So I Have This Idea . . .

I’m trying to figure out something I can do to put some extra fun in our interactions since we’re all under siege. I mean, that wombat instagram was great, but there’s a limit to what a wombat can do. So I had this vague idea–very vague–about five minutes ago and without thinking it through, I’m going to put it up here so we can brainstorm it because it has to be a community thing or it won’t work. Actually since I haven’t thought it through, it’s probably doomed, I get a dozen brilliant ideas a day that turn to be trash by the time the sun goes down, but I figure if this is an Argh community project, maybe we can do something interesting with it. So . . .

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Thank the Good Lord for These Godawful Things

Maybe the whole stay-home-and-look-at-the-people-you-love movement will turn out to be a blessing. I’m looking at things a lot differently, including yelling (happily) at my neighbors from a distance–such nice people and we’re all looking out for each other–and starting to relax into spring. Silver linings, Argh People.

Also, I love that dress.