Argh Author: Melissa Yi’s Graveyard Shift

Melissa Yi has a new book out, Graveyard Shift, the latest in her Hope Sze series. Dawn Kiddell, Chief Librarian, Cornwall Public Library, says it’s “An engrossing read with laugh out loud moments balanced with poignant social commentary,” which sounds right down Argh’s alley. You can download the first three chapters here, go learn more about Melissa’s other Hope books at the publisher’s site here, or just go ahead and buy it here.. What’s it about? Well . . .

Work all night. Sleep with one eye open. Murder is coming.

Drugs. Alcohol. Violence. Chaos.
All in a night’s work for Dr. Hope Sze, aspiring Montreal emergency physician—until someone tries to strangle her with her own stethoscope. Then Hope’s lover disappears. A second woman barely escapes throttling before her beloved vanishes too. Hope slogs through the pneumonia and hemorrhoid patients cramming the ER while a psychopath stalks the empty, post-midnight hallways of St. Joseph’s Hospital.Waiting. Waiting patiently.
Until everything explodes.

14 thoughts on “Argh Author: Melissa Yi’s Graveyard Shift

  1. Yay! Congrats, Melissa. Always fun to have a new book out:)

    Curious, is your St. Joseph hospital based on any place in particular?

    Think there was one with that name a while back just outside the city, possibly renamed, but since I so associated the name with the Oratory, just wondering where you pulled it from:)

    1. Hi Katy,
      Yes, it’s based on the hospital where I trained in Montreal, near the Oratory. Good call. 🙂

      However, since no one likes being associated with murder, I renamed it. There are a lot of St. Joseph’s Hospitals, maybe because he’s the saint associated with grace at death?

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