Cherry Saturday, September 14, 2019

Today is Housekeeper’s Week, which means this is not my week.
It’s also Cream-Filled Doughnut Week, which means it’s really not my week.
It’s also the day I realized that while my plan was to cut the first scene sequence of Act Two from 9,984 words to 5000 words, I have only cut it to 6500 words, and while I might be able to winnow down another hundred or so, that’s about it.

It’s really truly not my week.

But if you like housekeeping and cream-filled doughnuts, this is your time, baby. Go for it.

34 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, September 14, 2019

  1. Maybe This Time had a mean ole housekeeper. I’ll keep my own house, thank you. Even if it means I keep it cluttered. This popped up on my Insta timeline. It’s actually a premium recipe – meaning join for free to access but I’ll tell y’all that the sub for flour is rice flour. It seems quite similar to Andie’s banana bread, maybe less sugar.

    Not my week either. Really sick and while GPs helped, I have to wait till next week to see the specialist. Am better but weak, and feel like I want to eat everything in sight! Argh.

  2. There are people who like housekeeping?

    Some time ago, the blog pic for the day was a 50’s housewifely type with a house on fire behind her. ‘There’s the housework done’. Yes, that.

    It’s folding and sorting washing that’s particularly irritating this week. Endless. I’m going to start making my kids do it. Brace for battle.

    1. Do it! When I was working I would come home sort laundry for five people, start dinner, pick up around the house, serve dinner and clean the kitchen and watch the boys leave the house to go about their lives. And there I was still doing laundry until I smartened up and told them they had to do their own laundry. I didn’t hear a grumble from any of them plus they also learned to load and unload the dishwasher.

      One of my boys works the overnight shift and sometimes he’ll bring home donuts from a shop in South Boston but what we like best is the glazed cinnamon rolls. They are huge and such a treat.

      1. My kids are 10 and 11. I expect them to put their dirty washing in the basket, and put it away when it’s clean (read: wear it off the floor much of the time), but not actually do the washing yet. Sorting and folding washing is definitely on the cards for them, starting today. And maybe hanging it out/bringing it in too, yes, good idea. They also do the dishwasher, although not without complaint.

        1. Folding laundry. I bought several folding tools. Visually, the main one is similar to the one shown starting at about 2:30 of this video:

          This is one of many videos by a seriously OCD organizing lady, Alejandra. She organizes everything.

          Anyway, the video is about folding t-shirts, and she has more in her drawer than my daughter and her family own… I think. The thing is, if you don’t hang up all of your shirts, the tool folds all shirts equally well. It has my Good Housekeeping Stomp of Approval.

        2. I started putting a list on the kitchen table each weekend of what jobs Master Thirteen and Ten need to do. Sorting and putting away washing is always one of those things, along with emptying all the bins, wiping down the bathroom sink, putting on a load of the dirty towels and replacing them in the bathroom with clean ones, changing their bed sheets… stuff like that. They appreciate having a finite list that they can tick off, and once it’s done I’m off their case.

          Way back, they tried complaining about having to do jobs, and I told them I was willing to do their jobs for them, but only if they did mine. I even wrote up a list of what I do in a day. Oddly enough, they didn’t want to swap, and I haven’t heard complaints since.

    2. My mother in law loved housekeeping and hated cooking (and was so bad at it that once she cooked a good meal and my brother in law said “is the deflavorizer broken?” ). Pretty much my polar opposite as she also didn’t read. The first 5 years I knew her I only saw her read shopping lists. It was a major change when they moved to Florida and I found a Barbara Cartland book.

  3. Sometimes, I enjoy housework. I clean when stressed, or talking with someone to keep my hands busy. I love the feeling of a clean house. That being said, it’s our weekend to clean and I have the big bathroom this time, and I don’t wanna…..

    But, dishwasher started. About to start a load of laundry. Might clean the shower while boyfriend is sleeping. Could be too noisy.

    Would get a donut, but trying to lose weight. Literally every other family member has. I’ve meanwhile gained back three pounds….

