Cherry Saturday, October 19, 2019

Today, I have decided, is Choose Your Own Holiday. Today’s possibilities are:

Evaluate Your Life Day
I Love Yarn Day
Bridge Day
Sweetest Day
Repair Day

But since this is Argh, I think we can make up our own days from now on. And my day today is inspired by Mark Bradford. There’s a great article about Bradford–massively successful artist and philanthropist–in the Washington Post, but what really got me was the last paragraph of his interview:

“Some days, it ain’t great,’ he says. “Some days, it feels like wallpaper. Literally. I can show up and turn on the lights and start dipping that paper in water. But if you’re not in the room when stuff is not going well, you’re going to miss it when it is going well. I can work with incredible doubt, I can work with incredible insecurity, I can work with flashes of confidence where I understand what this work is when it unfolds to me. But I can always work.”

Everything about that rings so true to me. So my day today is “I Can Always Work Day.” And thank god for it.