He Wrote She Wrote. Again.

I spent a chunk of the weekend arguing about talking about the new blog with Bob Mayer and we’re going to try it. It’ll be called He Wrote She Wrote Again, and once a week, we’ll put up the old posts on a topic and then follow that with a new post discussing what we still agree with and how we’ve changed in a Slack chat. We’ll edit the ugly parts out. Nita and Lily will probably be mentioned, and Bob’s writing a new book in a series in which the second chapter in each book is a flashback. In first person. And there’s a prologue. I’m pretty sure he’s trolling me, but its been fourteen years, so who knows? Maybe he really is that insane. Here’s the banner until Mollie gets her hands on it and makes it better:

So see, I worked this weekend. Still working on getting all the Lily posts combined. Back at you later with that.

In the meantime, what do you want to see on the new blog? I know there are Cherry Bombs still out there, fuses sparking, and the Argh People always have an opinion. We’re pretty clear on what we want to do, but we’re I’m open to suggestions.