Thank the Good Lord for These Godawful Things

Maybe the whole stay-home-and-look-at-the-people-you-love movement will turn out to be a blessing. I’m looking at things a lot differently, including yelling (happily) at my neighbors from a distance–such nice people and we’re all looking out for each other–and starting to relax into spring. Silver linings, Argh People.

Also, I love that dress.

10 thoughts on “Thank the Good Lord for These Godawful Things

  1. I am enjoying the lovely online communities that I’m a part of (I live alone). It’s always a treat (social distance or no) to read your thoughts and ideas, so thank you. I also appreciate the wider world tossing out things to make us feel better and cheer us up. I thought you might find this funny. I kid you not…my first thought reminded me forcefully of the scene in Wild Ride when Cindy laments never having encountered a robot clown, except substitute wombat for robot clown. (In a whiny voice). I’ve never had a robot in my drier…

  2. Silver linings! My son’s semester in Spain was cut short :'( Silver lining: I have all my kids home and we all like each other. There was a LOT of stress just before he got home, but he’s OK.

    Silver linings: I have done some really interesting training modules for work and am continuing to get paid for a while at least. I also have time to deal with some personal business and cook. And rest. And read. And write. And FaceTime. And walk. (well, once so far, but more will come in the next day or so. I really like the reset button in terms of our expectations regarding time. Frankly, I’m hoping we will ratchet our pace back several notches permanently.

  3. Tony made a good start in my raised beds today: they look great. Am hopeful they’ll get done and planted before absolutely everything closes down. And my friend Gill has cancelled her three-month trip to France, and wants to do some digging on my allotment to make up for not being able to cultivate her French garden. Which would be great: I might get the allotment sorted for this season, with her help.

    I’m phoning more people, reconnecting. Hoping for more connection, generally, out of this.

  4. I’m in New York State, where we got the order today to close all non-essential businesses. That includes mine, since in no one’s mind is an artists’ cooperative shop essential during a plague. So I’m out of a job, other than dealing with the fallout.

    Silver lining: I have no excuses not to finish writing the cozy mystery I’m working on, plus all those winter projects that never got done (organizing a lifetime’s worth of physical photographs and WAY too many greeting cards) might actually get accomplished.

    1. I’m so sorry Deb! I work for an airline, so i’m out of a job too.

      Silver lining: Even in preventive quarantine I’m allowed to go into the garden. I intend to start a truly ridiculous number of broccolini seeds today. Also snap peas.

  5. Tomorrow I’m climbing in the attic and pulling down all the bins of fabric. Time for sorting through a lifetime collection of textiles. Maybe I’ll put together quilt kits and sell them. Or give them away. Who knows.

    Today I’m finishing the skirt I made from the failed pants for my daughter’s birthday. I now know A LOT more about fitting pants and how to shorten a crotch. I consider myself a fairly talented seamstress, but you can always learn something new.

  6. Deb, I’m in New York too but, so far, I still have a job. I work for a credit union and we are considered an essential business. However, I’m a receptionist and I don’t work the teller line nor do I process loans.

    Silver lining…the credit union is working hard to make sure all personnel stay employed. I and the loan officers are being drafted to help handle the volume of phone calls the phone center staff can’t get to quickly. I have heard stories of people waiting on hold for over 45 minutes to get assistance.

    Extra silver lining, I have a sleeping cat on my lap, keeping me company.

  7. I finally got allowed to work from home. My job is a hell job and I will literally never be able to get another one again (ESPECIALLY NOW), but at least I am employed, won’t get laid off due to lack of business, and continue to get paid and have health insurance. I get to sleep in until 15 minutes before work starts and roll in to work in the next room over, so I am getting more sleep. I did get a lot of food before it all went down and I am generally stocked on supplies. I have tons of crafts and the Internet still works.

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