Cherry Saturday, April 18, 2020

Today is Piñata Day. That seems appropriate since at this point most of us are feeling beaten like one.

I went to Amazon to see if they had anything interesting in the way of piñata pictures and they did: a bright green corona virus piñata. Because nothing says “party” like widespread sickness and death. They also had a princess piñata so small children could take sticks and beat a woman to death. Even the llama piñata I eventually decided to feature was problematical: Don’t hit animals, you jerks.

I’m going to pass on the pinatas. Well, not all of them. If they ever bring out a line of national government figures, I’m in.

27 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, April 18, 2020

  1. Piñatas always seemed mean to me, even fruit-shaped ones. It’s mean to the person doing the hitting because someone else pulls on the rope to get it away.

    Today I had yoga training and since I can’t work away from the light and sun, I was outside in the porch. Eventually Riker decided to sneak in and watch. What a good doggo.

  2. And once the piñata is breached there’s always the one kid that gets the majority of the candy, and one kid that gets nothing. The others being somewhere in the middle.

    Or you can insist on gathering all the candy up and dishing it out equally, which seems anti-piñata somehow and very controlling. I was that parent at one time – I wanted to protect that one kid that got nothing and foil/punish the greedy burger. (I was the greedy burger as a child, but never was quick enough to be the one that got the majority of the spoils.) Now I just thank goodness my children are grown and stay far away from piñatas.

  3. Or the candy inside the piñata was gross. I recall a school-wide treasure hunt that ended in a huge treasure chest of black licorice. And Halloween candy that was weird, stale or both.

    1. Speaking about black licorice one of my favorites at Easter, the day after, is black jelly beans on sale. The next is marshmallow chicks. I like to open the wrapper to let the outside get crispy and bite into the soft interior. Really good for the teeth.

      1. I remember a part in a Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel where her secondary female protagonist was going through a life crisis. She had been extremely disciplined (and kind of an a-hole) but when she went to pieces, she went to the store and bought stale marshmallow chicks, so she could get that crispy/soft mix. It’s a really nice specific touch.

  4. I dunno, I think a lot of people would like to beat the shit out of a corona anything now.

    Pinatas were always kinda cute and useless because hardly anyone can actually hit the damn things and an adult always ended up just opening the darned things.

    In other news, I am in an all day opposite coast from me workshop, which is great, but it started at 6:30 a.m. (on a Saturday, and I work 8-5 normally) and I feel beaten :p

  5. I was working at home for almost a month, so in a way my corona pains are just starting. It’s much easier to work at your desk with the one project, that’s for sure. Just call me Ms. Distractable.

  6. I’ve just decided, for the umpteenth time, that I’ve got to stop pushing myself to do more than four hours of copy-editing/proof-reading a day. I hit the wall again; and then I start thinking, ‘What’s the point?’ Which is not a fun place to be.

    So I’m going to stick to four hours from tomorrow and take longer than I’m supposed to. And do a couple of hours at the allotment to break it up.

    1. I used to work in-house doing copyediting of textbooks. By afternoon, I was SO done. I’d go to the break room and get sugar and caffeine and prop my head up, stare at the traffic out the big windows. It was awful. I’d come home too tired to read and look at art books instead. I think four hours is plenty, especially for the sake of accuracy!

      1. Yeah, I’d think after four hours of the same thing, your efficiency would have to deteriorate, too.

  7. Lots of Donald Trump pinatas in San Francisco’s Mission District (Latino neighborhood).

  8. I’m currently procrastinating from an editing task that really does need to get out of here today. So glad it rained last night and the grass is still damp and I can’t mow. Why is it that the only thing that makes a job you normally procrastinate desirable is another job you procrastinate? Sigh …back to it…

  9. I am picturing a Viking pinata. A long-boat, suspended by the single mast, with a dragon prow and stern. A good thwack! releases dozens of foil-covered chocolate axes and shields and possibly helmets (Hersey kisses with horns?)

  10. Having finished my in-progress reading, I re-opened A Holmes for the Czar by Goodlett and Huff. I love it.

    I was looking for another re-read on my Kindle. I saw <Sizzle and thought, “No way I can admit to really enjoying that – Jenny hates it. So I grabbed another book, Be Mine. Oops. That’s an anthology featuring (drum roll) Sizzle.

    I ended up with Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey, an old favorite.

  11. I’m late to the party. Mostly, I’ve just been drifting from one thing to another. I’ve finished and mailed a couple of masks to my sisters and baked treats for the dog. More of the same for tomorrow. But, I don’t feel like hitting anything (I turned off today’s rally.)

  12. My older grandchildren love piñatas. Their Dad lived in Mexico for several years and grew fond of piñatas while he lived there.

    We spent the day continuing the attack on pine seedlings. It always good to spend time outdoors. We cooked on the grill for the first time this year, hopefully not the last. We didn’t get to grill out last year due to surgery and chemo. So far this year has been better, even with the virus.
    My broccoli is growing nicely but I don’t know when to harvest it. How long do I let it grow?

      1. Same here, I remember just cutting off the main head and then the smaller baby heads when they started growing from the shoots, but cut them before they flower.

  13. Piñatas aren’t really a thing down here, probably because we’re so far from South America. We have Chinese New Year and lucky red envelopes instead.

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