Happiness is Three Scarves

I finished three scarves this month so far, two for presents and one for me (experimental) and I like all of them (pictures on Working Wednesday), but mostly what I like is that I FINISHED them. There’s something about completing something (like, say, a novel, ARGH) that is just so satisfying. So today I’m going to complete a stir fry and some pumpkin puff pastry things and this lemon chicken meal kit and build a fire and those will all be complete things so that I can pat myself on the back and think,”Well, THAT’s done, good job, Jenny.”

How did you do a good job at happiness this week?

Cherry Saturday, November 15, 2019

Today is Have a Party with Your Bear Day, which I would have every Thursday if I didn’t put the garbage out at the crack of dawn instead of the night before. Otherwise, I am tragically bear free.

I’m pretty sure Mollie still has her authentic original-design Pooh (not the toxic gold Disney version) from England my mother bought her when she was born–I know she took it to college with her even though it had lost an eye by then–but I have no memory of having a teddy bear myself, which I think explains all of my mental issues and why I keep buying stuffed animals now–dragons, bunnies, Eeyores–and why my fave is still the stuffed armadillo that Lisa Kelypas gave me. Bear Yearning. Except on garbage mornings. Then they can take a hike.

Do you still have your childhood bear/whatever? She asked wistfully.

Argh Author: Brenda Margriet’s Crossroads Corner

CROSSROADS CORNER, Brenda Maigriet’s latest story in the Bendixon Sisters Series, is now available! It will be only 99 cents for a limited time.

After an embezzling boyfriend puts her under police suspicion—and deeply in debt—Camryn Bendixon joins her grandfather’s failing construction company. Her goal is simple—work constantly to rebuild her career and her self-esteem. And if she must drag Bendixon and Sons back to profitability by her well-manicured fingernails, that’s what she’ll do. Continue reading

How Do You Read Reviews?

Every day I get an e-mail from BookBub, and every day I read through the blurbs and reject most of them (no, I do not want to read about a billionaire although if one would be interested in paying for a bedroom ceiling for an elderly woman with a great personality, he should call me), but there are always one or two I go to Amazon to learn more about. I read the blurbs, I check to see what PW and the NYT and Booklist have said about them, and then . . .

I read the one-star reviews.

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Happiness is a Warm Dachshund

It’s cold where I am. Not freezing, if this was last February, I’d be rhapsodizing about how warm it is. But I’m used to my balmy summer (which was lovely) so now that it’s down in the fifties and sometimes forties (gasp), it’s cold. Thank god I have dachshunds and a poodle who thinks she’s one: Dachshund burrow. Trained to go down badger holes (they’re really badger hounds), they will burrow into damn near anything, but mostly into blankets. Which means I have little hot water bottles curled up on each side of me while I type. Of course if they hear a sound they object to, their frantic lust to get out and chase it makes it look like the bed is boiling while I yell, “Give me a minute to get the blanket off, you dumbass,” but still . . . toasty.

How did happiness keep you warm this week?

This is a Good Book Thursday, November 7, 2019

After the fave author discussion, I went looking for Elswyth Thane, only to find out that her Kindle availability (and iTunes) is limited to the first two books in the Williamsburg series. You can Tryst as a second hand paperback, but only if you’re willing to shell out $22, which seems excessive for mass market paper that’s probably going to crumble in your hands. I remember devouring the Williamsburg series as it took that family from the Revolutionary War past WWII, and some of the scenes I read have stayed with me for decades, but I’m afraid to go back to the series since I remember those romances as being so great. And if they are that great and I can’t get the rest of them? Too awful.

Also I have to work after losing las week to reading the Gil Cunningham and Cadfael books in a burst of medieval murder glomming.

So what did you read this week?