Argh Author: Nancy Yeager’s Four Corners of Heaven

Our own Nancy Yeager has a new book out, Four Corners of Heaven, part of her Harrow’s Finest Five series, stories about old schoolmates and their search for their happily-ever-afters, encountering smart women, steamy passions, and the occasional scandal.

In Four Corners of Heaven, two dedicated scientists pursue their place in history and learn that love confounds logic every time. But is it enough to keep them together when their futures fall apart?

Harrison Stafford, the future Baron Chelton, has devoted his life finding a medical miracle drug. But he’s unable to prove he’s found a cure-all, and his once-promising research is doomed. When a woman scientist offers to help him save his life’s work, he agrees to the unorthodox arrangement, and vows to treat the lady as he would any other laboratory partner. That would be so much easier if he didn’t find his brilliant new colleague so beguiling.

For years, Adelia Dawson has fought convention to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. Her scientific prowess and dedication to patients haven’t helped her get into medical school, but saving Mr. Stafford’s research might. She’d determined to maintain a professional distance from her fellow researcher until she catches a glimpse of his passionate nature under his cool exterior. Now she can’t help thinking of her new workfellow in a deeply personal way.

Harry and Adelia struggle to maintain their professional distance while their shared passion for their work draws them closer. When their research unravels and forces them onto opposite sides of a professional rift, they could lose more than their careers. They could lose their chance at love.

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9 thoughts on “Argh Author: Nancy Yeager’s Four Corners of Heaven

  1. I had to laugh at the “professional distance” phrasing in the blurb. Our covid-19 (which I keep wanting to call corvid-19 🙂 social distancing rules might also go a long or at least a little of the way toward stomping out #metoo.

    Also laughing at some of the coronavirus humor out in the world, at least in the twitter world. The social distancing gadgets are hilarious, introverts are loving the Go to Your Room orders, snack-a-holics are having a field day with stocking up on “provisions” (and the challenge of not eating them all on Day 1), and the funniest tweet I read this morning was:

    “Not to be alarmist, but if Kevin Bacon tests positive we’re all fucked.” Hahaha (tweeter was @dannyzucker)

    I’m taking all the rest of the news very seriously including some from excellent nurses and docs explaining how to look after ourselves if we get sick at home, and when to call 911 or otherwise terrify our loved ones. (And totally trying to to go ballistic over our evil, incompetent, greedy, corrupt, and moronic U.S. head(s) of state, a sentiment our fellow U.K. friends probably share about their counterpart.)

    This too shall pass, she said taking deep breaths – and reaching for the pretzel covered peanut butter bites.

      1. I put it out on a whim, kind of. My own agent just emailed me a picture of the cover and said, “Do you want to tell me about this?” What can I say…things have been a little crazy.

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