Working Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019

I crocheted by battery-powered lantern last night because we had a five hour power outage and I couldn’t get into Dropbox to get my work.    I also couldn’t find my phone to take a picture of the crochet it was too dark too see.  It was Hell, I’m telling you.  Fortunately Margaret asked to see the old digital collage of Nita so I’ll show you that instead:


Several of these characters have been cut, and their personalities have morphed some so they don’t entirely fit anymore, but this was most accurate version I had.

This is better for Nick and Nita:

And this is where I started with Button and Max:

So what did you work on this week?

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  1. One of my younger daughter’s friend group is detained in immigration and has asked for asylum. I am learning SO MANY THINGS, most of them are making incoherent with rage. Any good wishes you can send our way, I’d be obliged.

    1. You have all of my support. To do this to a country founded on immigration is so wrong that it boggles the imagination; to do it because of the ego of narcissistic moron is just evil.

    2. The bigot heading our country is one problem. The vast ignorance and intolerance of the many working class people supporting him is a HUGE problem. I can’t believe the anti-immigrant hatred spewing from the mouths of many people in my community. And they still support the bigot with the racist tweets.

      1. The idiocy knows no bounds. Even though I’m Canadian, I know people who support the bigot, especially in terms of immigration (because only brown people are immigrants, if you’re white there’s some other word for it *eye roll*). One of those people, my aunt by marriage to my dad’s idiot brother, was not born in Canada and neither was her mother. Both of my parents (not bigot fans), and, of course, this includes the idiot brother married to the immigrant but opposed to immigration, are the children of one Canadian-born parent and one American-born parent who immigrated to Canada.

        Clearly, the immigration is strong in this one. But, good Lord, some people lack the brain cells to figure these things out.

    3. You have saved my sanity with each of your books. Thank you, I appreciate you, I’m grateful I attended two of your lectures. The 1st was at a Romance Writers conference in Atlanta, during which I gave Jen Enderlin four placemats bought on eBay about the women admired by your very feisty heroine in Fast Women. The 2nd was in Richmond, where you & Bob Mayer spoke to a small group. I’ve given a copy of Fast Women (I owned three) to someone in a Southwest Airlines group because it is so damn fantastic, start to finish. I adore you & have recommended you to book club members, friends & family & as the above incident shows, strangers. Please, whenever you complete Lavendar is Blue, do not stop. We who know feminism & men can be joined in a humorous partnership need your voice.

  2. I spent the weekend – all three days of it – working on organizing my craft / sewing room. Step one was to take everything out until the pieces of furniture were visible and accessible. Then I had to figure out how I wanted to organize things. I’ve been working through the part where I go through everything I removed to see if I still want it. I’ve got a pile for donation, and already discarded stuff to recycling or straight to trash. I’ve ordered shelving for the wall so that all of the assorted bins and such that I’ve been putting stuff in will have a place to go. Right now, the living room is trashed with all of my piles of stuff, but when I walk into the craft room, I feel really good about the space. (It’s probably a good thing I didn’t open the closet in there – I’m not quite ready to deal with that!)

    It was kind of funny when DH came back in from outdoor work and saw the piles of stuff I had removed. He was suitably impressed with the amount.

    Progress on crochet and knitting projects continue slowly. No sewing this week, but progress towards mental health in reducing the noise of clutter and chaos around me.

    1. That’s my goal, too, and thanks to Krissie, I’m making progress. As soon as our afternoon rainstorm is over, the big table in the living room is going out. At that point, I might actually be able to move in there and get the stuff sorted and put away.

  3. I forced myself to NOT work (on my fiction), and instead played with fabric, finishing up (or making progress on) some old quilting UFOs. I finished piecing one lap quilt (pictured at the link below) and pieced&finished two kitty kwilts (what a friend calls “cat doilies” for their ability to soak up cat fur when placed on favorite furniture, and then washed more easily than the said furniture), and started two more lap quilts — all from scraps I’d sorted into colors and sizes during another play-with-fabric binge.

    Flying geese variation (Dutch Puzzle) lap quilt:

  4. Alternating between working hard and not this week. Both can be enjoyable.

    I wore a nice dress today and have received many compliments. I usually don’t have to dress well for work, so it is very fun to be wearing a rather splashy flowered dress.

  5. First thing I thought on the collage was “That cat looks exactly like Aubrey when he was in good health. Well ….except the tale isn’t long enough……and the feel aren’t big enough …… And Aubers eyes were more of an aqua instead of red … and he was more of a cream tabby. But other than that EXACT.

  6. I organized a birthday party for my husband at the local Mexican joint last night – my mother was amazed that I dug up an even dozen friends to celebrate with – and have been working on looping the kids into helping with birthday celebrations. We wrapped presents, made a birthday table with pictures of their dad, and made a very simple chocolate/strawberry tart.

    Today, I’m working on surviving the aftermath of my share of the many pitchers of margaritas we consumed, and trying to get caught up on the grading and planning I’ve been neglecting. 😂 thank goodness for strong coffee!!

