Working Wednesday, September 25, 2019

I’m working on several proposals and a novel and thinking about building storage in my future bathroom now. I’m finding that I really love open storage in the kitchen and it make sense that I’d like it in mh closet, too, except that my closet is also my bathroom to be (it’s 9′ x 10′, there’s room) so I have to think this through. Also I still have that Suncatcher Shawl to finish, and I think I’m going to take the dogs into the side yard, clean off the lawn chaise, and bask in Indian summer while I finish up.

What’s on your agenda?

39 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, September 25, 2019

  1. I’ve got several things going on today. Work, of course, since it pays the bills – and there’s quite a lot of stuff going on there this week to keep me busy.

    I also decided to enter a couple of things into the State Fair, two of which are as of yet uncompleted. So, I need to finish the binding on one quilt and crochet like the wind to finish off the trio blanket in the next two weeks.

    I did the quilting of the quilt on Saturday. Here’s a picture of it on the longarm frame.

    And, the impetus for my cleaning / organizing – my sister is coming to visit on Sunday. All last minute stuff to be done, along with the internal realization that my sister knows me and my squalor. I’m sure she’ll be happily surprised by some of what has been done, and understanding of the stuff left undone. (She’s good like that.)

    Oh – I also got a cat hammock that uses suction cups to cling to a window. I’ve got a picture there of Teddy basking in the morning sun this morning.
    He’s getting into sitting in it. I don’t think the girls have tried it much.

    Enjoy the warm weather!

    1. I’m so glad there’s at least one cat in the world who enjoys those hammocks! We bought one for the cat condos at work, which have plexiglass backs that look into the atrium full of plants and birds and a waterfall, and boarding cats spend a lot of time looking out those windows, but not a single one has ever even tried that hammock.

      1. The ad I saw had a hammock clipped to the window of a car or truck – and the cat was enjoying seeing the world roll by.

        So far it’s just been the one who has voluntarily popped in. I have not caught the others trying it on their own.

        1. I have seen the same ad on Instagram. Sophie likes her window seat (we just repaired it with duck tape), so I’m going to hold off.

  2. Just re-read Getting Rid of Bradley and enjoyed it just as much as the first ten times I read it. I was wondering if I perhaps missed a sequel with Zach’s partner, Anthony and Lucy’s sister, Tina. If there wasn’t a sequel, are you considering one? Both side characters were as interesting as the main characters. Thanks, Debrah lukes

  3. Dealing with due dates for writing that pays. Also cleaning, in light of upcoming visit of a longtime friend next week, and thinking about what to serve her and other guests coming for brunch.

  4. I am back at work for 4 days between two travels, and discovered that I made a biggish error before I left, and a stupid one right after I got back, so I am feeling a little gun shy. On the other hand, I made my boss’s google window show the sidebar she wanted (don’t ask how, I don’t know) so apparently I am good for something.

    2.5 days before I leave on vacation………….. not that I am counting the minutes or anything…..

  5. I’m currently in love with barn doors – not in actual barns but as an alternative to pocket doors or other doors in houses. I can see a lovely bathroom with one wall full of open shelves that has a barn door sliding back and forth so you can hide the toilet paper but keep the pretty stuff on display, and yet still access it like open shelving.

    It’s only been about 1.5 years since we did a major renovation in our house (one that involves moving walls) and I’m getting the itch. I love to come up with the ideas and watch my husband and brother-in-law make it happen. 🙂

    As for what I personally am working on – the work-in-progress is coming along nicely, although I haven’t had as much time to work on it as I would like. From September 16 to October 1 we have 2 birthday’s and 2 anniversaries. My in-laws celebrated 62 years together, my mother turned 75, my mother-in-law turns 85 on Saturday, and my parent’s celebrate 53 years together on Tuesday. All wonderful celebrations, but a busy time!!

    1. If you’re on Instagram, you might enjoy the @cheapoldhouses account. It’s got lots of pix of interiors of old houses, some in need of renovation, but with lots of nifty stuff that might be incorporated into more modern houses. I just stumbled across it recently and am loving it.

  6. Sooo, on Friday Tall Boy’s job schedule blew up and he will now be working straight nights and on the other shift. That really didn’t fly with TB especially since the only reason for it was one guy whining and no one wanting to work with him.

    We have been investigating buying a business and have found one we are interested in. The only problem is that it’s on the other side of the country. For the past few days I have been investigating loans and funding and suchlike. We have appointments with all the financial people we can find for later on this week. Keep your fingers crossed for us, Arghers!

