25 thoughts on “August is Happiness Happens Month

  1. I get the sense these happiness posts aren’t really making you happy, Jenny!

    I went to a screening of Star Wars: A New Hope with the music provided by a full live orchestra. It was awesome. I go to the symphony rarely (because it’s damn expensive), but it always makes me happy.

    1. I was there too! It was great. And it’s a long time since I’d seen the movie, I’d forgotten how good it is. Definitely one of my happy bits this week.

  2. A friend of mine went to a play where one actress’ bio said she was in “the historic flop Moose Murders” so I looked up the review and read it out loud to DH and DS as we drove home from FH’s family reunion (which didn’t make me happy but was reasonably painless.) The review made us happy.

    On a work level, I had a meeting Thursday called by a government agency about an issue I have been working to get them to address for a year. It was at their request and the information they shared showed how much progress we have made. Then I had a call with a different staff member who isn’t working on that issue and she digressed into a lengthy explanation of how every time they have a meeting or a suggestion someone always asks “how will this help us with” the issue I’m working on.

    That made me happy.

  3. Our son brought the grandchildren and grandog over for the weekend. They’re now older and have ideas, like how about at eleven o’clock at night why not take an already inflated air bed down the stairs in order to sleep outside. It jammed up at the bottom and they had to finagle it the rest of the way. (wish I had thought to get a picture) Their original plan was to take it across the street and sleep on the beach. Well I nixed that idea because I am the Grandma police, reminding them about the critters that are in the boulders and what if the tide had come in and taken them out to sea. Someone has to be the voice of reason. Saturday after a French Toast, pancake and bacon breakfast son took them on the ferry to Boston were the walked around Faneuil Hall Marketplace watching the street performers and more eating and other sights. Grandog really missed her kids and went from window to window to the doorway looking for them. My husband and I took a nap. I’m happy because it is Sunday and we can rest up until their next adventure.

    1. I love the line “they have ideas.” Oh, what ideas children can come with.

      I’m the safety police.

      1. Safety Police I am not. I am more likely to reminisce, “When I was your age…” and give them even more ideas. Although… I’m always careful to include the punishments that resulted from mine.

  4. I am happy because I got on the scale for the first time in almost 6 months, and the number wasn’t as bad as I had feared. Almost through my first week of the”summer catch up diet” and having the rewarding first-week-amazing-results is always fun. Hopefully the next few weeks will go well too.

    Cats have been very cuddly, which is a bonus in the summer.

    Someone I Jazzercise with told a story about skunk spray getting into her duct work, and all the horrible ramifications that resulted. I added it to my “blessings I didn’t know to count” list. It made my life look easy and terrific!

    Went in the pool a couple times in recent weeks, and got a little sun, so my face has more color than usual, and it’s flattering. It’s the little things.

  5. Last night we went to our “not from us daughter” in Point Roberts. I took a bag of high heel shoes, very cool shoes, if I don’t say so myself. She loved them, gushed over them and planning her wardrobe choices for the shoes. Glad my shoes are going to a good home.

    We had dinner and went to a silent auction. Had bidding war over a great salad bowl and tumblers. I raised the stakes to a ridiculous amount but was outbid at the closing.

    We love our girl and her children. Husband died couple of years ago. He was our “not from us son” and we often went for dinner together just as if we were their parents.

    H fixed her bike. It made her very happy. We are going back again, loaded up with more stuff and maybe the boat too. It was a very happy visit.

  6. Being able to look at my finances, pay things off, and have a positive outlook in money. This turn around happened with the new job. The plan, barring as always life complications, is to have enough for a downpayment on a house in three years. This makes me so happy, and gives me a goal to shoot for. The boyfriend got a raise, which helps. And! Most importantly, we talked about where to get the house, and I was worried he’d want to stay in the current area, which is lovely and central and very close to work, but very expensive to buy houses in. Instead, I want to move out by my parents, which is far from work. It’s more important to me to be close to my family unit – I’ve come to this realization and it is very very high on my list. What this also means is that we are also both thinking that it will be a great time to get new jobs (in theory), so there is no hour long drive. This made both of us very very happy. Having a concrete goal to work towards had made my whole view just happier. So, happy Sunday and happy August!

  7. I watched the news this morning, so anxiety, anger, and frustration are currently pushing “happiness” out of the way. I’m hoping today’s visit with Grown-Son and his puppy counter that.

    My happy yesterday was seeing Hamilton for the second time. On a whim Friday night I found that there was a single (reasonably priced) ticket still left for the Saturday afternoon performance, so I scooped it up. The performance was wonderful, though I it did leave me in tears, just like the first time around. Luckily this time I had planned ahead and brought tissue.

