Cherry Saturday, August 31 2019

Today is the last day of August, which means it’s the eve of a new year.  My years always start in September, my favorite month.  The weather is perfect, there’s excitement in the air, and you can hear high school bands practicing in the distance.   Also, that’s my birthday month, so yay me (waving to all you Virgos out there).  

It’s also Trail Mix Day, if you want to be picky, but for me, it’s New Year’s Eve.

28 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, August 31 2019

  1. Happy New Year!! My birthday is in May, but this is my favorite time of year. The air gets crisp but it’s still warm enough to enjoy being outdoors and way fewer bugs! Mostly it’s the quality of the air and the light that brings me joy.

  2. We have calendar school years, so September doesn’t have the new beginnings feeling. It is spring, tho and it really starts to change on the 21st.

    Tomorrow would have been my aunt’s 64th birthday. She did not recover from the bad flu and after almost 2 weeks in hospital, passed. Her funeral was today. No regrets from me, I did right by her.

    1. Thanks all, in her later years her lifelong (diagnosed at age 17 or so) rheumatoid arthritis worsened and she became a wheelchair user, but she still did her own cooking and such. Truly an example and the reason why I’m so disability aware.

  3. It’s our anniversary! 28 years, and nobody has killed anyone! Lol!

    Honestly, he’s a good one. I think I’ll keep him.

    1. Congratulations!!

      I’m also celebrating my wedding anniversary! 18 years! Married on Sept. 2. which was the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. So, I claim the whole weekend as our anniversary. 🙂

      Mine is also a keeper.

  4. Happy New Year!

    So, what year is it? I’m sort of assuming it’s 2020, since that would be what high school seniors would say – “Class of 2020” – that being when the seniors graduate, they hope.

    Now, being a senior myself (got an AARP card and everything), I prefer to think of me as “Class of 51,” not wishing to graduate to the next stage before then, though I probably will.

    I, for one, am entirely in favor of calendar reform. I think every month should have 30 days. The other five days should be spaced three months apart, with the fifth day also between June and July (two days), and those five days not belonging to any month nor day of the week. Leap day would be the day after December 30. The day before January 1 would be New Year Day, or move the spare days around to September and April if either of those are the chosen year change dates. After all, January didn’t become the first month for a long time, and it’s rather arbitrary. I’ve seen those revised calendars where Jesus doesn’t get born until spring, 4 AD.

        1. You should hear me ranting about the thirteen month year where every month has just 28 days, with only one day left over. I use a lot of boldface for that one, too. 🙂

      1. I’ve certainly heard the comment that it was probably NOT the middle of winter when shepherds would have been out on the hills with the flocks. That’s summer. In winter the flocks would presumably have been penned and somewhat sheltered.

  5. No kiddos in the house, September still feels like new beginnings. My birthday month too. Libra. Many birthdays celebrated in September including darling granddaughter’s, the day after mine.

    Working in office, laundry going, best music in the background and PNE tonight for mini doughnuts and tour of the house I would like to win. Bought enough of those “win a house, win a car” tickets over many years.

    1. September is my birthday month as well. Even though I believe my folks were trying to get pregnant, my conception coincides nicely with New Years/Christmas. I believe that’s why there are so many people with birthdates in Sept., especially late September.

      1. When my daughter and her little friend were toddlers and were thrilled that they shared a birthday — September 30th — a lady in the library remarked, “Well, I know what YOUR parents were doing on New Year’s Eve!”

  6. I’m another one who sees September as the new year. I’ll be starting the month with company, which is a good, albeit loud and chaotic, thing.

    The only complaint I have about fall and September is that they are far to close to October, which is often the beginning of Winter.

    The light is gorgeous though.

    1. What? You completely skip Autumn? That’s like skipping Spring. Transition seasons are wonderful. Although if you live in one of the northern states that basically have 1 month or less of Spring and Autumn, I can understand it.

  7. Happy New Year! I’m changing directions slightly with my community activism. It feels right.

  8. Just started watching a movie called ‘Tumbledown.’ At 0:13:41 into it, one of the characters goes to a diner housed in an old train car, called Fly Me to the Spoon.

    Such a neat set, inside and out!

    It reminded me of years ago Jenny writing about having a book with a tiny home made from an old diner car in it. Unless I’m not remembering that right.

    The sets are often my favorite part of movies and TV shows.

  9. DH and i celebrated our 32nd anniversary a couple of weeks ago—with him in Europe and me in Atlanta. We need to actually celebrate sometime soon.
    This weekend we are in Boston helping our son set up his apartment for graduate school. That is cause for mood swings that include great happiness.
    We just spent 4 hours at Ikea buying a bed, mattress, dresser, table, four chairs, and bedding. Miraculously it all fit in the car. I think Ikea uses tesseracts to pack their
    Also DH finally had his last day at work Wednesday (he turned in his resignation in April but they kept delaying his departure.) Its amazing how much more relaxed he is That’s true cause for happiness.

  10. 1 September now and spring so happy happy. My two apricot trees are in blossom. This morning I stood in the sun and cheered for the bees flying between the two, yay pollination. Go bees. And September babies (me too).

    It’s father’s day here, my partner and the kids went mountain biking, win all round.

    Maori celebrate the new year in May or June (early/mid winter) when the Pleiades (Matariki) star cluster rises. It wasn’t widely celebrated when I was a kid, but it’s had a recent revival. There are proposals to make it a public holiday and shift public fireworks displays to that time – sounds good to me. Better to light up the skies when it’s dark early than in November when it’s practically still light at 9pm. Also, I’d rather celebrate for a festival recognising Maori culture than because of a failed plot to blow up the British parliament several hundred years ago. Don’t you think?

  11. Happy Birthday Month!!! I hope your birthday wishes come true 🎂🎈I always feel a new year is beginning in September too 🥂🍾🎊

  12. Happy birthday month! I’m an August Virgo, which means my new year started about a week ago :-).

    We’ve had such temperate weather in the mid-Atlantic most of this past month, it has felt like September. And now I’m ready for true fall days and boots weather!

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