Your Argh Holiday Tradition

Thanksgiving is over, so here’s your Argh tradition. At this point, it really has nothing to do with Christmas, it’s just what we listen to over turkey sandwiches. Also, the Drifters just make me happy.

27 thoughts on “Your Argh Holiday Tradition

    1. I know. This is the only Christmas tradition I embrace. I’m not sure I’m going to put up a tree this year, but the Drifters go up the day after Thanksgiving, you betcha.

  1. Oh. Oh. Oh. So good.

    Thanksgiving is over, the food is eaten, the company is gone, the house is clean and I have caught up with everything. Bliss.

    Time to start writing Christmas cards.

  2. I’ve been stateside on business, so I actually get to listen to it this year!! Yay!!!

    Usually all I get is that licensing restrictions prohibit playing the clip in my region… 🥴

      1. Actually, I am back in Germany and decided, just for the heck of it, to see if there have been changes. And there have been — I am now able to see it from here too! Yippee!!

  3. I have a tradition of spending the day after Thanksgiving at the Dickens Fair — best way to begin the Christmas season!

  4. I may not celebrate Christmas, but I am always more than happy to celebrate the Drifters. Thanks for this wonderful tradition.

    1. Gadzooks Jane! You definitely need some Merry. I have a question for you though. Do you get to choose want you want to edit or do you have to take what is available? Maybe two questions. Do you earn an even higher rate for grim subjects? Sign me curious/nosey. OK, three questions. Did I go to far in asking? My curiosity sometimes gets in the way of my on/off switch.

      1. Ask away! Alas, no danger/depression money. I get paid more for editing than proof-reading, but since Penguin use two proof-readers on most titles, I do more proof-reading than I’d like. I can always refuse a job offer, of course, but can’t always afford to do so, especially (as now) when there’s a dearth of work.

        If possible, I do turn down the grim stuff, because I know how much it affects me. This would include all military history, like this book – although, thank goodness, the text is really dry and uninvolving, and the author hasn’t mentioned many atrocities.

        1. PS. I’ve ended up doing heavyweight academic books for Penguin, which are not my cup of tea. My guess is they haven’t as many freelancers who can handle them, so however hard I struggle to switch to lighter stuff, I keep getting sucked back down.

  5. My outdoor lights are up. Tree & indoor decorations are going up tomorrow. And due to exchanging gifts at Thanksgiving with the godchildren, all Christmas presents have been bought & wrapped. I’m ahead of schedule for the first time! Just letters/cards & a quilt to get done between Dec 2 & Dec 24.

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