26 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, November 27, 2019

  1. Myself better, hopefully. I was struck down by a stomach bug early Monday morning, so everything else is on hold. Managed to get out of bed and start eating a little today, and also felt up to watching TV, so I’m binging ‘Life on Mars’, which I discovered BBC iPlayer now has as a box set.

  2. I’m making plans to do something dastardly to the plumber who said yesterday I’d get a call back by the end of the day to confirm that a part needed for my tenant’s furnace to run would be available today for installation, only to have them not call and then when I did call today, when it’s too late to contact another plumber, they said, “oh, it won’t be here until at least Monday, so your tenant will be without heat for a week, even as temps are about to nosedive, and we don’t care, so have a nice day.” I’ve done business with them for thirty years. That ends now.

    So, so angry. If they’d told me yesterday, I might have been able to get the part overnighted. They didn’t even tell me they were closed on Friday until I called today.

    Beyond that, I also did more unnecessary stuff to cope with being overwhelmed with necessary stuff deadlines. Saw a cute little zippered pouch on IG (and now I can’t find the source to give it credit), so made three gift card holders. Mine are about 6″ square, for filling with gift card and peanut butter cups. Pix are at IG: https://www.instagram.com/ginjonesmysteries/

  3. I’ve been crocheting another afghan, intended for a Christmas gift. When I realized how small it was going to be, I frogged it all back (three skeins worth), ordered more yarn, and started again with a much longer initial chain. Lucky for me, it is a bulky yarn, so it works up pretty quickly. It will be warm and snuggly when it is finished.

  4. I’m making a new author photo for my new website (being made by someone else) and my new business cards for the relaunch of my writing career in 2020 now that my rights have reverted. I’m also making my previously published books myself and can I tell you Vellum is amazing software! Self-publishing is slow learning, but I LOVE having all this control!! Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!

  5. I’m making plans. I don’t know what plans – it’s too soon to say.

    There’s Busch Gardens (Williamsburg) Christmas Village, probably 11 December. Millions and millions of lights on thousand and thousands of trees. Already arranged for Christmas off, no firm plans.

    I took my 9″ Christmas tree to work (early), and plugged it in. USB. Cute. Then I surrounded it with candy and sent an email to all my cow-orkers, saying “Help yourself, but share.”

  6. I was making a plumbing mess, but thankfully it is better now. (Mice or something chewed through a gasket hidden under a box between the toilet and the wall to the kitchen. Water everywhere.)

    I’m planning tomorrow’s smallish Thanksgiving dinner for myself and a house guest (Cornish hens instead of turkey) and bracing myself to work at my shop on Friday and Saturday. Hoping we’re busy, and that everyone wants locally handcrafted goodies and not sale TVs from the mall.

    I’ve also been creating magical spell boxes that I sell at my (mostly ignored) Etsy shop, but now I really need to make some jewelry too.

  7. Working on a knitted throw blanket (again). It’s an ongoing winter project, that I think I may finish this winter.

    Also taking some drawing classes online.

  8. I just finished a ski mask for someone. Now on to working on a shawl for the knitting group gift swap.

  9. I belong to a Macmillan (UK Cancer Charity) craft group and for my sins am one of three organisers. On Saturday we are holding a Christmas Fair to raise funds to enable us to continue crafting. This week has been manic getting things ready and we still have two days to go. The members of the group have made some beautiful things to sell. I am good at organising but not a crafting but I try.

  10. I made some sugared pecans and sugared cranberries to take to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. That’s about it.
    I’ll get into the holiday decorating and cards on Friday.
    Oh, and I did refresh my “Happy Birthday Bill of Rights 228 Years Young” sign which I’ve put out since 2016. We share a birthday.

    1. I was born on Constitution Day, but the birthday I share that means the most is with Wile E. Coyote. We’re both Virgos with Scorpio rising which I think says it all.

  11. Tomorrow is a small Thanksgiving and my brother has just informed me that the thermostat has detached itself from the heat register so the house is Chilly. Our handyman had told him a couple of easy things to try to fix it, but nope, and of course the handyman isn’t free to drop by until at least Friday. I am now wishing that we had twenty people coming instead of two or three, just to get enough warm bodies in the space!

    Anyhow, Friday is my day to start the Christmas season with my annual visit to the Dickens Fair.

  12. I figured out a gift for a friend who is taking me to an opera called Queen of Spades. I bought a narcissus which has already sprouted 3″ high leaves. In it, I placed a small crown (off a keychain) and a miniature wheelbarrow with a spade in it. My husband thinks she won’t make the association with the opera, but I bet she’ll get it immediately.

    1. My favorite production of the Queen of Spades was one I saw 20 years ago (it was a present from my husband) with Placido Domingo and Dmitri Hvorostovsky. Both were in great singing form and Dmitri was looking particularly hot. Dmitri is one of those guys who turned completely white at about age 34. On him it looks good.

      A good few years ago one of my friends saw Dmitri singing Eugene Onegin opposite Renee Fleming. When I asked her what she thought of the production, she said it was amazing. And I said “The singing was that good?” She answered “Who said anything about the singing. Dmitri took off his shirt. It made my day.” He was absolutely one of my favorite singers. I only got to see him live three times but he was wonderful each time.

      Thank you for reminding me of a high point in my life.

    1. Hey, you made a trip! Don’t try to fool us. (and lovely, becoming sweater, looks quite intricate and fitted to me)

  13. I knitted a scarf! It’s my very first one and it’s lumpy and not quite straight, but I did it. Now I’m on my second, Audi learned how to purl.

  14. I reduced the chaos in the garden, by which I mean I unburied the patio pavers from a layer of tall weeds. It looks so much better. I look at it and feel a deep sense of satisfaction.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all. It’s not a thing we celebrate here in NZ, of course, but it’s a good reminder to be grateful for many things.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate, and Happy Day to those who don’t. I cooked yesterday and today schlep everything to my son’s home, he’s making the turkey on the smoker. It’s pouring down rain. Not complaining though, as Southern California needs it. It’s a small house and we’ll have three dogs. Might be a mess, but it will be a happy one.

  16. This week I made a mess. I was supposed to bake a cherry pie to bring to Thanksgiving dinner and I overfilled it. Everyplace that the filling leaked out of the lattice crust burned (because of the sugar) and the whole thing is somewhat over baked. The filling will be fine and the top crust is okay, but the edges are NOT appetizing……..Maybe we can serve it in bowls with ice cream.

    Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it and a warm time with those you love to all.

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