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How many people are having hang time problems with posting comments? I know Jane and Corin are. I need to know the scope of the problem, please.

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  1. I am, and also with hearts. I’ve started copying all my comments so I can try again, and again….

  2. I am. I have been able to back up and see my comment. I am NOT sure it’s an Argh Ink. problem though. Our internet has been positively awful since the March Stay at Home orders. Also, in March, I was gifted a new Mac. It’s not really any faster, internet-wise, than my old one (and the keyboard is frustratingly different enough that I’m still stressing about typing on it 10 weeks later but it was a wonderful, thoughtful gift from my family and my old one was not getting some more updates, so).

    Anyway, I can’t say anything about pre-March, but Argh Ink isn’t unique in my internet glitches.

    1. Yes: I’m not sure it’s Argh either, although I haven’t been noticing it particularly otherwise (and my set-up hasn’t changed). Of course, I hang out here a lot; and rarely comment anywhere else. I wondered whether the server Argh is on is especially overloaded at the moment?

      1. I have problems on my end, too, and not with other sites. I think it’s Argh, but I need to have as much info as possible before I send Mollie in. I think she was thinking about switching servers anyway. This is just to get the background I need to help her help us.

        1. So, I’ve been working on Argh Ink, which has been hanging up during comments and on some of the “like” clicks.
          I’m also having problems on Duolingo – where sound drops out after I’ve been on awhile, but so do other users.
          When I’m on at work (a Google-based site for our school) things seem to move along fine in general, although a lot of the students aren’t actually logging in during “school hours,” especially the high school ones (go figure). So in that case, it might be speedy because of a lack of normal traffic.
          I am using a MacBook OS Catalina and Safari. IDK if that helps anyone at all.
          It did glitch up a couple of times today. I’ve been particularly chatty tho.

  3. Sometimes I can post no problem and sometimes it goes away to think and never comes back.

  4. I have problems getting your links to the old blogs, I get one ok but the next one I try does not come up. Very frustrating.
    I am looking forward to the one in the bed and breakfast! I still laugh when I think about that one.
    I am so glad you decided to do this, so many happy memories of that time in MY life.

  5. I haven’t noticed any hangs or slowdowns.

    I surf on a Chromebook, which runs on ChromeOS, which pretty much has Google Chrome built in (like Windows had Internet Explorer built, back in the day.)

  6. I have never had a problem. I don’t comment often, but I did comment as recently as yesterday. I’m on an Android phone FYI.

  7. From what people are saying, sounds like it could be some kind of incompatibility that’s crept in for those of us using Safari. Possibly just the iOS version, even. I’m up to date on my iPad apart from the most recent iOS update, which it’s nagging me to install.

    1. I’m having the same problem in Chrome on the iPad (haven’t tried it on the laptop), although I mostly use Safari on both the MacBook Air and the iPad.
      Not happening with other sites, although I certainly comment more here than anywhere else.

  8. Let’s see. It hung up earlier, maybe it’ll go now. (On iPhone)

    1. Actually, Firefox isn’t quite up to date. 76.0. Must get round to updating it.

  9. I have had problems with my “likes’ taking a long time to post (I get the spinning wheel until it posts). But not today. Haven’t had a problem with commenting. Pretty sure it’s not just Safari as that’s not what I’m using.

  10. Windows 10, Windows 7 both with Firefox, two different cable companies, no issues

  11. I have had issues. I’m using an iPad Air 2. I did just update the iOS to 13.4.1 and the issues were on the previous iOS. Had problems trying to post this comment. I got an error saying Argh wasn’t responding.

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