  7. SCHOOL! The dotter and I did our regular Sunday adventure… starting at a quarter to six, which cut the fun shorter than normal. We finally got the last of the school supplies, pending, of course, the stuff teachers tack on the first day of school. As to that, tack it on, teachers! Do not spend your own too-low salary on that stuff!

    Tuesday, with the cherubs – all four! – back in school, Jen borrowed the Fiesta for a solitary shopping trip. I offered to go, but she wanted to enjoy the bliss of solitude. That also meant she returned the backpack *I* bought for a grandson. He wanted camouflage – the only one I found was in sporting goods. “It’s not the right colors.” She went to the Walmart in Chester, VA to find the “right” backpack.

    Today I prepare for regular work at the power plant, which will include tying down loose empty 55-gallon barrels against possible winds this weekend.

  8. I’m getting together with my composer friend next week, so I am working on some music. Partly trying to help her with chords for her compositions, and partly just music that we love to play. Also finishing a couple of small painting (ink brush and watercolor landscapes)

    I’m also enjoying trying a couple of new recipes to spice up the dining experience. Earlier I made piri-piri chicken, spicy and yummy. Tonight I am trying poached chicken in mole sauce, with a corn cotija salad.

  9. I’m doing everything BUT working at the pile in the office. Procrastination is ruling at the moment, the more I put things off the bigger the pile. Even the music which helps me work is not really doing it for me today. Looking out the window, nature’s green is helping a bit. I can see my dahlias, tall burgundy blooms. I need to dead head a couple plants. At least the laundry is getting done, beds stripped and everything washed.

    Keep stopping to read Gaudy Night. Loving this book.

  10. Wentworth Miller! Nick is suddenly so much more attractive.

    I’m still trying to knit an elephant, I have the left side and half an ear…

  11. We came home from vacation to 2 moms in the hospital. My mother and stepmom. At least they were polite enough to be in the same hospital, albeit on different floors. Stepmom had her knee replaced, and Mother was having trouble with blood sugar. But it looks as if Stepmom will be released Friday, because she is doing great! Mother should be getting out today. So everyone is doing well. But nothing much else got done.

    Now I need a nap.

  12. I love how the people literally make the island.

    Working on many work projects that require working workfully.

    Did someone say “nap”?!

  13. Regardless of what his creator thinks Nick looks like, I’m convinced he’s one of those intense, dark young men with rather long noses who feature in Italian Renaissance paintings.

    The cat’s survived my cat-sitting. He’s sitting at my shoulder, poking me occasionally, but I’ve told him I don’t speak Advanced Cat: I’m happy to stroke him, but baffled when he then extends his claws at me. I’m abandoning him tomorrow (his owners are flying back from New York) for the more sociable second week of my holiday, with various relatives in and around Brighton. Planning to explore more gardens, and see the sea.

  14. OK so if we skip the boring bits including moving stuff from rooms to other rooms, endless repeated vacuumcleaning, 908765 washes washed, the moment my back gave up and this place looking like the 3rd world war…

    …THE BEDROOM IS FINISHED! Except curtains, that is. So they are still brown and hideous, but the rest! Newly painted, new bed, new bedclothes, new large wardrobe! I haven’t put any pictures on Twitter yet so can’t share them today, but perhaps tomorrow. Study is also looking better, with a new desk and chair for Fiancé and a sliding door closet for us to put stuff in. Much more tidy now. I also got a desk + chair of the same kind (electrical so you can adjust the height depending on your size + if you want to stand or sit) in the backside bedroom, but I think I’ll want to have that one painted as well before I can call it done…
    Anyway, I’ll share before- and after-pics as soon as I have the energy to post them online.

    Today I’ve been busy making braille labels for several jars of spices and plastic boxes/jars/word? for pasta, macaroni, rice, couscous etc so I don’t have to open everything everytime I’m looking for something, just read on the outside. Makes it easier for other blind cooks, too, like Fiancé. I also printed cooking times and measures for portions on there. It took some time but I’m happy with the result. Feels good to get this place a bit tidier.

    Last week, when this place was still a destruction zone, I got a flash of inspiration for making clay creations again… unfortunately the mess prevented me and it seems to be gone again now. So if you have any creative vibes to spare, feel free to send them my way. 🙂

  15. I have optimistically planted a row each of carrot, turnip, and radish seed. It feels like spring this week but the ground may not be warm enough yet for germination. We shall see.

    My sister’s shawl is moving along faster than expected. I am halfway through the white and should be able to start the orange by the weekend. Apparently the more you knit, the faster you get!

    Also overtime at work, but that’s less interesting.

  16. Started a scarf but I dont think I am cut out to be a knitter.
    Started my last week of chemotherapy

    1. Let’s hear it for the light at the end of the tunnel! May the side effects be few and far between.

    2. Scarf is probably not the best place to start out, if you are just learning to knit. It takes too long for the finished product.

      Do small easy projects to begin with to build up your sense of achievement first i.e Small square that you can sew into a fish… Or go with big needles and thick wool.

      A scarf is more something you aim at doing a line or two a day until one day, you have a scarf.

      Hope you feel better soon

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