Argh 2006

2006 was another light post year, thank God. I’m thinking about redo-ing the tags as I go. The good thing about this–and I needed a good thing because this is gonna take forever–is that there’s some good stuff in here. And a freaking amazing lot of words. Turns out if you blog for fifteen years, you produce a lot of wordage. Who knew?

The Twelve Days of Mare Really not very interesting
Random Sunday: Babbling about Spamalot.
So here’s my plan . . . Natteriung about resolutions, definitely skippable except that the pictures of my awful office inspired SEP to e-mail me pics of her, leading to the next post:
The Office: Double Dog Dare

Things I’m Not, Part 2: Skip this one, it’s just me addressing some gossip
Cheerful and on Wheels about my trip to DC.

The Crusie Theory of Cover Design: This is actually a helpful essay on covers. Go me.

I didn’t blog, THANK YOU 2006 JENNY.

The First Crusie, the only children’s book I’ll ever write. With illustrations.

Rant: Coulter, Plagiarism, Book Store Bigotry

There Goes the Neighborhood and More Neighborhood, posts about living in rural Ohio with vultures.

Frenching Anne Marie or The Reason I Haven’t Blogged: More writer’s life including conferences.

Confession of a Reformed Quote Whore: an essay on author quotes

I didn’t blog. Wow. Remember when I had months when I didn’t blog? No, I don’t, either, but evidently that once was a thing here. Of course, most of the time when I did blog, they were better than current posts. Quality, not quantity, Jenny.

Clue Cake, Anonymity, and Unprofessional Behavior: A rant about a blogger who kept attacking my best friend.
Narrative Cartography: Mapping My Way To the End: How I use a white board and other left brain (I think it’s the left side, the analytical side?) techniques for saving my incredibly sloppy right brain draft of Agnes and the Hitman.

Flamingo Jill and the 2007 Indulgences: A well-dressed plastic flamingo and be-good-to-yourself resolutions, aka indulgences.

And Now for 2007: Review of goals for 2006, new goals for 2007, BUT the absolute best part of this is Mollie’s love story and wedding pictures. I still sigh. Such a good story. And now they have three beautiful children in a great house on the edge of a park. My kid knows how to do Life.

14 thoughts on “Argh 2006

  1. Sure, post something and say “Skip this.” Your kid learned how to do life from you. (So’ve I, ya know, there are things like repainting a suitcase that I’d never have thought to do!)

  2. So much I want to read here, but I need to get back to writing!! Must pull myself away from the blog and get to work. Will check in later. Well…maybe just one more before I go.

  3. Awesome, Jenny. The things it takes a Pandemic to get us going on.

    Yesterday I found myself thinking about gathering together ALL MY JOURNALS from forever…. (hint, one of my early journals contains an entry mentioning the birth of a famous baby who is now Prime Minister of Canada) and cataloguing them. (Not exactly sure what that would entail, actually.)

    I ended up starting to knit a new sweater instead.

    1. I saw it in previews in Chicago and I will be forever grateful that my friend Ted had connections. It was magical!

    1. I don’t think so. I did a lot of traveling but I think that might have been later. It was probably on the He Wrote/She Wrote Blog that’s gone now. I did search my posts, but nothing came up.

  4. I’ve been kind of MIA lately because I’m trying to write a book about Lilith and coax some sales out of the two books I’ve already published and feed this household without going to the grocery pickup more than once a week BUT

    I have to say those pictures of Mollie’s wedding made me happy cry so I’m glad I stopped racing for long enough to check in.

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