Argh: 2005

So the 2005 post are up again.

The first post in July 2005 talks about having problems with You Again (still not finished after it was rejected) and meeting Bob and starting Don’t look Down, so a lot has happened in fifteen years. There’s also a reference to Charlotte’s Book which is one of those things that just died on me. I can’t even remember what it was about. Fifteen years, people.

Some of the August posts aren’t really interesting any more–“Your Reality May Differ” is about an RWA scandal fifteen years ago, although interestingly enough, it foreshadows the one we’re going through now. “Walden the Blog” was about enabling comments. Okay, not that great. But “Why Caramel Pecan Perfection Isn’t”is pretty good about rage, a recurring problem of mine, and “Susan Elizabeth Phillips, the Dark Side” is one my favorite posts of all time (I ran it past her first but she has such a good sense of humor that it wasn’t a problem). “Writing in Books with Boys” was about collaboration for the first time, so not that exciting.

Things picked up in September. I went to Maui so there were those posts, and then I did the Twelve Days of Trudy for “Hot Toy.” “The Maui Effect” and “Things I’m Not” are still fun to read, I think. And then there’s “Patricia Gaffney, The Dark Side.” For the Trudys, I’m going to start that Post Series page (see banner menu above) for series posts. The Trudy Twelve Days are completely skippable, they’re almost all just word count posts, but some of the later “Hot Toy” posts might be interesting if you want more on those topics.

October was the last of Trudy, plus Terry Brooks, the Dark Side which was a bait and switch because Terry Brooks has no dark side, the guy is a prince. So the post was mostly about the Surrey Writer’s Conference. I did a LOT of conferences back in the day.

There was only post in November, about a trip to NYC that included publicity pictures organized by Mollie and foisted on Bob: So I Went To New York.

December had a Trudy post, so that’s on the Trudy page, and a Random Sunday that was clearly written while I was writing Faking It because of all the 60s music references.

And that’s 2005.

The big takeaway from this is that I should do a Twelve Days of Nita Act Two and a Twelve Days of Making My Living Room into My Office to keep me accountable.

So this took me all day and it’s the SHORT year. This could take awhile.

14 thoughts on “Argh: 2005

  1. Sounds intriguing. Thanks so much for posting so we can check it all out!!!

  2. After I first discovered your site, I started reading backwards in time through your blog posts. I think I had had made it to 2012 by the time you decided to re-structure the blog. And I enjoyed the posts and comments thereof regardless of what information they contained or didn’t. It was just fun to listen in as you and the Aarghers talked! Plus, lots of great book and tv reccs. So, no worries here! Just thanks!

  3. You’ve made me remember picking up Hot Toy and falling on the floor, laughing. I may have rolled. “Major MacGuffin.” Tac-nuc. Toxic Waste. Twinkle Toes. Fabulous story.

    Given that I love-love-love Bujold’s Penric and Desdemona stories which she says are novelettes [A novelette is longer than a short story, but shorter than a novella. The word count is usually between 7,500 words to 17,500 words. Novellas fall between novelettes and novels. Your mileage etc.], it goes without saying that length is not one of my criteria for a Good Story. Also, all her word counts are actually in the Novella range above, but that actually varies by publisher and she self-publishes those so…

  4. I was giggling about the Things I’m Not, H asked what I was laughing about. We both had a good laugh. Thanks, Jenny for the laugh on a gloomy Saturday.

  5. I should have known better than to start reading these right before going to bed! I have stayed up way past my bedtime reading each link. I can’t decide which post I like the best; I have been laughing out loud so much my cats are getting annoyed that I am disturbing their nap time.

  6. The links were great. And I remembered most of the posts. This made me remember all the great people I met here and wonder if they have changed names or if life happened because they seem to have disappeared from Argh. It surprised me that I did not seem to comment much.

  7. It’s wild to think about how blase the internet has made us about history, and how much of it we throw away. Swaths of 90s and early 00s pages are just gone forever now, and it makes me sad for future historians. So even though the old RWA scandal post might not seem interesting now, it will be probably be FASCINATING in another few decades.

    Or, hell, maybe it should still be interesting now. Looks like people didn’t learn from it, as shown by the history repeating.

      1. I think they mean websites that have changed or disappeared leaving no record.

        1. Yeah, I meant web pages in general. One of the recent purges was Yahoo Groups, which contained a huge amount of history. Archivists were working around the clock to save that stuff, including even local community knitting groups and such.

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