Admin Note

Your hearts are back. Mollie is going to be futzing with the blog this weekend, possibly moving it, so if things go wonky (they shouldn’t) wait until Monday to see if whatever it is straightens out then. We live to serve.

36 thoughts on “Admin Note

  1. Thank you Mollie. Thank you, Jenny for warning us. I always assume it’s just me if tech goes funky. I am paranoid enough these days.

  2. Thanks to both of you. Argh is helping hugely to keep my spirits up – it always has, but it’s especially helpful now.

    1. Good. You’re an integral part of us, so you not posting would be a disaster.
      Also, we’re all still heavily invested in your house and garden. We moved in with you, you know.

  3. I know I must have seen this somewhere, but how do people get a photo next to their comments, instead of a cute monster?

    1. They’re called avatars. Anybody have a program for her?

      Google for Avatar app and see which one appeals maybe? You’ll also get a lot of sites where you can go in and design your own cartoon avatar.

    2. As I remember, it’s a gravatar. I added mine because I realized I felt closer to people here, like Deb and MJ, whose faces I could see. It was really easy (maybe somehow connected to WordPress, though I have nothing to do with whoever it is otherwise). And once you’ve created your gravatar it shows up on most sites you comment on.

    3. Ha! Just this morning I was thinking I should update my gravatar, because I look way different now.

      We’ll see.

          1. Thank you! This picture is actually kind of old, too…but not as old as the old one. Chronologically speaking.

      1. Mine is way old too! Wish I could take a funky fun picture, but no. I look old and frumpy – and you know I want you all to see me and thing Young and spunky! I’m so vane. I inherited that from my mother who once told me to look at my backside in the mirror every day to make sure it wasn’t getting too big! I didn’t and it did!!

  4. Yeah, I disabled my Gravitar because it was too obvious on all places who I was. Like you wanna be more anonymous on say, Ask a Manager when bitching about work 😛

    1. Mine’s ten years old and I do not look like that anymore. Must update. First must find comb and make-up.

    1. You should get some tech advice, but depending on your computer, there are ways to block those in your settings. Maybe clean out your cookies and browser history.

    2. Do you mean the ones that said “Thanks, you liked this” or something similar? I mentally said “Yes, I know” at it each time it popped up.

    1. Oh, please, you have to get in line to make fun of our President. Feel free.

      I will never hear that song without this chorus again.

    2. This site and the song parodies get me through the day. This one gave me a good night’s sleep. (He did a great one on Jeff Sessions, too.)

    3. Hahahahahaha!!! . . . Now I’ll have that song in my head for the next ? days.

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