17 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, February 15, 2020

  1. I can happily celebrate whales and hippos, but I loathe gummy sweets (candy). Give me a hard-boiled sweet anytime!

    Have a happy mid-February y’all.

    1. I was just thinking the whales and hippos could have my share. I hate hard candy, too, so you can have my lifetime share of boiled sweets. If it doesn’t involve chocolate I’m just not interested!

  2. I found a really interesting recipe online for homemade gumdrops. You have to use gelatin (which I realize isn’t something everyone can eat for various dietary reasons), but I’m kind of intrigued to try it out some day. Maybe during my next holiday madness baking session.

    1. Hooray for whales, hippos, and discount chocolate!

      Hippos are the official bird of Ankh-Morpork, or somthing like that. Discworld heraldry, and such.

      Chocolate is part of my heraldic sigils. Although the licensing authority has since departed the internet, I am and have been a card carrying chocoholic for many years. I have the card, the wall plaque, and the t-shirt.

  3. I love gumdrops, but honestly, right now, I’m too exhausted to even tear open a bag. So I’ll salute whales and hippos and skulk back into my writing cave so I can get this book done before the March 16 deadline… have a great Saturday everyone!

  4. Last night I invited several people over who I don’t know well, but who like the works of a painter my husband likes (Richard Diebenkorn). The painter also tied the guests to my husband because they were artists and had lived in the San Francisco Bay area (where my husband grew up).

    It was cool to listen to the bits of themselves that people share first, then the added stuff as they become comfortable. I’m fascinated by the number of lives each one of us leads, not so much simultaneously as consecutively.

  5. We joke that my husband owes me whales. He talked me into a cruise for our honeymoon with the promise that we would see whales, since there was a large marine preserve at one of the stops. But on the day we went the waters were too rough to go out far enough. So no whales. Many years later I still tease him that he owes me a trip to see whales. A friend is moving to Iceland soon, so I have some hope to see some there.

    1. One visit to my sister in Alaska, we were cruising in their 26 foot boat from Glacier Bay where my BIL worked to their home in Hoonah, AK. In Icy Straits we were caught in the middle of a large pod of humpbacks. They never came closer to the boat then about 50 feet. BIL whose family has lived in the area forever said that rarely do they turn boat over although if you are not running your engine, occasionally they give you a friendly nudge. It was really spectacular. It inspired me to create my whale vase which if I remember next week I will post on Working Wednesday, although technically it was work from about 20 years ago so it hardly counts.

  6. Celebrating Hippo Day: hippos are doing great in Colombia, where a few escaped the private zoo of Pablo Escobar when he was killed. Now the hippo population is up to 60-80, the only living wild population outside of Africa. They have no natural predators, poachers aren’t going after them, and the locals think they’re a tourist attraction, so they’re thriving.


  7. I’m with the yes whales and hippo, no to gumdrops people.

    I have always wanted to go on a whale watch. The closest I have come to seeing one was sitting on a beach in San Diego with my father a couple of years ago, and seeing one spout far off in the distance. It was still a thrill.

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