Happiness is . . . uh, I don’t know.

Something’s up with the blog.  No idea what, but we’ll be on it.  If something horrible appears on here though, we’ve been hacked.

Wait, it’s happiness Sunday.  Okay, how about it’s gorgeous September weather and . . . I’ll have to think.  Ice cream sandwiches in the freezer?  Happy dogs?  A great new crochet project?

You tell me.  What’s happiness this week?

27 thoughts on “Happiness is . . . uh, I don’t know.

  1. Happiness is definitely low humidity and bright blue skies!

    And so far, even though I have jury duty for a week and a half, I haven’t had to go on in. Although, truthfully, I don’t mind jury duty. I love an excuse to sit around and read all day and I’m also a nosy people watcher so courthouses intrigue me.

  2. I am almost through with my 6 week diet, and looking forward to fun food on Friday (how alliterative of me!)

    Didn’t comment on new book Saturday, but I did actually read some new books this week. Can’t remember what they were, which is not a good sign. Started one, got 1/3 of the way through and the regency heroine spends the night in the same room as the injured hero. Her fiance shows up and doesn’t freak out…..while we all know from Georgette that she is ruined!!!! Threw me right out of an otherwise acceptable book. Hmm where’s the happy here? Oh yes, just that I am actually reading new authors, which I have been shying away from. (loses previously accrued alliterative points by ending sentence with a preposition)

    Have been in an excellent mood since yesterday for no particular reason . Always the best thing!

  3. We spent yesterday putting up the new shelving in my craft room. Much happiness! I almost don’t want to put anything on them, and just enjoy the clean white lines. But then I look at my stacks o’ stuff in the living room. Off to get started, which will generate it’s own impetus to completion.

  4. Dressing the way I want to dress.

    Singing while doing the dishes.

    Crossing things off the to-do list.

    And hey, my closet is still clean!

  5. Happiness was the garden show. It was pleasant and I didn’t take enough photos. But I bought a few things 😉😁

  6. Our 25th wedding anniversary is early next week and DH and I had a lovely early supper at our favourite restaurant. We will celebrate in style during our upcoming trip to France. DS and I watched Bianca Andreescu win the US Open yesterday. I’m a huge fan of Serena Williams but great to see a young Canadian win a major. I received a lovely card from the summer student who worked on my team thanking me for creating a collegial work environment – a wonderful compliment.

  7. It’s “Grandparents’ Day.” I’m a grandparent, seven times over. (As a ZPGer, I’m happy they stopped doing that!) Yay!

    I learned my lesson about the “When I Wuz Yore Age” stories. Now they all want to go to school barefoot. They don’t have the same taste for walking… uphill… both ways… inna snow… up to their eyes. But nekkid toes? They are On Board.

  8. Two and a half year old granddaughter started dance lessons yesterday. Daughter shared pictures and short video on private instagram. Watching her and her classmates flitter around during, what I assume, is “free dance” period to a Disney song makes me very happy. They all look as if they are having so much fun! Oh! and there are boys in the class too!

  9. Lovely hug from my sister-in-law as I was leaving, and a warm welcome from my nephew and his partner a few miles along the coast. Went for a walk with them on Beachy Head this afternoon, and the white cliffs were dazzling.

    Support from people here, plus a long phone call to an old friend, have helped me feel more at peace with my other friend’s rejection. Sitting on the beach, and on a terrace in the evening sun, have revived my holiday spirit.

  10. Happiness is sitting in a cozy chair on the deck with a chai tea by my side, a nice breeze drying the sheets on the clothes line, and squirrels coming up near (but not too hear) me looking for the peanuts I scattered on and near the deck. The sun comes and goes as clouds move across the sky and I sit and dream. For the time being, I feel content.

  11. For what it’s worth, the blog has seemed fine to me all week. I just haven’t commented much because I didn’t have anything to say.

    Happiness was re-cleaning out the barn/garage (I cleaned it last fall, but some of the stuff got away from me again) and taking things like old tires, an old tv, and a bunch of cardboard boxes to the dump.

    It is also making a bit more progress with harvesting and putting the garden to bed.

