Working Wednesday, February 26, 2020

I now have 56 crochet works in progress. I love starting things; finishing. not so much. So today, I’m going to finish something.

What are you up to?

33 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, February 26, 2020

  1. I’ve lost momentum for unpacking. So has my husband. So I’ve been working on getting the house put back together and somehow finding the enthusiasm to do so.

    Off, off topic, but… I’m a side sleeper. I have a hard time finding a mattress that is soft enough to let my shoulders do well at night, and yet firm enough to keep my lower back from getting twanged.

    Any mattress recommendations?

    1. We have a Tempurpedic and I love it. It feels so good to get back into after we’ve slept on a conventional mattress.

    2. Not so much a mattress recommendation, but I had similar issues, and all it took was putting a foam topper on the existing hard mattress. Lots of support, but some padding for my achey shoulders.

    3. Unless you live in Ohio or a nearby state, you won’t be able to come to Design Sleep, but this is the Web site, and it talks about mattress design.

      I’m also a side sleeper, and I have scoliosis and arthritis, so I was very happy to find these people. The only drawback–and it might be common to all latex innards, is that it retains heat. This is great right now, but less so in August!

    4. We bought Ikea Hydrasund mattresses, with and extra mattress pad on top, for our airbnb. We sleep on those ourselves, when we are there, as well, and find them supercomfortable, with support in all the right places. With no, or very little, partner disturbance as well.
      Only drawback is that they are ludicrously heavy, so I would suggest using the mattress pad as the mattress to tuck sheets etc in.

  2. This week, I’ve been pretty busy at work (tote that e-barge, lift that e-bale!) I did some sewing with a small group on Saturday, which was fun. I finished up what I could do, hung around a bit to help the others, and then went home and did the quilting on my mini sugar-glider quilt. It looks just darling – I’m almost sorry to see it go. Hopefully it will raise a reasonable amount of money for the SPCA.

    Speaking of sleeping, here’s a pic of Wendy, on her back, enjoying a sunbeam. It makes me smile when I see it.

  3. This week I finally finished the first nightgown for my mom. We also fixed the dresser I keep my fabric in, put the casters on, and hung a faux succulent planter/frame. I also finally figured out the best way to store my cutting mats and rulers.

    I’m trying to figure out what the best plan for a new sewing/craft table is. I have limited space so that’s a challenge.

    Last night I baked pumpkin muffins, biscuits, and some really awful cookies. Tonight I’m going to make better cookies.

  4. I’ve finished so many little projects this month, that I might make every February into #FebFinish from now on. I’ve got two lap quilts basted that I’d like to quilt and bind before the end of the month, and then I’ll have a big stack of little finished projects, so I can start some new ones!

  5. I am going to stop being a slug, as of tonight, and deal with the piles of paper, as well as the flotsam and jetsam that has accumulated. Also working on freelance stuff, and of course the day job.

  6. I’m starting on tax filing, which here in US is a nightmare tho a boon for corporations that make tax filing software: the business of America is business, arghhhh!

    But I’m also working on a sign to carry at Sunday’s Women’s March, which for some reason unknown to me is being held March 1st, a week before International Women’s Day. Huh.

    In any event, so to speak (g), I have friends who have given me supplies and encouragement, knowing that this sign-making thing is not my bailiwick. But if it looks as if an 8 year old made it, all the better! Sincerity rules, and love and laughter, with friends.

  7. Because I worked on Sunday, the dotter and I went out to dinner on Monday, early but with time constraints. The shopping therapy was reduced. Tuesday, I went to Fu Dlion (I have a terrible habit of messing with store names – I’m one of those people who shop at “Tar Zhay” instead of Target) and asked the dotter if she needed anything. What she wanted was those deli subs from Wally World. The grandkinder love them. What she got was deli ham, pepperoni, salami, provolone and baby swiss cheese, shredded lettuce and red tomatoes. Alas, while I was being clever, I completely forgot the eggs which were the chief item on my own list. I don’t know why I don’t write things down instead of relying on my totally unreliable memory.