    Other than that I’m battling a cold that came on very suddenly and went from annoying to hideous in about 4 hours. I’m off to the drug store for more medication.

  7. No freelance work yet, so I’ve been flat out with my garden design projects, typing up and editing my research (over 30,000 words of it: I don’t do things by halves). Nearly finished; then I’m going to be designing the allotment and choosing the structural plants for both gardens. My niece and her partner are coming for a couple of nights, so I’ve got to clean and shop for food. And I must chase for freelance work again, even though I really want to just keep going with the garden stuff.

  8. I finished piecing a couple lap/baby sized quilts from scraps that I’m tired of looking at. Pix here:

    And I just ordered a chain saw, so I can take care of some (okay, lots of) overgrown trees that are too big for loppers, and I’m hoping we’ve finally seen the end of the 80-90-degree days (and soon, the end of mosquito season, since I’m in EEE territory, and it’s been really bad this year), so I don’t mind working outside. It probably won’t get here before next Wed., but I’m aiming for pix of felled trees (okay, saplings) the following week.

  9. I got nuthin’. I finally went in for internal scopes to look at causes of stomach troubles and reflux. Procedure went well. No problems found, thank all the Deities. But damn, I still feel a bit disoriented and out of sorts.

    I’m grateful, I actually feel emotionally renewed. It’s odd how things like that give new perspective on other areas of life.

  10. I found the first blanket I ever knitted, well I found the 21 squares I never sewed together, so I just need to knit 4 more squares, sew everything together and tah dah, finish a UFO. I give myself till the end of the year 🙂

    It’s the Purly Paw Print Patchwork Blanket in case anyone is interested.

    1. Wow. The story of that pattern is really touching. I love the idea of it being a long-term comfort blanket for adoptable dogs. Such a caring idea!

  11. Yesterday my husband and I went on a simple errand only to have it turn into a quest. It was to our insurance company about auto insurance. The office of the company has been in the same building for almost fifty years. Much to our surprise the office was no longer there. The people in the building were vague about were the new location was. My husband got a general idea of the new location while I called information to get the number of the company. When I called the recorded message asked if I wanted Auto, Home or Life. I kept saying ‘address’. When I finally said Auto just to get a live person on the line she hung up on because my voice wasn’t vocal enough. Frustration led my husband to set out on this journey with a general idea of the location. With a couple of wrong stops we found a mail woman who told exactly were it was. We were already in the industry park but couldn’t find the office. We found the building, but I noticed no business names were listed on the outside but on a directory inside. What is odd is that the company must have downsized since the last time we had to physically had to see a CSR. And this is a mainstream company, there commercial song runs right through my head at times. At the conclusion of our business I asked how long they had been at this location. She told me two years. Wouldn’t you think that a major company would have sent a change of address to there insureds? We only been with them for over fifty years. Today it was on to the DMV and that took less than an hour.

    1. The company I worked for did away with local CSR’s in favor of call centers. Management really prefers people not come to the office.
      Fortunately, I was close to retirement when they transitioned and was able to use my severance until I could get my pension and SS. Others doing the job weren’t so lucky.
      Retirement is good.

      As for today, I spent a few hours on the phone getting signed up for my supplemental medical because I go on Medicare in December. And now, because I have worn-out my tv remote and because I have old equipment, I have to switch my cable box. The fun never ends. Wish me lots of luck.

  12. I’m trying to figure out a way to build a side business. I’ve never run a small business before, and when I’ve done side work, it was always with just one client.

    The most daunting thing to me so far is trying to figure out what type of business to set up; how to get insurance; how to figure out the impact on tax filing. All the nuts and bolts.

    1. Most attorneys offer a free consultation when you can ask some brief general questions. Not as detailed as “what’s MY best option,” but more an overview of the various options: sole proprietor, corp. or LLC/partnership, with the pros and cons, and then you can figure out which one is best for you. Beware of internet advice to automatically jump into creating an LLC (which is over-advised, in my not-really-a-legal opinion). For some reason, non-lawyer pundits seem to think an LLC is the answer to all things, and it definitely isn’t.

      I’d also suggest finding an accountant/CPA you can consult. I’m not sure if they do free initial consultations, but even if you have to shell out a hundred bucks, it’s worth it, to sort of feel them out, make sure they’re familiar with small businesses generally (and ideally with your type of small business), and also just to make sure you’re comfortable with them. I think it’s really important to hire a professional who’s not just competent, but also compatible with your personality and listens to your concerns/goals. Sort of like working with a doctor — you want her to be competent, for starters, but a competent doctor who doesn’t listen to you or otherwise isn’t meeting your individual needs, isn’t the right doctor for you, and you really don’t want to find that out during the middle of a health crisis. Same for financial/legal advice — you want someone on speed-dial that you’re comfortable with BEFORE a crisis happens, not after, when you’re worrying about both the crisis and whether you should fire your professional!

