Working Wednesday, February 5, 2020

So on the 3rd I realized I’d boggled Lee’s DailyFebruary2020 by not drawing a damn thing. I had, however crocheted every day because that’s what keeps my fingernails out of the ceiling. So harking to her low-bar-benefits-everybody approach, I’m counting my crochet. It includes the hearts I made as a start for my temperature blanket and a scarf I started because this stray ball of yarn I had was annoying me (I’m on Day Two of that one). Anyway I crochet every day anyway, so I’m not sure that should count. I feel like I should be blazing new trails for Lee’s February. OTOH, low bar and a lot of horrible things–taxes, business–that I have to do, so crochet may be my only hope.

So what did you all make this week?