Cherry Saturday, October 19, 2019

Today, I have decided, is Choose Your Own Holiday. Today’s possibilities are:

Evaluate Your Life Day
I Love Yarn Day
Bridge Day
Sweetest Day
Repair Day

But since this is Argh, I think we can make up our own days from now on. And my day today is inspired by Mark Bradford. There’s a great article about Bradford–massively successful artist and philanthropist–in the Washington Post, but what really got me was the last paragraph of his interview:

“Some days, it ain’t great,’ he says. “Some days, it feels like wallpaper. Literally. I can show up and turn on the lights and start dipping that paper in water. But if you’re not in the room when stuff is not going well, you’re going to miss it when it is going well. I can work with incredible doubt, I can work with incredible insecurity, I can work with flashes of confidence where I understand what this work is when it unfolds to me. But I can always work.”

Everything about that rings so true to me. So my day today is “I Can Always Work Day.” And thank god for it.

24 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, October 19, 2019

  1. Mine is Everyday is a Festival Day. During festival times I’m so in tune with the collective sense of the universe that live is just easier.

    I need to do that more. One of the portal yoga teachers had a sponsored video that suggested in my timeline and one line I took from it was, We think the spirits is in the body, but the body is in the spirit.” Now THAT’S something that will positively effect my every interaction of I learn and reflect on it correctly.

  2. Mine is gonna be Shopping For Costumes Day because I am working on costumes for (a) a Roaring 20’s event, (b) a sideshow hawker costume for a show I’m in, and (c) well, anything else I get inspired by here, I suppose.

  3. Today is Dream About Tiny Day. I found a charming YouTube channel about moving on a narrowboat in the UK called Cruising the Cut. I LOVE THESE BOATS. And the canals have a lot of pretty places.

  4. Today is “clean up after the storm day” of two days ago. I’m grateful the half of a tree did not crush my husbands car just landed beside it and across the road. The light company and tree removal people came and had it cleaned up that morning. We had power throughout the storm. The million plus leaves blew over the fence. The one plant I left out landed on its head but bounced back. So no damage to that. Our flag is in tatters, it can be replaced. Gonna check the roof there are shingles in the yard. Out in the bay a couple of sailboats have been moved dragging there moorings along with them. Today is bright and sunny. Every day is an adventure.

  5. Today is shaping up to be You Don’t Have To Day. All over the house are things asking to be attended to, but I think I’m baking and reading and going for a walk instead.

    1. Oh, I think I will celebrate You Don’t Have To Day on Monday, since I work today and tomorrow. It’s going to be rainy and cold, which makes for excellent don’t-have-to-ing.

  6. I’m going to go with a round tuit day. There are quite a few things that need to be done that I’ve should get around to doing. If I can convince my husband to help, I may also have time for some quilting. 🙂

  7. Clean out the VHS tapes!

    I’m trying to get to the stereo so I can replace all the wires between the amp, tuner, speakers, and turntable. For some reason — maybe age, I bought the amp new in 1975 — records sound dusty and the sound disappears intermittently.

    The messy piles of VHS tapes (we haven’t even been able to watch since we moved here in 2015) were blocking my access to the speakers wires and other connections.

    1. My husband has the dynakit amplifier and receiver he bought in 1975. It needed work and parts were obsolete but he found a place that would he rebuild them. (He did not want to go to streaming). He is in the process of rebuilding the speakers but has decided that current stereo technology is much better than his original speakers (Bang and Olefsen) so he is still thinking about that.

  8. Today’s my dad’s birthday, and I’m still grieving his death four years ago. So I made today Donate To An Organization In His Memory Day. Father’s Day I picked RAICES, because he loved children and hated fascism. Today I almost went with the ACLU, but in honor of his passion for truth and his 25 years as a journalist, I googled around until I found Eye on Ohio, an non-profit that performs independent investigative journalism.

    While googling seeing I also found a tribute written by one of the college journalists he mentored.

    I’m so proud, and I miss him so much. But it’s a beautiful day for me to spend with his grandsons, who got his blue eyes and his stubbornness. 💙

  9. My day could be called Cover Yourself in Cashmere Day. I went to my favorite thrift store and bought myself 4 cashmere sweaters and a pair of jeans that didn’t even need shortening. If I could just find some silk long johns, I’d be all set for winter.

  10. Today was the last day of celebrating my birthday week. I did a lot of celebrating during the week, such as lunch with friends, hiking favorite trails, and indulging in a few chai lattes so today I went in a different direction. For my final birthday celebration, I went to the store and picked up several items on a local animal shelter’s wish list and took them there. I also indulged myself in visiting with the shelter cats (and nearly talked myself into adopting one but remembering that one of my cats needs dental work that’s going to cost $900+ when I take him in next week, I talked myself out of it).

  11. Today is My Cats Are Crazy Day. No, wait…that’s every day.

    In that case, it was Clip the Herbs Day. Tomorrow I will experiment with drying them in the microwave. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just hang them up in the mudroom as usual.

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