Working Wednesday, February 19, 2020

I worked until 6AM, took the recycling out once it was light, and then fell asleep. Forgot all about Working Wednesday, but hey, I worked.

What did you do this week?

24 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, February 19, 2020

  1. trying to type in the last few pages of my manuscript. I took the morning off work, but have to go in tonight until 11 for the other job. Glamour life, I know.

    I’m also trying to edit it to get it right as I type it in…which is why I’m here…erm…

  2. I’m taking most of the week off. I return to work on Friday and Saturday. If it counts as work, I’ll be taking my car for an oil and filter change. While Wally World is busy with that, I’ll see if their pharmacy has any vaccine on hand for my followup shingles shot, which is due.

    Looking around the man cave while begging the use of socket wrenches, the dotter informed me that I need to clean the place up. That’s what I might be doing later. Maybe.

  3. Baked some killer double chocolate brownie cookies last night, so tonight I need to
    clean the kitchen. Did some organizing of two rooms over the weekend. Working on work that pays to meet end of month deadlines. Started a poem, but am doing no other writing these days–not sure why.

  4. This week is the slow week after multiple report deadlines, but has been consumed with a zillion administrative details for an upcoming overseas work trip. I’m finally at the point where the only thing I need to do is show up at the airport on time for my flight next week. (Crossing my fingers that my upgrade goes through!)

    Lately I’ve been binge-watching my favorite series (just finished Psych and restarting Leverage) because I just can’t bear current events. Which reminds me–I need to early vote next week (Super Tuesday state).

  5. I’m halfway through my 10,000+ downloads. I’ve finished editing my photographs of other gardens; those of my garden and allotment are next, but I’ve already extracted, sequenced and renamed (so the sequence sticks) my scores of suntrack record shots.

    The edit I’d been promised dematerialized on Monday, so I’ve been chasing for another job. Was offered a 400-page proof-read of a poetry collection, but it looked completely unpoetic (no life or joy in the language) and enormously grim, so I turned it down. And today I was offered an edit which sounds much more fun – a bookseller’s memoir/history of the book trade. Due at the end of this week.

    Meanwhile, rather out of the blue, I’ve been inspired to have another go at my fiction project. The Urban Writers’ Retreat were selling their online ‘Write a novel in six months’ programme, and helpfully offered an introductory video and various materials for free, so I’m thinking of doing a DIY version. It’s rather mad, with all the garden stuff I need to do, etc., but I daresay there’ll always be a mountain of things I should be doing. I’m taking tomorrow to reread all my notes, and will decide after that.

  6. Posted my whale vase on working wednesday. I had to make it by hand since I can’t throw pottery for beans. The whale design is intaglio using dyed clay. Then I buffed the thing. It is a bisque finish. I have thought of putting a clear glaze on it so the colors would be more vivid but every time something of mine is fired it seems to be inviting further disasters.

    Two different visitors overnight since Saturday but everyone is gone now. It was a lot of fun. We went to the museum. We played Wingspan. We ate out. I have the house to myself. Bliss.

  7. I’ve gotten all my quilts ready to be turned in for the quilt show, with labels, numbers and hanging sleeves. I’ve also been dutifully crocheting at least a square a day for February.

    I took time on Saturday and Sunday to put together a mini quilt top. Once I finish it, it will be part of a silent auction at the show, raising money for the SPCA. We are to do an animal theme, so I chose the pattern “Summer the Sugar Glider”, which I bought to help fund animal relief after the fires in Australia. It was great fun to poke through my collected scraps to put it together. Even the background was left over from a previous project. I’m planning on finding a backing and quilting it over this coming weekend.

  8. Love the quilt.
    Over the weekend I did three tax returns and visited with friends and family. Board games were played.
    Sunday I did an ecocast audition for something. Spent Monday creating a blog post about Beverly Jenkins which I’m not sure many readers read, which is too bad. I love her work.
    Yesterday was my first day of filming on Macbeth. I know we are creating a beautiful black and white piece of art and so does everyone else on the cast and crew. My scene was with Frances McDormand. They get all my coverage yesterday so I am on hold today. I work again on it in March. Now, I think I’ll do a couple of submissions.

  9. Got my paperwork completed for my reappointment to our local Board of Elections; will be an interesting year, to put it mildly. Tabled for Planned Parenthood on Saturday. Registering voters tomorrow and Friday for the League of Women Voters. A bit of cleaning the house. It’s been fun.

  10. I’m back on the #dailyfeb2020 wagon, finishing up old projects. It suddenly struck me that there’s only about 10 days left in feb2020, and I really, really, want to put these old projects in the “done” pile.

    Other than that, this seems to be the week for dealing with little stuff. Days and days of little ten-minute-to-an-hour projects. Even two months out, the promo work for my late-April release is starting to pile up, and there’s never a “done” pile for that work. On the plus side, the marketing department at Kensington keeps sending me nifty little digital things, like some social media graphics they’re planning to use, and a banner for my facebook page (which I hardly ever use and even less often for book-related things, but I couldn’t resist uploading the banner).

  11. I just got back from Pantheacon and am trying to write up both my notes for my journal and the notes from the classes. It was an incredibly eventful, profound, fun, sometimes disturbing, warm, delightful weekend. I’m still sorting through the results.

    1. You got to go to Pantheacon! I’m so jealous. I went last year (my 3rd time in 10 or 11 years, maybe) and if I’d known this year was going to be the last, I would have gone this year too. Alas, by the time I found out, I was already committed to Paganicon in March.

  12. I did a bit of drawing on Monday and then spent the last couple of days sick. Recovered now but it put a dampener on creativity and achievement for the week. On the other hand, I was mostly well enough to read, so it wasn’t totally awful.

    Can’t believe February’s almost over.

  13. I am trying to make jointed bear. I have the third iteration more or less stuck together, and need to get to the laser cutter at Smith to cut the next round of parts. I don’t know why I am working on this bear, there are other things that seem more pressing, but I think I am letting something else percolate along underneath while I work out the kinks in the bear, and the process.

    1. Lee, your bear is incredible. I really like the parts of the head. Actually, I like the whole jointed critter. The pic where she is kind of sitting down is very bear.

    2. That is very cool, I get sidetracked by new crafts projects sometimes and I think the choice is either just give in and start work on it or waste time trying to concentrate on what you should be doing until you give up and start it.

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