      1. With a vengeance! Lol

        And house is clean, smells fresh. Cool enough to have Windows open again!

        Now, errands. It’s that needed weekend day that is basically wasted on adulting.

  4. Housekeeping is not my bliss. Cream-filled is not my doughnut.

    It is also National Coloring Day. Alas, crayons don’t do it for me, either.

    Today is the last day of my work week – TGIS! WOOH! When I go in for my shift (4 to midnight), I will be carrying with me a pair of barrel pumps, cheap plastic pumps for pumping chemicals out of the drum into a bucket for transfer to an injection tank to get them into the boilers over a 24 hour period. The old pumps are pretty much worn out and getting new ones is an unbelievable hassle. Did I mention cheap? I got them from Amazon.


  5. I need a small scream here.
    I had Act 1 cut to 35,000 words. I did.
    The only file I can find now has over 38,000 words.
    I’ve either lost my latest file or some bastard had added 3000 words to Act 1.
    I’m going back to Act 2. I’ll deal with this later. After the screaming dies down.

    1. I spent two hours editing a lecture on Tuesday night, saved to Dropbox, Wednesday morning when I got to class it had vanished like it never existed. Dropbox. I feel your pain.

  6. Today’s housekeeping consisted of cleaning up a mouse corpse from my home office and giving it a decent burial.

    Ugh. Things have got to get better today after that.

  7. My parents are going to see my house next weekend for the first time in many years, so housecleaning is definitely in order.

    Hopefully they will be at least partially distracted by the cuteness of the foster kittens…

    1. I too need to clean my house for my folks are visiting next weekend (Thursday-Sunday). Sadly, my mom is allergic to her grandcat.

      So, housekeeping & laundry today & tomorrow.

      Cream filled donuts, yuck. But, I’m baking along with this year’s season of Great British Bake off, so bread will be made. Maybe, the cinnamon star bread which is a break-away bread and pretty and tasty enough to be on the show. Breakaway bread was the signature challenge.

      A question for Jane, can you explain why a hamburger bun is referred to as a bat? I may have gotten that spelled wrong. And, the answer could be “that’s just the British term for them.” Thanks!

  8. In my house it’s sausage making day so it will also be cleaning and going to the dump day.

  9. I don’t mind puttering-type cleaning if I need to do something mindless and productive, but I’d much rather have the house already cleaned and organized to my specifications than spend all the time doing it myself.

  10. God Damn Tom Hiddleston, Housecleaning and donuts. I’m taking this week off.

    I have no time for any of them. Although, I might be persuaded to make time for Hiddleston.

    Who said going back to work was going to be fun? Eight hours of overtime this week and I still haven’t cleaned up the mess left by being gone an entire year.

    1. Unless it is composed of rotting garbage, the cleaning up can wait. First, remind yourself that you went back to work to relieve stress in other parts of your life. I am living proof that a certain amount of mess in your home is certainly not fatal.

  11. I cleaned 4 rooms last week. Then I found my wallet. I am phenomenal at cleaning, when I need to find something.

  12. I am currently actually enjoying housekeeping. I’ve finally got into the habit of 20 mins every day and slowly I’m getting it to the point where it’s mostly under control. I live in a 5 room apartment and have a robot vacuum cleaner so 20 mins is enough if I’m also keeping the place tidy outside of those 20 mins.

    I’m not necessarily enjoying the actual cleaning but I am enjoying the results – I don’t feel so tired getting home at the end of the day and seeing all the cleaning I need to do…

  13. My roommate has not cleaned the house as per the schedule, which will mean me doing it tomorrow between work jobs (less writing time). There will need to be a sit down hard chat about this not cleaning.

    And I’m putting off garbage as I do the buildings for my landlord. He’s cheap and the bins are old and the big recycling lock box is broken so people dump garbage in it, and someone moved so the actual recycling bins are full of crap that can’t be recycled and also garbage and it’s only Sunday.

  14. ***this is not recycling night. That’s Thursday, but it doesn’t stop people just chucking in whatever they feel like and filling it daily.

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