    Now I must shop on the way to work in a few hours. I need onion and tomato for chili. Wait. I have an onion. I have canned tomatoes, diced and seasoned. I have baby bell peppers to chop. I have artisanal asiago cheese bread for dipping. I have chili powder and habanero powder for making death chili. Looks like all I need are those eggs. I wonder… what will I buy instead?

  8. I made two phone calls which I had been putting off, as well as a new one that got on my list, so I am feeling very proud. I am ignoring some items in my email, but perhaps tomorrow. Or Friday.

    Planning to make monster cookies on Saturday. Not any of the recipes I am seeing online – the one I have has butterscotch chips as well as chocolate chips and M&Ms.

  9. I’m still waiting on the editing job that was due last Friday. Worried about not earning, but trying to make good use of the time: I’ve planted two blueberries and thirty strawberries on the allotment, and sowed my first lot of (flower) seeds today ( I’m also getting on with my photo editing, and took a day to start getting back into my fiction project.

  10. I am in the midst of (1) writing and revising a book, (2) knitting a lace shawl, (3) knitting a stuffed bunny, (3) quilting a baby quilt kmy first quilt, (4) embroidering a fox, and (5) trying to convince myself that I don’t hate my day job. None of these have much possibility of being finished today, this week, or even in the next month. I will, however, be finishing the pan of shortbread brownies that I made earlier.

  11. I finished a crochet square in one day, not a big achievement I admit, but I stalled on learning how to crochet a bunny.

    So I have gone back to learning to crawl, before I can run, I have also decided not to let not having the right coloured wool stop me and use what I have available. So I may end up with a crocheted blanket which looks nothing like the picture. Which I prefer to having a blanket that is perfect and non-existent 🙂

  12. Today my plan was to work down my To-Do list (laundry, make doctor appts, clear and sort dining room table, aka The Paper Trap, do my taxes) and make some Lemon mini-scones. I keep looking at the wall clock and saying “Ok, at 11:30 I’ll start!” It is now 12:30, and I’m still reading. Hmmm, this may become an Official Lazy Day instead. Well, I led a very successful Seniors outing yesterday (27 seniors taken to a student-run restaurant for lunch, then a tour of the kitchen – plus I was able to purchase a quart of the butternut squash cream soup to take home!) And I’m volunteering at the Senior Center tomorrow. I’ll justify a Lazy Day for myself yet! Except now I want a Lemon scone.

  13. I’ve mostly done my paid work but I did finish the baby quilt that was (mumble mumble) on my January to complete list.

  14. I cleaned out most of my office/library. Still have drawers and filing cabinets to go through (and many more papers), but I purged a lot. And it feels good! Now that I have room, I need to find a cute table for my new (to me) vintage Royal typewriter. Any suggestions?

  15. I’ve been working on getting cat hair off of my black cashmere sweater. I was cat sitting for 2 cats who pretty much ignored me until the day I wore the black sweater. Suddenly I was irresistible to one of the furry darlings, who spent a good 15 minutes rubbing himself all over my torso. I really enjoyed the affection, but my sweater was an allergy attack waiting to happen.

    The embarrassing part is that I used to have a cat so I should have known better than to pack the black sweater in the first place.

  16. Putting the border on the afghan I’ve been knitting for Husband for the last eighteen months. It’s how I’m decompressing after a day of writing to a close deadline and I’ve gotta tell you, it’s looking darn good. Photo when I finish it.

  17. I’m sick and out from work for the week, so I am not doing much. I keep trying to finish this interminable tie that I keep pulling out and redoing over and over and over again. I need to finish it ASAP and yet I do not.

    I can’t believe you have 56 projects undone! I just have like…well, it’s under ten….

  18. It’s winter vacation from work so I’ve been writing – but today False Value – the newest Ben Aaronovitch Peter Grant book – is out. So I’ve been skiving off to listen to it.

    Such fun.

    Also listened to the first book by Miranda Hart – Is it Just Me? She is funny and I love her. She had another out – Peggy and Me. About her dog. I think I’ll listen to that when I’ve done with Peter Grant.

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