41 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, November 13, 2019

  1. I’ve – as usual – got far less done than I wanted to. Made a start on putting an approach to new clients together, but just don’t have the mental energy for it on the days I’m proof-reading. Also, once again, tried doing more than four hours of that a day and burned out.

    It’s also got too cold and wet and dark most days for gardening, although I have done some clearing and hope to do more this afternoon.

    I’m once again struggling to do much more than the day job. And not enjoying being buried in military history for that. And fed up with myself for not being more productive/creative/higher earning. Oh well: winter blues. And it’s brighter today.

    1. After a couple decades of earning a living as a freelancer, I can assure you that four billable hours a day is respectable–and five hours a day courts insanity.

      I hope you can pick up your camera, even for half an hour. Hang in there!

      1. Thanks, MJ. I know this: I just can’t entirely rid myself of the belief I should be able to do more. Just been for a walk, and am thinking I’ll have another go at starting my day with a creative hour (design, writing, photography). Would feel good to put my real work first.

  2. Last week (week 1 of my post-surgery recovery) I spent mornings dozing and afternoons crocheting, occasionally answering text questions from the office. I finished a baby blanket and made good progress on two different afghans.

    This week, I’m starting back to work, working from home. It’s nice to be able to connect without having to negotiate the stairs in and out of my house, but I’m very easily distracted when I’m at home – cats, TV, projects. I’m trying to have good boundaries and still focus on healing. And, I should be able to finish up one or both of those afghans this week. I’ll post pictures when they’re done.

    Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to next Monday and the first post-op doctor visit. I’m hoping he says I’m ahead of schedule on the healing.

  3. I’m in the second week of the new job. As is often the case in IT, the project is behind, occasionally someone’s hair breaks in to flames, and no one really has time to explain things to me. But, I’ve got some documents to absorb, and I’m getting paid. So nice.
    Being back on a 40-hour schedule is weird, and having 2 hours of commute, at least until I feel it’s OK to work from home, is weird, also.
    Editing a friend’s book on hospice care and music in the evening, also have taken over as the interim choir director at my church until we find a replacement. The women can read music, the men cannot, and most of them are hearing impaired. I spend a fair amount of rehearsal using my outside voice so the men can hear me. It’s fun. If I could play a keyboard worth a hoot a would it would be useful. My grandmother was right, darn it!

  4. Now that winter is closing in on us I’m regretting not getting an automatic car starter. It would be so nice to jump into a warm and cozy car. But errands need to be done and that’s my plan for the day. Oh, and bring my winter coat down from the attic.

  5. Me too. Did clean off the table in the laundry room. Found several patterns I remembered buying but didn’t put away. I will do better this coming week. Invoices out, money in.

    1. This is very inspiring, as I am going off to my political party headquarter tonight to knit (in my case crochet) hats and scarves for the homeless with as-yet-unknown yarn. Why are we doing this instead of writing Get Out The Vote postcards? I’m not sure, but they finally had an event when my work schedule didn’t interfere, so I’m going.

  6. I am just working on catching up on journal writing, which is about almost done. Other than that, slacking this week.

  7. I’m waiting for my husband to wake up from a nap in the recovery room. I’m happy to wait: he just had shoulder surgery and we are both worried about the pain and discomfort he will be in for the next 8 weeks or so. But I have the stereo and VCR working. I’ve checked out finger food recipes. I don’t want to shave him, but he is the most strongly right-handed person I have ever met. Excitement ahead.

    1. Wax. Nair. The Christmas of the Norelco Electric Shaver. Buy a styptic pencil. See if there’s a barber college nearby that would be willing to shave your husband for the practice. (I got haircuts twice a week by volunteering my head, summer of ’75)

    2. I have a long list of things that make recovery from shoulder surgery easier including sleeping in a recliner preferably electric motor —you can rent them from a medical supply store— and those ice machines that wrap around the shoulder and turn themselves on and off so you can sleep without pain and not get frostbite. Also pull on pants and slip on shoes. And those floss pics you can use with one hand.

      1. Deborah and Gary — Thank you for the laughs! He claims that he’ll be shaving in a day or two, “They’re called SAFETY razors for a reason.” I think they’re only safe until he has removed them from the packaging.

        Debbie — He has seating, cold packs, and pull-on pants covered. Oddly, I’ve had difficulty finding big, buttoned shirts to go over him and the sling apparatus. Finally picked up a couple on clearance at Target. How do hard working guys afford clothes? I was shocked at the prices at Walmart, Target, and JC Penney.

        1. Thank you for your comment, Debbie. If there’s a way to share email addresses here, I’d love to see your full list of aids while recovering from shoulder surgery.

  8. Lots of perseverating over closing on the new house on Monday…seems sorta surreal at this point after looking for such a long time. Needless to say, work-wise, writing-wise, I’m pretty much useless. Hope that improves after we close and get moved because I’ve got a deadline I need to meet… ack!

  9. Pretty much accomplished everything I needed to accomplish. Two more meetings, one today and one tomorrow, and I can stay home for a bit.

    Did some ‘due diligence’ for Monday’s zoning board meeting and met up with a friend. We haven’t gotten together for quite a while; she recently lost her husband. She’s the third woman I know who was recently widowed. All husband’s were in their early 60’s so can just help them do one day at a time.

    Also blew off raking leaves on Monday, a very, very nice day. I can’t do it now because just enough frozen snow on the ground. Also very cold.

    There was a picture posted on FB today titled ‘Snow Predicted’. It’s a still life of a jug of milk, a loaf of bread, and a roll of toilet paper. Made me and a lot of other people smile.

  10. Two big projects, one running late and one just launching, are going to collide in December. I’m pulling out all my time management stops to stay sane, healthy and productive.

  11. I took today off so I could go to my annual physical exam and also take my cat in for his follow up visit after dental surgery. The Dr’s office called and cancelled my app. (The nurse practitioner left for a new position; my appt is re-scheduled in Jan) so I ran a few errands and took my cat in for his appt (everything is fine).

    The only “productive” thing I did today was buy a WalMart gift card for a neighbor who has 3 small children and had many losses in the recent flood. I don’t care for WalMart as a general rule but made an exception as her cousin said it would be the best value for her.

  12. Finished painting the exterior sash of the rebuilt window for my mini-studio. Next is to have the guy install it and put the new molding around it which I will then refinish and it is good to go. AT LAST (almost).

    Then I worked outside. I still need to plant the spring bulbs I bought and there is no guarantee that the temperatures will stay above 50 so I had better get my rear in gear and do it this week, even if it rains.

  13. I’ve attended a lot of meetings at work and processed a lot of email.

    Also got some quilting done on Sunday. On Saturday, I made beeswax wraps and baked a loaf of bread. The wraps are cotton fabrics from my stash and the wax was from a friend’s bees. I’m using them instead of cling wrap. They work better than I expected. I’m using one around a cut avocado & it’s staying fairly green. https://www.instagram.com/p/B4qKo7yAjrU/?igshid=1dlc64jwlhihm

  14. I mowed the lawn. I think that was the only work I’ve done outside the day job this week. Oh, and cooked some healthy meals. That counts. But overall, the day job’s been draining and I’ve done very little but it. Hopefully next week will be better!

  15. Jenny, is there anything we can do to make it easier to finish Nita? If you’re looking for a sounding board on any more of it, I’m happy to oblige … and I expect there’s a crowd here who’re mad keen to join me on that.

    1. Actually, Nita isn’t the problem, my life is just in an interesting phase and while I have to finish Nita, I have to deal with this other stuff, too. Not medical, nothing serious, just Stuff. I’ll figure it out. Nothing but good times ahead.

      But thank you!

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