Trust Me On This on sale for $1.99

I forgot to put this up on the 10th. As a business person, I fail.

Seems like we’ve done this before but what they hey: Bantam is putting Trust Me on This up for $1.99. It’s about a smart-mouthed, determined woman, a confused but competent man, and a dog. Seems like I’ve written that before, too.

Fun fact: This one didn’t have a dog until the art department put one on the cover, so I had to add one. Truth in advertising, people.

Oh well, Trust Me on This, two bucks.

32 thoughts on “Trust Me On This on sale for $1.99

  1. Yes, in November 2017, according to Amazon’s “why are you looking at this page, you have this book already” message. I have it on the shelf too, that’s why I can’t remember.

    What’s Sizzle, and why haven’t I read it?

    1. I didn’t get that message, so I bought it again. It might have been part of a four-pack of Crusies – I’ll have to check.

      Sizzle is a novelette about a business woman in the perfume industry who needs more discipline with her budget, and the corporate wonk placed over her next project. The title is based on not selling the steak, but selling the sizzle.

      I’ve heard for years that Jenny considers this her least favorite story, but what does she know? She’s just the author. I liked it muchly.

        1. Ha, I remember I asked you to sign a book at the Princeton conference and you were about to gloat to Eloisa James until you realized it was Sizzle. “Mary! Mary!…Never mind.”

    2. Sizzle is an awful, awful book and you should not read it. Says the author. It’s my version of the early porn flick that follows a serious actress around.

      Here’s the background (not that you asked):
      In 1990 I was working on my dissertation on the differences in the way men and women write, and I read a lot of romances and decided to write one. Because I was an elitist idiot, I thought there was a formula. So I wrote 20,000 words about these twenty-something upwardly mobile dweebs and then stopped because I wouldn’t have had lunch with either one of them and started a book about a thirty-something upwardly mobile woman who was concerned about her breasts drooping. It was 160,000 words and was mostly funny although it did have a divorce and an attempeted date rape in it. I sent the thirty-something romance everywhere (I think two places) and then I read about this novella contest so I slapped another 5,000 words on the awful twenty-somethings and sent it off, sure they’d reject that and publish my terrific novel. And of course they published the novella, Sizzle, and rejected my novel which, after much rewriting, became Manhunting (hate that title). The kicker is that the rules of the contest means that they own the copyright so I can’t bury the damn thing and it turns up every now and then in anthologies and people write “Jennifer Crusie is really losing it, this is awful.”

      TLDR: Don’t read Sizzle.

      TLDR 2: Don’t sell your copyright.

      1. That certainly explains why you don’t like Sizzle, but Jenny, I have “watched” your “porn movie” any number of times. I liked the plot – how many porn movies have plots? I liked the characters – how many porn movies actually have likable characters? I liked the banter and dialogue – porn movies… banter? dialogue?

        You wrote a nice little story. You used it to flout the law of unintended consequences, you got caught and convicted and you’re still on parole, it seems. Or maybe the jury is still out. My command of simile and metaphor needs work.

        TLDR I recommend it, whatever your opinion.

        1. Oh good, I’m glad I didn’t buy it then. I had some vague memory of something like that.

          I have only once read a book the author wanted to suppress — Octavia Butler’s “Survivor” — and I’d read it before I knew, but I knew before I wrote about it, so that was weird.

        2. If I’d had any guts, the romance would have been between the heroine and her best friend, Jane. THEY had chemistry.

  2. Yep, purchased November 14, 2017. I wish they’d put Welcome to Temptation on sale. I owned it in hardcover & paperback and for a long, long time — maybe eighteen months? — it was the only paperback in my van. But I gave it away and $9.99 for the Kindle replacement just feels unreasonable.

    1. Ten bucks? For a book that’s twenty years old? Yes, that’s unreasonable.
      Don’t blame Bantam, that’s SMP.

  3. Another person who purchased the kindle version November 15, 2017 and has the paperback version in their bookcase. The title Manhunting never made sense to me for that story.

    1. The title Manhunting makes sense to me. I have known the heroine’s character type in kids/young women I have met over the years. I loved the scene where the guy backed over the cliff.

  4. I have 2 versions of this book already 🙂 the original and the one with the dog on the cover. Though the story I remember doesn’t have a dog

    1. The version without the dog on the cover doesn’t have a dog.
      The version with the dog on the cover does have a dog.
      Publishing is weird.

  5. Our house burned down with all of our books 4 years ago. Built new and have been replacing books. My husband knows the authors I like and searches the internet for deals. I think Sizzle is the only book of yours I’m missing. We are well on the way back to the 10,000 books the insurance estimated. A friend bought Agnes and the Hitman for me 2 weeks after the fire. Your books have been a priority for me. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for this, although I’m so sorry about the fire. That must have been devastating.
      Don’t look for Sizzle. It’s awful.

  6. This thread made me go through my Kindle Manage Your Content and Devices page to see just what Crusies I own… for Kindle. Here’s the list:
    Bet Me
    Maybe This Time
    Sizzle (Great Escapes)
    Be Mine: An Anthology Containes:
    – SIZZLE by Jennifer Crusie (A story so nice I bought it twice!)
    – TOO FAST TO FALL by Victoria Dahl
    – ALONE WITH YOU by Shannon Stacey
    Hot Toy
    Dogs and Goddesses
    Wild Ride
    Crazy People: The Crazy for You Stories
    Jennifer Crusie Bundle: An Anthology containing:
    – Getting Rid of Bradley
    – Strange Bedpersons
    – What the Lady Wants
    – Charlie All Night.
    Fast Women
    Agnes and the Hitman
    The Cinderella Deal
    Trust Me on This
    But that isn’t all of my Crusie Library! In fact, there are conspicuous absentees. It just means the other books came from other vendors, like Barnes & Noble or Literotica.

    That will never do. I have just added Crazy For You, Tell Me Lies, Faking It, Welcome to Temptation, Don’t Look Down, and The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes. Now they’ll all be on my Kindle(s).


  7. I always remembered “Trust Me on This” as the one without a dog, where Jenny explained that it’s set in a hotel and a dog wouldn’t make sense. In these days of emotional support animals, however, I think you can now set a novel anywhere and plausibly get a dog into it. I visited Edinburgh Castle a few years ago and someone had her ESA dog with her.

    I gradually collected two copies of all the published Crusies when I first started reading them in ~1999. One to keep, one to loan out. I think I bought only one copy of “Sizzle” because while it has some funny moments, I didn’t think it was going to convert any nonbelievers to reading Crusie, or romance generally, and I’m a very practical missionary.

    Laura Kinsale is the only other writer whose books I collected in multiple copies in the era before ebooks, and I still have to stop myself from buying another copy of hers anytime I see them in a secondhand shop.

  8. I’d never read this one and I’ve enjoyed it so much. I love that Dennie was able to spot the false behaviors from the start.

  9. I’ve got two of everything too (three if you count Kindle). Generally I only loan the paperbacks, but once I lent my hardcover of Welcome to Temptation. The loanee spilled something on to it, and came to me offering money to replace it. You couldn’t get a hardcover of that book anywhere at the time, so I’ve only got the paperback which I will guard with my life.

    1. I have found 3 Crusie hardcovers at Goodwill in the last year. My local Goodwill peeps think I’m crazy for all the squeeing… But who is the real winner? I hope you stumble across my good fortune Sue!

    1. If I had a hard copy of that one, I would send it to you. I don’t think I even have file copies any more. Too many moves.

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