      Oh, and for insurance — that’s the easy part. Just contact your personal insurance agent (car, house), and ask for a referral to a commercial insurance broker. Then ask for a consultation. They should be thrilled to talk to you (a live lead!), without any commitment, and again, you can make sure you feel comfortable with them. Also, as an aside, I’m glad you’re thinking about insurance. A lot of people think incorporating (or LLC-ing) is the answer to all problems, but really, insurance should usually be the first line of defense for a small business. Too many people think that a corporation will protect them from liability, only to find out that when it’s a one-person business, they can often still be sued personally for their own actions. The protection is mostly against liability for the actions of employees (absent negligent hiring), but they don’t have any employees, so it’s no help. And insurance is probably better protection for liability for employees too.

    2. I have seen classes offered at my community college on setting up small businesses. And if there is a small business bureau nearby, you could check with them on any classes they might offer.

    3. I’m currently working my way through trusts and protection of assets etc – for well, reasons – and from what I’ve been reading (I’m in Australia) that trusts offer the best protection when you’ve got a small business. The idea is (apparently) that you setup a company, then setup a trust inside that company and run the business out of the trust – not the company – then your personal assets are more protected.

      It might be worth adding it to the list to investigate – especially if your side business may be high risk of being sued (like selling food, etc) and it might sound a bit nuts when “just” setting up a side business, but if your side business kicks off, you can’t go back and set it up as a trust later.

      (However I don’t know what the rules are in the US (assuming you’re based there))

      Good luck with figuring it all out! 🙂

    4. Not sure what you’re thinking of for the side business, but if you’re planning for something online, there are lots of people who are making their fortune by telling people how to make their fortune by blogging/teaching/ etc. online. just ran a 2 day “free” online conference with people who’ve made $$$ by using Teachable’s platform. Michael Hyatt has written books and has Platform University that he started. Podcasts exist on this topic too. Jeff Walker is another person who offers video blogs and training. Two dudes who are a little more annoying to me but with the same messages are Stu McLaren and Ryan Levesque. All these guys have podcasts, webinars, YouTube videos, blogs, and books. The one woman I found in the mix with similar message is Chalene Johnson.

      One thing, don’t spend any money on any of it until you mine their free stuff. Use the library for their books. Watch the free webinars. Listen to the free podcasts. Be wise.

  13. Writing a little about schools, a little about life coaching, a little about HVAC, a little about industrial batteries…Writing a lot. Right after I take a walk.

  14. I’m back at work. Literally nobody did (or could do) any of my workload while I’m gone. I haven’t even started on the HARD stuff yet. FML.

  15. I’m still working at keeping foster kittens alive and well. They’re 9 weeks old as of tomorrow and two of the four have adoption applications in to the rescue I am fostering them for. But for the moment, there are still four of them and mama in my upstairs room and they are WAY faster than I am. This is Toes, aka Wolverine.

    I’m also trying to write. Ha.

  16. I’ve been doing garden work since the weather cleared to compensate for being otherwise very lazy indeed. Yesterday I finally dug up and transplanted the artichokes, which has only needed doing since before I moved into the house two years ago. I’m expecting a giant seed order from the Diggers Club any day now, and I needed that bed cleared for other things. My seed addiction resembles Jenny’s yarn addiction.

  17. The Jordan Agenda: A Techno Thriller from the author of Pull My Finger, a Guide to Grandfatherhood. Watch as the Dotter takes her Routan back to the VW Dealership for Yet Another Engine Trouble Light. See the Dad bail her out by footing the bill. Be Amazed by the grandchildren still riding to the Bus Stop at the End of the Block because Grampa’s car gets more than twice the mileage that mom’s does. Another New York Times Best Birdcage Liner.

    Meanwhile, the dotter asked if I had any earphones. I think she specifically wanted the ear buds with an over-the-ear thing, for when she mows the lawn. A good father might offer to take over that chore. I’m not that good. So I ordered four different sets of earphones from Amazon, and two music players (not I-pods). The music players came with more ear buds, not the over-the-ear kind. Lots of tech. Not much thrill. 🙂

  18. I realize when I read the Working Wednesday post that I am a slacker.The beautiful quilts, knitting, gardening, writing just ain’t gonna happen. Sigh. But this week is different. I pulled out my stitches. Thank you for throwing me a line.

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