, a first aid kit and a machete. My mum is allergic too, but we have a nice safe horizontal garden she can mow reasonably easy. She always ignores me when I tell her to rub to vaseline on her exposed skin before she goes out and take a shower after. Then complains when she has an allergic reaction sigh

      1. That’s good advice. I usually take a benedryl, hit the shower and put on a total change of clothes after and that works for preventing bad reactions. I need a chainsaw more than a machete but hey, a zipline would make coming down faster and more fun…

  18. No naked gardening but I did mow the lawn for the first time this season. And yesterday I set up my rain barrel. I’m so happy it’s warming up.

  19. First I gardened and then I got naked in the shower. That will do.

    I have reluctantly concluded that although my favorite plant store is open I sbould not go there so I’m gardening with what I was able to order on line and seeds from the grocery store. Fortunately I have enough nasturtium seeds to cover any empty spots

    1. I’ve been ordering plants online. It’s the first spring of my life I haven’t haunted the local nurseries, but our area hasn’t come close to flattening the curve, so shopping at a distance it is. Pandemic gardening is adaptable.

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