  8. I had a bright idea about the shadiest part of the garden, in front of the window at the back of the living room: I’m going to rig a wide shelf in front of the window (I’ve got the makings) and fill it with seasonal pots. (It was having a good idea that made me happy; I’d been puzzling over that end of the garden.)

    Also, after several days of exhaustion and increasing gloom, I finally thought to pick up my camera just now and spend twenty minutes exploring the garden in the evening light with my macro lens. Which made me a whole lot happier; and reminded me that making the garden and allotment conducive to photography should be a top priority.

  9. It’s the day after the family outing at the Marine Science Museum in Virginia Beach (while I, sadly worked at the power plant and missed it.) As outings go, the granddaughter’s boyfriend outed himself publicly and knee-level as her intended, and she agreed to intend as well. So I have a prospective grandson-in-law. I am at least happy that she’s happy. 🙂

    The dotter was supposed to video-document this affair, but my phone’s battery died after just six pictures. There were other phones, so I may get other pictures.

    It is Sunday, and after four, and I’d normally be out on Dinner And Shopping With the Dotter, but the SIL is working late – he minds the grandkinder when we go out. Bringing them with is neither relaxing nor therapeutic. We shop or dine as a family on other days or nights, but not on our Sundays Out, which this week will be a Monday Out. Happiness delayed or happiness deferred, but not happiness denied.

  10. After two weeks of nail biting wait, I had a joyous conversation with my publisher who LOVES LOVES LOVES the chicken book, so that set my heart beating very fast and made me very happy. It still has to go to Sales and Marketing for final confirmation, but I’m not nearly so worried about that.

    Also, yesterday my first picture book, Ella and the Ocean, was launched into the world with love, kindness and a paper boat hunt by torchlight. Another big happy. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0we8qDg30e/

      1. Emily, it is completely different from anything else I’ve written, and it’s one of those situations where I was shattered by the publisher rejecting my previous book, but am now rather pleased because it sent me in this strange and wonderful direction.

  11. Just back from a lovely weekend in Palm Springs – yes, it was Very Hot, but as they say, it’s a dry heat, and there was air conditioning and a pool, so it was fine. I got a decent amount of writing done (this house would be excellent for a writers’ retreat) and a decent amount of hang time with friends, so perfect all around.

  12. On Thursday I signed a contract to sell the house I’ve had on the market for three months, and if (crossing fingers) the sale goes through I can begin, next month, to dig my way out of the debt that comes from eight months of paying two mortgages and two sets of utility bills. My agent says the buyer’s agent reports that she is ecstatic. I think it’s her first house, but I might be wrong. I expect to be happy about this for a good long time.

  13. Well, I’m going to go all fangirl here. My happiness today is that I found this site. I was packing books and came across Jenny’s pile, and it occurred to me I hadn’t read a Crusie book in awhile (big life stuff happened). And I really, really, missed them. Thanks so much for all your hard work, and I can’t wait to catch up

    1. Welcome, Megan! Sorry I missed you in the pending file for so long. I suck at blogging.

  14. A long weekend spent with some of my closest friends, who I sometimes see together for an afternoon, but haven’t had a vacation with for 8 years. A day at the Sterling Renaissance Faire, and a day sitting in our camp across from Lake Ontario doing not much of anything, and coming home to foster kittens whose eyes are starting to open.

    Lots of happy there. (Also a year’s supply of fried food, but that was pretty happy too.)

  15. Camping makes me happy this year. We’re on an every other weekend schedule this summer so the kids are happy to go and happy to be home.

    My 11 year old is excelling at helping load and unload cars.
    My 9 year old is excelling at helping with assorted chores and tasks, like splitting wood and building picnic tables with me.
    My spouse excels at being frustrating but I’m ignoring that as best I can.

  16. Over the weekend, I visited with a friend who moved three years ago, just far enough that I don’t see her often. Good conversations and good food, plus a trip to Kent State to see an exhibit of Ohio quilts and a meal with my brother.
    On the blessings I didn’t think to count list: construction eventually ceases, and I’m not often on the highway with three motorcyclists with death wishes, racing at top speeds, dodging in and out of traffic.

  17. I know I’m late (it’s Tuesday, not Sunday) but it’s never too late to celebrate happiness.

    Had one of the best weekends. Friday night date with Mr. C we saw the movie “Yesterday” – highly recommend. Wonderful concept, sweet but not predictable. Loved it. Saturday night my parents and daughter and son-in-law came over for cards – usually a winter activity but so nice to get together. Sunday was one of the few hot and sunny days we’ve had this summer, and spent it on the boat reading and basking. Wonderful dinner of ribs with just enough wine to make me mellow, and a Peanut Buster Parfait as an extra special treat.

    And then Monday was a holiday here, so spent numerous hours getting ready for my cover reveal next week of the last in the Bendixon Sisters series.

    All in all – awesome! 🙂

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