Working Wednesday, December 4, 2019

I am clearing out my stash this week. Finding many wonderful things but also the occasional yarn barf of a skein that unwound itself while I wasn’t looking. Most of the time I just patiently untangle it while I watch TV, but sometimes there’s just no way. If it’s lace weight, for example. But I’m getting it sorted into weights so I know where everything is, and I’ve got a big bag of yarn to hand off to Krissie next time she comes, and I have many many projects planned, so I’m working. Also there’s that book I have to finish that I have been obsessing over. Finally decided that I needed a white board on my one big plain living room wall more than I need a TV so I can see the damn thing (book not wall) all at once. My plan for December: FINISH STUFF.

What are you up to?