Happiness is Old Friends Like Surprise Lilies

Do you have surprise lilies?n I had them in one house I lived in a long time ago. Mine were slender pale pink-violet lilies that shot up overnight, big things, in the middle of nothing, surprising the hell out of me even time, and after the first year, pretty much saying, “Hey, you, I was here the whole time.” They’re also known as Resurrection Lilies or Lycoris squamigera. I’ve been having a Lycoris period here, or maybe a resurrection New Year, with old friends who were not lost because we always knew we’d talk again suddenly popping up with news happy and sad but mostly just needing to connect, and I needed that, too. I love these people even if we go months without speaking and years without seeing each other. Some people are just surprise lilies, buried deep in your life and reappearing like a blast of joy out of nowhere. So good.

What made you happy this week?