Argh Author: Brenda Margriet’s Crossroads Corner

CROSSROADS CORNER, Brenda Maigriet’s latest story in the Bendixon Sisters Series, is now available! It will be only 99 cents for a limited time.

After an embezzling boyfriend puts her under police suspicion—and deeply in debt—Camryn Bendixon joins her grandfather’s failing construction company. Her goal is simple—work constantly to rebuild her career and her self-esteem. And if she must drag Bendixon and Sons back to profitability by her well-manicured fingernails, that’s what she’ll do.

Will Danson knows life is fragile—a fact brought home when Laura, his only child, lost her sight. Determined to provide for her, he does his best to balance managing the Prince George division of the Kohlenburg Group with his young daughter’s needs. But it can be a lonely road for a single dad.

Soon Camryn and Will are competing for construction bids and career-making contracts. But it is Camryn’s battered heart that Will truly wants to win.

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20 thoughts on “Argh Author: Brenda Margriet’s Crossroads Corner

    1. Colognegrrl, I just had the first in this series reviewed by a woman in Hamburg. She’s on Instagram as bozena_frejlich_reviews. You might want to check her out to help get the word out for you!

    2. Send me the stuff, I’ll put it up. Even if it’s in German.
      I just won’t be responsible for the typos or idiot autocorrect mistakes.

  1. Bought your book, Brenda. I’ve never read a story set in my home town. Living on the wet west coast for years, I do miss the fall colours of our northern province.

    1. You’re a ex PG’er, Carol? Cool! I hope you enjoy “visiting” again! 🙂

      I have 5 books set in Prince George, one that starts and ends in PG but is mostly spent in the Azores, and one set in Vancouver. I figured I like to read about new places – and Northern BC could be a new place for lots of people. 🙂

  2. Just bought the series; thanks for introducing me to a new-to-me author who’s books look nice to read!

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