New Deal on Agnes; Blog Still Broken

Agnes and the Hitman is $1.99 today at Amazon and Apple.

And the blog is still broken, so who knows how many of you will see this. ARGH.

Have a great Friday!

ETA: And Mollie’s pretty sure they’ve found the problem and fixed it. Let us know if anybody is still having problems after you’ve cleared your cache.

40 thoughts on “New Deal on Agnes; Blog Still Broken

    1. Argh. Mollie’s on it. I have no idea what’s going on, but there are at least two people trying to figure it out. Sorry!

  1. Great timing on Agnes (even though I already bought it years ago) – Bob Mayer is speaking at our local writers conference tomorrow.

      1. He told us he got an email from you! It came up as an example while he was talking about how no one ever tells writers anything about things that are happening with their backlist. 🙂

  2. FWIW, the blog seems to be working for me today. It went right to today’s post, with the right number of queries, no refreshing needed. On my desktop anyway. Mobile (android) still needed refreshing to get today’s post.

  3. Blog is working fine for me too. I saw the deal on Bookbub too, and got it, even though I have the book already. It wasn’t in my Kindle! What if I am traveling and have an Agnes emergency?

  4. For me, working, the blog is. I have seen this problem before, although I can’t remember where. The solution there was “Just do a refresh on your cache.” That seems to be a solution here as well. Inconvenient, slightly. Annoying, more so. It works.

    I love Agnes. I have my copy on both Kindles, and it’s a re-read from time to time. Just now, though, I have Elizabeth Moon’s Heris Serrano on the laptop, Paladin of Souls on the little Kindle, and Mia Archer’s Vampires Don’t Sparkle on Joe. VDS was one of the 30+ unread books I’ve been meaning to get to, “one of these days.”

    I have a great many titles in my Kindle directories I will never read. Baen Books has monthly bundles of ebooks, from five to eight books, that used to sell for $15 and now sell for $18. At least three will be new titles – the rest might be previously published, or to mark the mass-market paperback release of a previous hardback, or whatever. Sometimes (often), there are books in a bundle that I want not, but they tagged along. I bought all the bundles back to 1998, so the duds added up.

    There are fewer duds in my Amazon files, because they rarely offer bundles, as such. Everything in the 200+ books in the Amazon directories was individually chosen. Not no duds, just fewer. I mention all that because Amy Archer’s books, so far, have not been duds. Outside my normal zones, yes. Duds, no.


  5. In case it’s helpful, I’m also finding the blog works fine. I’m on an iPad, using Newsify to alert me to new posts, and opening them in Safari from there. (Which is what I’ve been doing for years.)

  6. Boo hoo! Not on sale in UK and not available at all on Kindle. My daughter gleefully stole my copy some years ago when she moved to Canada. I sprained my ankle last week (while on holiday in Copenhagen – more boo hoos) and Agnes sounds like great sprained-ankle-and-grumpy reading.

  7. Read about Agnes and went immediately to the book case and lucky me I have it. Also this morning I baked peanut butter cookies, so it will be tea (decaf), cookies and Agnes. Yay!

    1. And yay! My comment appeared at once. Blog seems to be on the mend, despite today being Friday the 13th.

  8. Just looked up Agnes on where it is available for Kindle (in English) but not at the reduced price. First fun fact: the German title would translate “Hot Love for Dessert” which I think is awful. Second fun fact: one reviewer commented that Jenny’s villains will always have names that start with “B” – is that true? And third, they are offering the paperback for 131,11 Euros (that’s what I call a steal) plus 2,98 for shipping. If it sells, I hope you get a fair percentage.

    1. Nope, but I do have a tendency to name them Brad. Not sure why. I have a minion in Nita named Brad.
      May, Mason, Clea, Godfrey (that guy in WTT, can’t remember his name) . . . there are more.

        1. You have a better memory than I have. The guy whose name began with G. Garvey? Zane’s last name was Black? Huh.

  9. Mollie’s pretty sure they’ve fixed the problem, so with any luck that mess is over.

    Also, very sorry that promotion didn’t cross the pond. I think it’s because the foreign editions are published by different publishers who didn’t join the promotion.

  10. Well I had to refresh the screen on my iPad, which is what I’ve been doing since the problem began, to get the current page today.

      1. I’m still having trouble. When I click on the link, it takes me to last Friday’s post. Once I hit refresh I get the updated post. I’m going to try deleting the icon and re-submitting it and see if it works.

        1. I just removed the bookmark as I mentioned above and re-searched the site. When I bookmarked it again and opened it, I got the updated site. 😄

      1. Oh, good. (I should read all of the comments before I respond.)
        The caches will eventually clear on their own, so it’ll all even out in a couple of days.
        Except for all this damn spam.

    1. Clear your cache. I think that solves it.
      Although I am now getting inundated with spam, so something happened to the spam filter. I’m shooting it all down before it gets to you, but ANNOYING.

  11. Grateful for the heads up to get the kindle version of Agnes. One of my favorites of yours and still have the hard back as well. Just finished reading it yet again, it always entertains and I often find myself wishing I knew Agnes. And, if I’m truly wishing, it would be to see what came next for that motley crew of people. Especially Agnes, Shane and Carpenter.
    I believe I have everything you’ve written over the years. Thanks for all the great reading time.

    1. Thank you, Ella! At the moment there’s no hope of a sequel because Bob and I really would kill each other if we worked together again. He’s a terrific writer and a wonderful collaborator, but we are oil and water and collaboration throws a match into that. We’re much happier just e-mailing now and then.

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