Working Wednesday, December 11, 2019

My Christmas shopping is done (I know, I can’t believe it either), my cards are in the mail, my presents are ready to be wrapped, and I spruced up a gnome. I am not generally a gnome person, but I had to go looking for a gnome game and I came across these little fabric gnomes (14″ high) on Amazon for not-too-much ($15) and one of them had a green hat and I thought, “I could make that my Christmas tree this year” because I am not in a Christmas mood, so I bought him and he was darling, and then I saw the gnome-couple-with attitude and got those because they were so happy-making, and when they came, they looked like Pratchett’s elves in that only they could tell that girl gnome was a girl gnome, she looked like she had a handlebar mustache, so I cut the two swathes of hair into three pieces and braided it that still didn’t look right, so I added red yarn, and then gave her some eyelashes and made her an apron, and now I’m trying to figure out how to give her a basket of something like apples or bread because she’s too big for dollhouse food, but she needs to be carrying something nourishing.

Yes, that’s a run-on. That’s exactly how it happened, one thing after another, and the end I was left staring at Glam Gnome wondering when I’d lost my grip on the whole thing. (I’ll post a picture later when there’s light.)

Then I ordered four more gnomes (it was a set). I am NOT a gnome person, but now the little buggers are everywhere. I’m going to put one out on the front door wreathe. They’re Scandanavian. Cold holds no fear for them.

So what did you work on this week?