    Happiness is three very healthy six week old kittens. Not so happy is their very ill sister, but she is back with the woman who runs the shelter I am fostering them for, and being given the best chance possible at survival. And I’m getting a break from multiple times a day of giving meds and force feeding, so that’s a sad kind of happy.

    1. If I’d realized how fragile kittens were back before I trapped a feral queen and then raised her kittens (with her), I’d have been a lot more freaked out last yer than I was. It was only recently that I started following some of the instagram neonate foster accounts and learned how much can go wrong. Not just the URIs and eye infections, but also swimmer’s syndrome (back legs don’t work properly and need physical therapy so it doesn’t become permanent), which I think my kittens had a mild case of, and I attributed it to their trying to walk on a slippery cage floor (the feral mom wouldn’t allow any pee pads or blankets to soften the space). One of the kittens was much slower than her siblings in being able to stand on her back legs without her feet slipping out from under her, frog-leg-style. She did grow out of it, fortunately, and at the time I wasn’t aware it could be a problem!

      1. I knew that things could go wrong, of course, but I thought the worst part of fostering was going to be trying to give them all up. (That isn’t going to be easy, but still.) Then mama cat got mastitis and almost died, and then all four kittens got sick and the little girl is still fighting for her life, and then I found out this evening that she tested positive for giardia…which mama must have picked up while she was a stray. So the good news is that if they can get that out of her system, she might have a better chance of beating the upper respiratory infection and eye issue. But the bad news is that now I have to treat mama and the three boys for the next five days, after *finally* being able to stop giving the boys antibiotics twice a day.

        It’s a good thing they’re cute.

  12. Cooler weather. My first trip to Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum to see ThorntonWilders Skin of Our Teeth.
    Two auditions Monday.
    My three-year-old grandson’s joy in wearing my Gold medal from Readers Favorites. Conversations with said grandson
    My son Jim bought a house. The internet. This list is getting too long. Wishing all of us joys.

  13. Happiness is surviving a crazy weekend! I took both boys to two playgrounds and nobody got irreparably harmed (a few bruises, but that’s par for the course with adventurous littles like mine). Our I can make it four more hours, they’ll both be asleep and I can catch my breath before going back to work tomorrow.

    Happiness is also helping others– in case you Arghers aren’t Twitter people/readers of Love in Panels, you might not have heard, but there’s an auction going in for lots of cool romance-related merch & services to benefit RAICES & The Young Center ( here.

  14. I found happiness in a good book this week (The Lost Man, Jane Harper). The rest of the week has been full of stuff that did not so much bring happiness, but things like getting outside to look at the flowers or the water or reading a good book brings the happy back.

  15. I spent all day today organizing files and backing things up onto Dropbox in anticipation of my computer’s imminent demise, which makes me happy. The organization/back-up, not the imminent demise.

    I still have to upload some pix for back-up, but all the documents (manuscripts new and old) are in the right folders and backed up at Dropbox. Yay! Now I won’t panic when my computer dies. Or won’t panic as much.

  16. The weather is starting to be slightly Spring-like and I finished the crochet blanket I’ve been working on the last few months.

  17. Happiness is hanging out at the county fair soliciting to get signatures for the state’s anti-gerrymandering group’s petition. It’s a heavy lift to change the system.
    Happiness is a final hedge-trimming of the year.
    Happiness is cooler, comfortable temps.

  18. Happiness for me this Sunday was two things. A week of getting up as soon as the alarm went off meant that the house was tidy when the weekend came around (I have found that _things get done_ if I do 20 mins cleaning every morning before I head for work).

    Second happy, was that my brother was in Melbourne for the weekend. We got to spend some good time together, which was awesome.

  19. Lots of happiness this past week. Up in Maine my friend’s daughter’s wedding went off superbly — the high wind and rain from the remnants of hurrican Dorian added drama instead of dampening spirits. Paul of Peter, Paul, and Mary sang — his wife was the minister (they’re longtime friends of the family). In fact, there was lots of music and we all blew bubbles.

    Also on the island in Maine, I had a long, luscious chat with a friend who I seldom see. We skype. Her physical presence envelops me — the moment was incredible.

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