Trust Me On This on sale for $1.99

I forgot to put this up on the 10th. As a business person, I fail.

Seems like we’ve done this before but what they hey: Bantam is putting Trust Me on This up for $1.99. It’s about a smart-mouthed, determined woman, a confused but competent man, and a dog. Seems like I’ve written that before, too.

Fun fact: This one didn’t have a dog until the art department put one on the cover, so I had to add one. Truth in advertising, people.

Oh well, Trust Me on This, two bucks.

Happiness is Fabulous Yarn*

*Or your guilty pleasure of choice.

Some of you may have noticed that there were a lot of sales last week. Usually, this does not tempt me. I have two of everything ever made by now, so banners that read “ELECTRONICS SALE” leave me cold. (“Chocolate Sale” banners could still get me, but you never see those.). But Knitpicks had a massive yarn sale that went on and on with new coupons and different deals, and Zulily had Zen Garden yarn at more than half off and that Lion Brand Jeans cotton at a great price, and then I got some Edition 3 at WEBS for 25% off and, Reader, I am broke. But my god, the yarn. I used to be that way about books, and before that about clothes, and before that . . . I don’t remember before that. But yarn has been my weakness ever since I was an undergrad art student with a weaving major. And now I am buried in it.

Tis the season to buy things to make people happy. How did you buy or make or give happiness for you or somebody else this week? Or you know, how were just happy?